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I have just read “In Your Face” [April 28, City Weekly] about the Cottonwood Heights police harassment of the Canyon Inn.

I have lived in Cottonwood Heights for close to 13 years. It used to be a nice quiet place to live. But ever since [Cottonwood Heights Police Chief Robby] Russo and his boys took over, the town has an unbelievable and unbearable police presence.

I have had several run-ins with them. Oh, let me be clear, I never left my home. I found them to be not only arrogant, but abusive as well. Any time a visitor leaves my home, I always warn them to watch out for the Cottonwood Heights Police.

It’s too bad. I used to have nothing but respect for cops in this town; now, I think we should dress them in brown shirts with armbands instead of badges.

Cottonwood Heights resident

Editor’s note: Because the above letter writer feared reprisal, we agreed to withhold the writer’s name.

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