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Corn Hoed 

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As many have now learned the hard way, the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake (Olympic) Organizing Committee are pretty ruthless when it comes to protecting the word “Olympic” and the trademark interlocking rings.

They’re not above dragging people to court who use the monikers without first forking over millions to become “official sponsors.” Two years ago, City Weekly sent out promotional postcards for our annual Best of Utah issue with five rings that didn’t interlock. Not only didn’t they interlock, one staffer even went so far as to suggest they looked like condoms of various colors. But Olympic officials tried to screw with us anyway.

If that weren’t bad enough, now SLOC is threatening a Davis County farmer who hoed his cornfield into a maze depicting, among other things, a downhill ski racer, an ice skater and yes, five interlocking rings. Of course, like other crop art, these things can only be seen from the air. Farmer Steve Ames isn’t looking to make any money on it, but SLOC is steadfast in its demand. Hoe the corn until the rings are gone.

Here’s a bit of bright news: At its recent convention, the Utah League of Cities and Towns invited an expert on ethics to address local government officials. Marianne Jennings, a professor of legal and ethical studies at Arizona State, urged her audience to always tell the truth, if for no other reason than not to be caught in a lie. The truth eventually comes out, she warned. Jennings used a Hell’s Angels’ credo to emphasize her point: Three people can keep a secret if two are dead.

Well, that is refreshing, the notion that public officials would tell the truth. Unfortunately, Gov. Mike “I didn’t connect the dots” Leavitt wasn’t in attendance. Oh well.

From SmartBomb’s “Presidential Watch,” we’ve got this: George W. Bush, known simply as “Dub” at Jackie Leavitt’s house, has planned a stopover in the City of Salt for the opening of the 2002 Winter Games—not to be confused, of course, with the Mormon Games. Dub is said to be a big fan of curling.

But there’s trouble on the horizon. The Prez is scheduled to make an address at the Capitol Building on Feb. 8 Those wishing to attend, however, can’t bring their handguns. Can you believe it? Law-abiding taxpayers with concealed weapons permits will have to check their Glocks at the door. True-blue Republicans won’t be able to shake hands with the leader of the free world with a loaded gun under their arm. Where’s Janalee Tobias when you need her, anyway?

• And finally this: The Associated Press is reporting that Mother Teresa underwent an exorcism while hospitalized in Calcutta in 1997. But the Rev. Richard McBrien, a Notre Dame theology professor, said it would not affect the late nun’s candidacy for sainthood. Canonization is an arduous process and apparently like everything else, the devil’s in the details.

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