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    As witnessed by the ebullient advent of tank-top weather (aka anything above 40 degrees), the amount of lingering post-Legislative session head-scratching and the arrival of this publication, spring has sprung in Salt Lake City.

    City Weekly's City Guide, our annual compendium of all things cool in the Beehive, first made its splash in 2002 as interest around the ins and outs of SLC was fervent due to the Winter Games. Sixteen years later, and with buzz again fluttering around the possibility of an Olympic redux in 2030, this guide remains the go-to handbook for fresh arrivals and those who are lucky enough to have been bred and reared along the Wasatch Front.

    I remember a moment of musing a few years back after a weekend trip to SLC. "There's something brewing; an underground that's palpable," I remember thinking as I awaited to board Trax to the airport. I left loaded with curious excitement and longing to come back for more. Little did I know that after a series of serendipitous twists and turns, I would soon be moving here.


    Being one of the city's cultural gatekeepers is not a role I take lightly. As such, planning for this publication—our biggest yet at 148 pages—began last fall. In its pages, you'll find something for everyone; from a primer on must-do outdoor activities to a showcase of local arts and music power players, an ode to our defiant drinks and nightlife scenes and a tasty trek through our diverse and ever-energetic gastronomic landscape.

    If you're a local, I hope you think our team of misfits has done your megalopolis proud. If you're visiting, beware. You might fall in love with our sui generis city and, like myself, end up fortunate enough to call it home.

    —Enrique Limón,


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