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Soap Box, Oct. 27-Nov. 2 

The readers have spoken.

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Cover Story, Oct. 27, "Election Guide"
Vote the incumbents out. Stop voting straight party and do your research. Mia Love and Gary Hebert are horrible people.
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As Americans, the top priority is putting individuals in administrative positions because they are responsible in handling tax dollars. Not to find the most expensive way of spending the dollar for personal gain. But to help bless the nation. Not blowing money on individuals in administrative duties. Blessing the nation means having funds to build schools, highways and tons of infrastructure, and not being wasteful with taxpayer's dollars.

When individuals run for politics and believe they entered politics to collect huge perks because they make it about themselves and not the nation, it is heading in the opposite of what the constitution iterates: "We The People."

Mr. Trump is taking his personal money and investing this back into the nation. Unlike Hillary. By creating thousands of jobs. It puts millions back into the economy through payroll taxes, retail taxes, federal taxes, state taxes and much more. Have a close look at how the Clintons liked to handle charity dollars given to their foundation ...

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea also used a private jet to fly everywhere. Normally, when individuals fly around on charitable business, they use regular airlines to save money. We have to remember the money that is raised for charity is to be used to help a cause. Not for any personal benefits.
Don Decker

News, Oct. 27, "Cop Talk"
If police do not stop treating the population as targets, more officers will be shot. The police do not work for us anymore.
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Don't forget Utahns for Peaceful Resolution. We were the keystone for forming the Community Coalition for Police reform that the ACLU is assisting. We also were the first group announcing publicly on the one-year vigil of James Dudley Barker's death. The city needs to work with our community groups which happened two weeks later ... forming the CCPR inviting in Deeda Seed and getting other groups to attend as well. We have attended 100 percent of all the CAG meetings and got it rolling. We are leading the voices to be heard. Thanks for writing this, Stephen.
Heidi Keilbaugh

Hits & Misses, Oct. 27"Positive Sex Ed"
When will people learn that repression is not healthy?
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Five Spot, Oct. 27, Divorcée Café
Perfect timing for this to cross my newsfeed!
Shannon Tyllin Neeley
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The Ocho, Oct. 27
"8 ways to rig the 2016 election"
Remember when Salt Lake was a single congressional district and it was represented by a Democrat that, you know, represented it?
Rob Tennant
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Dine, Oct. 27, "Trip to Bountiful"
I miss Carmack's.
Micah Marlowe
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Essentials, Oct. 27, SLAC's Winter
Saw the play last Sunday. Well done!
Ann Hopkins
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Cartoon, Oct. 28
"Farmers Market PSA"
Grocery story?
Leslie Sorensen-Means
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Hahaha that's awesome.
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Or Trader Joe's
Stacy Bercovitch Kaplan
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This. Is. Awesome.
Scout Miller
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I want to know why @CityWeekly thinks making fun of the most vulnerable in our society is acceptable content. I supposed to laugh at this? [sic]
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Wow City Weekly, I expected better of you.
Weston Millen
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Editor's response: You'd be hard-pressed to find another publication in the state that has done more to shine a light on the chronic homelessness issue. This was a commentary on gentrification; one of many causes of homelessness when you look at it with a macro lens. Bottom line: try putting your money where your keyboard is. Complaining on social media does nothing to help fix the problem; volunteering at the Fourth Street Clinic or the VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center does.

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