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Club Dread 

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As reported by Salt Lake City Police.

02/24/06, 01:42, Aggravated Assault, 5 E. 400 South

“The victim was leaving the Manhattan Club with friends when he was set upon by [a 25-year-old male suspect]. The [suspect] was holding a gun and began pistol-whipping the victim in the head and face. The gun discharged at least once. Several witnesses tried to tackle the [suspect], but [he] fled on foot, south through the block and was caught by officers on 500 South. The gun had been tossed during the flight and not recovered. The victim was taken to the hospital in fair condition.

Club Dread Redux

02/24/06, 02:04, Aggravated Assault/Assault on Police Officer/Interfering, 204 W. 2100 South

“Patrons of the Club Exposé were in the parking lot when a disagreement/fight broke out. The suspects (2 male Polynesians) jumped in a black, newer-model Ford Expedition with a temporary plate. Another fight broke out and the victim was hit and fell to the ground. The suspects attempted to leave and stopped in front of the victim. They looked at the victim, but when other patrons started surrounding the Expedition, the suspects drove forward, driving over the victim and dragging her. The Expedition was last seen westbound on 2100 South. As Fire and Gold Cross were treating the victim, numerous club patrons began interfering with them. [A 19-year-old male suspect] tried to pull the stretcher out of the ambulance. When he was stopped by the Sergeant, the [suspect] struck the Sergeant’s left arm. The [suspect] was then arrested. Several additional fights broke out and additional units responded. [A 20-year-old suspect] was arrested for interfering, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. [A 21-year-old male suspect] was arrested for a felony burglary warrant. All witnesses were extremely uncooperative and refused to supply suspect information. The victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Pod People

03/02/06, 09:00, Recovered Stolen Vehicle/Car Prowl, 4th Ave. H Street

“The officer was in the area on another call when he heard a call that a black vehicle had been seen using a flashlight to look into cars. The plate came back to a car stolen on Monday night. The officer was checking the area when he spotted the vehicle at the side of the road with two occupants in it. The occupants were too busy looking at an iPod, which they had just stolen, to notice the officer approach them. Both … juveniles were taken into custody at the time. Further investigations by officers and detectives have led to 7 identified car prowls possibly connected to the two [suspects].

Next Time, Dial *67

03/02/01, 18:09, Explosive Threat, 675 E. 2100 South

“Dispatch received a call from a female caller who stated that someone had placed a pipe bomb behind the Cricket phone store at the listed location. No device was located. The caller identified herself, and the phone number she was calling from was with Cricket service. Employees stated they had dealt with the caller earlier in the day and that she was unhappy about her service. Officers responded to the address the phone was linked to. However, the suspect had moved from that address.

Teed Off

02/27/06, 16:26, Aggravated Robbery, 1035 E. 200 South, Merit Mini Mart

“The suspect described as a male white adult, 5’5”, heavyset, wearing a red-and-white-checkered shirt, blue Levi’s and carrying a backpack, entered the store armed with a brick and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk complied, putting the money in a paper bag. As the suspect was leaving, the clerk retrieved a golf club from behind the counter and struck the suspect over the back. The suspect dropped the money and took a fighting stance, but instead chose to flee the store.

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