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Fry Sauce: An abridged history
The condiment is a bonafide Utah superstar; but its ascent into the spotlight wasn't overnight.

By Enrique Limón

When even national fast-food chains are forced to adapt to regional tastes by embellishing their products with locally loved fare (McDonalds' green chile Big Mac in New Mexico or Burger King Hawaii's Spam Croissan'wich, for example), you know you've made it. Enter fry sauce—Utah's ubiquitous condiment. For many area palates, the pink goop is more than a one-part ketchup/two-parts mayo concoction; it's a way of life.

Circa 1948
It's believed burger joint Arctic Circle first releases the sauce to the masses via the hands of Logan-born Don Carlos Edwards.

Shortly thereafter
News sprouts of similar sauces across the globe—salsa golf in Argentina, mayoketchup in Puerto Rico and rosé sauce in Brazil. You have sexy people who dance good; can't Utah just have this?

Feb. 2002
As the Winter Olympics come to town, a special commemorative pin featuring the sauce is released. According to published reports, it sells out in less than two weeks.

July 2008
It makes a cameo as "fancy sauce" in Will Ferrell's Step Brothers. Unfortunately, in the collective pop culture psyche, the scene is overwritten by one involving testicles and a drum set.

Oct. 2013
It's official: Salsa outsells ketchup and becomes America's No. 1 condiment. Fry sauce is all, Gosh darn it, what about me?

April 2016
In a conversation with City Weekly, comedian Amy Schumer asks about local food, and fry sauce inevitably comes up. "OK, I thought that was called Thousand Island, but what do I know?" she says. "Don't tell anyone there that that's already a thing, and it's called Thousand Island dressing." Burn.

Aug. 2016
The Huffington Post calls fry sauce "the most incredible condiment you probably haven't heard of." Jesus, where've you been, HuffPo?

Sept. 2016
Kids at Harvest Elementary School in Saratoga Springs lobby for and get fry sauce included on the cafeteria menu. The move dominoes into all schools across the district. Faith in the future = restored.

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Enrique Limón

Enrique Limón

Editor at Salt Lake City Weekly. Lover of sour candies.

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