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Climate Hoopla 

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Before you spend Friday watching the Utah Utes men's basketball team beat the snot out of Duke, go check out a presentation at the U about catastrophic, human-herd-thinning climate events. Or, if you dare venture into the congested heart of Sugar House, you could rub shoulders with the neighborhood's movers & shakers and tell them how you feel about what's been done to the place. The very next morning, hours before the Utes spring into action, check out the forum at the U titled "How Congress Really Works."

"Black Swan" Events
Thursday, March 26
This presentation might not be super-happy, but Lonnie Thompson, a researcher at Ohio State University, is going to talk about rare, catastrophicepisodes in human history known as "black swans." These include the bubonic plague in Europe and a massive famine in India, which Thompson has linked to climate events. By studying polar ice-cap samples, Thompson and his colleagues have reconstructed climate and environmental data dating back 25,000 years, findings they say may help explain "devastating population disruptions."
Aline Skaggs Biology Building, 259 S. 1400 East, Room 220, University of Utah, March 26, 6 p.m.,

Sugar House Chamber
Thursday, March 26
With a streetcar humming through town, traffic that would make a New Yorker blush, and two—count 'em—two sort-of brew pubs located almost next door to each other in a hulking multi-use condominium project that occupies the former Sugar Hole, Sugar House is up & coming. And, whether you think Sugar House is speeding toward suckiness or awesomeness, you can air your views at the local Chamber of Commerce mixer.
Blush Salon & Spa, 2021 Windsor St., Salt Lake City, March 26, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.,

How Congress Works
Friday, March 27
Have you ever wondered how Congress works? Many may wonder whether or not Congress works at all. No matter: This forum, stocked with professors from across the country, will explain, as the event's title suggests, "How Congress Really Works."
Hinckley Institute of Politics, Orson Spencer Hall, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, Room 255, University of Utah, 10 a.m.-11 a.m.,

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