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City Views Ballyhoos
I love reading City Views! I appreciate Babs Delay's humor and insight on urban history, places and events.

Although I do not fit within your target demographic, Delay is one of the key reasons I am a regular reader of City Weekly. Thank you!
Michael Maloy
Salt Lake City

Transcendent Tamales Tita
I was very happy to read dining critic Ted Scheffler's review of Tamales Tita ["Best Burritos, Top Tamales," March 4, City Weekly]. I enjoy Scheffler's reviews, and we love the tamales at Tamales Tita.

We started buying tamales at Tita's when the business was in a tiny cafe on 5400 South, just a couple doors down from Rancho Market in Kearns. My husband and I have tried several different types, and they have all been delicious. We buy them by the dozen and take them home. We have also taken tamales to relatives who live out of town.

We were sorry to see that the Tamales Tita store had closed, and we wondered where we were going to get our tamale fix.

We were driving around in West Jordan when, by chance, I spotted the neon sign at Tamales Tita's 7760 S. 3200 West location. We bought a dozen tamales, and they were still as yummy as we remembered.

I worried about Tita's new location because it is hidden and at the back of a building. After reading Scheffler's review, I no longer worry about the location, because I'm sure word-of-mouth and City Weekly have given Tita's business a boost.

Thank you, Ted Scheffler and Tamales Tita!
Donna Stockebrand
West Jordan

Trade Deal Would Be Disastrous
I am not down with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Let me preface this by saying I support President Obama and believe, for the most part, he is doing a good job. But, in my opinion, he is wrong on the TPP.

You see, I am not a fan of trade deals negotiated behind closed doors with multinational corporations and foreign countries. And keeping the whole thing secret from the people who put him in office is an issue, but that is not the biggest issue.

This trade deal will cause this country to lose jobs and cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars.

My first concern is the Buy American policy will be gutted. The United States would agree to waive domestic procurement policies for all firms operating in TPP countries. And so, instead of creating well-paying American jobs, our government will be creating jobs in other countries.

The next concern is the applicability of patents. That they are longer-lasting makes the approval process more difficult for generic drug makers and extends protections for biologic medicines. So this means higher costs for us—and bigger profits for Big Pharma.

The person to whom we owe a great deal of thanks is Edward Snowden—you know, the guy who our government says is a traitor? He was actually the source used by the few media outlets that dared talk about this albatross of a trade deal.
Lee Thatcher
West Jordan

Correction: The Old Towne Tavern at 7662 S. Main in Midvale left behind its "beer-only" status some time ago. Now a bar with a club license, Old Towne Tavern serves a full complement of spirits and wine, in addition to beer. A listing under Bar Exam [April 23, City Weekly] stated otherwise.

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