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Constitution Is a Corpse 

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The U.S. Constitution is dead. Like predator-drone collateral damage (they’re actual people, you know), it is shredded and dismembered by our D.C. despots and tyrants. The Defense Authorization Act, which passed the Senate 93 to 7, is the definitive act creating the United (under force, coercion and threat) Police State of America. Utah’s Mike Lee was one of only 7 of 100 senators voting no; thank you, Mr. Lee.

And with the majority of Congress approving it and The Obamatraitor’s signature, America, in practical terms, has become the Fourth Reich. I do not make this reference lightly or in jest.

As Michel Chossudovsky writes, “To say that January 1st 2012 is ‘A Sad Day for America’ is a gross understatement. The signing of NDAA (HR 1540) into law is tantamount to the militarization of law enforcement, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act and the Inauguration in 2012 of Police State USA. As in Weimar Germany, fundamental rights and freedoms are repealed under the pretext that democracy is threatened and must be protected. The NDAA is ‘Obama’s New Year’s Gift’ to the American People.”

This bill mandates arrests by U.S. military personnel, not civil police forces, as was the law under the now-repealed 1873 Posse Comitatus Act, and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens anywhere in the world, including in the U.S.A. Legal norms nearly 1,000 years old are discarded. Detention can be lifelong, based on nothing but accusations from the government claiming you are a terrorist or you support al-Qaida or their associates, as determined by this same government.

It was Obama who insisted that indefinite detention causes be inserted into this horrid bill. With all of the kingly powers the NDAA gives our emperor, he still claims it “limits flexibility of our responses to the threat of international terrorism.” Apparently, our White House Constitutional Scholar of Merit believes it is not unconstitutional enough.

And where in the f—k is the U.S. Goebbels Media? Ignoring it and omitting the most odious details, sugar coating and downplaying its totalitarian implications, as usual, while feeding us more terror-scare BS falsely linking the False Flag grand illusion 9/11 to Iran, our next passenger pigeon slated for destruction.

And I can’t blame the masses for their apathy on this fascist coup because they are entirely ignorant of it, by design. I urge everyone reading this to study this issue thoroughly and not through mainstream sources. Those who supported this, from Obama on down, should be held accountable for this bipartisan treason. They are all criminals of the highest order and should be treated as such. Perhaps now every American can shake off the fairy dust that keeps them believing that there is a real difference between Democrats and Republicans. Reality check: Democrats are SS and GOP are Brown Shirts; they’re all Fascists.

The time for mindless distractions and partisan demagoguery is over.

Clee Paul Ames

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