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Code Words
Members of churches can learn many skills in leadership. The problem I have with some local candidates is that they use "dog whistles" in their campaign literature to connect with an LDS audience.

Words such as "Eagle Scout leader" and "active in my church" usually mean one thing in Utah: "I'm a Mormon." Members of synagogues, mosques, and those who are active in atheist organizations would not dare to mention these affiliations.

Ted Ottinger

Elephant In the Room
Ray answers his own question in his first paragraph["Mind the Gap," Sept. 25, City Weekly]. Why does Utah continually vote Republican? His statement that Republicans favor making the gap even wider isn't proven in a state run by Republicans.

Utah has a minority of the superwealthy, our economy is one of the best in the country, and our unemployment rate is also one of the best in the country.

Utah is almost strictly Republican and it's showing in the results.

Ken W. Ramsey

Two Birds, Same Stone
With a couple of minor differences, I agree with Craig Smith's letter "Vote Everyone Out" [Oct. 9, City Weekly]. Politicians generally are in office too long, pander to special interests that donate to their war chests, and ignore the electorate that they are supposed to represent.

Smith chides Ray Hult ["Mind the Gap," Sept. 25, City Weekly] for suggesting that we vote only for Democrats in November. There are 109 elected officials in the combined Senate and House in the Utah government, of which 84 are Republicans.

If we voted for only Democrats, that would replace 80 percents of the incumbents currently serving. Seems that Smith and Hult are very close in agreeing on what should happen Nov. 4.

Jim Sargent

Cosplay Has Consequences
As I type this, my daughter is readying herself for Comic Con. She's wearing lots of pink and blue, including pink oven mitts, and saying, "Let's make some tacos." I dunno. I just think all the nerds like the idea of being able to dress up like Halloween for a long weekend.

In the Sept. 4 Five Spot, Mitch Clegg was asked questions regarding cosplay harassment. I read it with interest because my daughter will likely be the target of some. Of course, harassment comes in a spectrum. I agree that nobody should be subjected to severe harassment (profane name-calling, touching, threats, violence etc.). Unfortunately for my daughter, some mild harassment (verbal jibes, and an occasional cat-call) will be inevitable.

Clegg has the double-whammy of presumably being costumed today and confined to a wheelchair every day. Were I an attendee and he was harassed for being in the chair, I would cloud up and rain on the fool who felt compelled to open his yap. If Mitch were getting some crap for wearing a stupid costume ... that's his problem.

I would like to ask another question. If somebody who didn't need a wheelchair came as Professor Xavier, would you still think it was in the spirit of fun?

John Loertscher
South Jordan

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