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Soap Box, Sept. 8-14 

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Cover Story, Sept. 8, "Bear River Blues"
Excellent piece by @ColbyFrazierLP "Bear River Blues"@CityWeekly
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Opinion, Sept. 8, "Keeping Safe"
Have they ever thought to improve health in general, to reduce some of the worst air pollution in the country?
Scott Frandsen
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Hits & Misses, Sept. 8, "Not So Great"
Interesting how the Des News seems to have the scoop on an alternative universe, where people keep crashing in the lake and require the National Guard to haul them out.

I was a firefighter for decades, and the area I covered included I-80 on the south end of the lake. In the time I worked out there, not once did I require help from the National Guard to help a patient.

All I can figure is those Syracuse residents are getting hopped up on their dirty Diet Coke and crashing off the Antelope Island Causeway and being stuck under water ... wait, the water is so low they'd just land in the dirt.

Never mind.
Doug Rice

Cinema, Sept. 8, "The Parents Are All Wrong"
I took my child to Kubo and The Two Strings, and it was terrifying for her. While it was a great story and fantastic for me, it was very scary for kids.
Krysta Badger
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The Ocho, Sept. 8, "Eight reasons bringing back The Ocho is a terrible idea"
Thanks @CityWeekly and @Bill_Frost for making up. My Ocho week is now complete.
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I may resume flipping through the @CityWeekly, for the "Ocho" from Willy. It's not the same without #FrostyBill.
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Facebook Post, Sept. 9, "Did anyone even notice that it's been gone for nine months?"
I noticed! Whether it's The Ocho or The Nueve, I like your pixie drink City Weekly!
Emmy Arellano
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I'll be honest, I didn't realize it went away. #HappyFriday
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Blog, Sept. 8, "The Holy War Cometh"
Sufficiently shifted? Is there reason to believe the gap is closing?
AJ Dimick
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Not a Holy War, it's a state rivalry. Please get it right! Utah's coach came from BYU and a lot of the Utes playing are LDS! Go UTES!
Robyn Edmunds
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Blog, Sept. 8, "Live! at the Eccles announces 2016-2017 entertainment lineup"
So great!!
Linzie Middleton
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Excited for the acrobats!!
Lynn Bernier
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I need to borrow $350 ... Anyone want to lend it to me?
Michelle Hicks
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Hopefully they can bring some good bands into town here also!
Myke Grecs
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Wow, no way, it's done already??
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News, August 25, "PR Power"
Big fan of Sean Reyes! Not a fan of Missy Larsen.
Tony Knowlton

News, Sept. 1, "Bitter Victory"
This is an injustice to Robby, and his family. Garage 94 has been in business for as long as I can remember, serving so many in the community. My father started having repairs done years ago, and has been more than confident in sending all family and friends. Robby is an honest, hard working business owner! I know for a fact that he has gone above and beyond to help out others in their time if struggle.

My wish is that he could receive the same during his time of struggle. Sandy City should be responsible for legal fees. Beware, small business owners! This could happen to anyone! I agree fully in saying that Sandy City needs to step up. Destroying this family financially, and for what?

Misty Beth Wagner

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