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Complaining Is Easy 

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It’s so easy to blame Mayor Ralph Becker for the behavior of the person who crapped in front of the entrance to the City Weekly offices, isn’t it?

As a pedestrian who no longer walks or sits in any of the park areas west of 400 East or south of 200 South because I’m fed up with being approached by panhandlers, accosted by drunks and seeing the trash left by people (homeless or otherwise), I know firsthand the problems you wrote about in your column “Chess, Anyone?” [Sept. 22, City Weekly].

But, while you’re excellent at complaining, did you offer a single solution to this problem? Did you do anything other than say the solution was someone else’s problem? Didn’t you slam “liberals” (and I am proud to be one myself) while at the same time saying you made the decision to escape the problems you accuse liberals of wanting to escape?

Homelessness and crime are worldwide issues not isolated to Salt Lake City. It would be great if you spent as much time researching and providing solutions as you’ve spent complaining about the problem.

Elisabeth Carroll
Salt Lake City

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