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Citizen Revolt: Week of July 29 

Meet Westside Candidates, Downtown Provo Gets Plan, Environmental Justice Explained, Practice Safety

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Meet Westside Candidates
The west side of Salt Lake City is about to change, and it's not because of gerrymandering. The two city councilmen who represented Districts 1 and 2 left their positions, making it anyone's game in November. The Westpointe and Jordan Meadows community councils are hosting a Night Out Community Celebration and Family Parade that will include a "political patio." There you can meet the two candidates for James Rogers' District 1 seat—Blake Perez and Victoria Petro-Eschler. Stay a while to hear them field questions from the public, facilitated by the League of Women Voters. This will be the first election in which ranked choice voting will be used. Find out what that means and how it has eliminated the need for a primary election. The Night Out will kick off with a parade and will have a COVID vaccine clinic along with food, music and fun. Westpointe Park, 1920 Colonel Road, Tuesday, Aug. 3, free.

Downtown Provo Gets Plan
Not all cities south of Salt Lake are filled with strip malls and food courts. In 2015, Provo's Downtown Master Plan envisioned the city center and surrounding areas as encompassing "five planning districts; each district [having] unique characteristics that separate one from another." But that was 2015. Do you think it was successful? At the Downtown Plan Open House, you'll hear what staff has been doing and how they are revising the plan for the future. That future will include a huge population bump which will inevitably change the city. Provo City wants to learn from your personal experiences. "Big things are happening downtown, and we want to hear your thoughts!" Virtual, Thursday, July 29, 6 or 8 p.m. Free/register at

Environmental Justice Explained
"What's possible when we put economic, racial and social justice at the core of what we advocate for?" Those are questions that will be probed at Intersections: Environmental Justice from the nonprofit "We're a nonprofit in the business of building a better future. Our lawyers are rewriting our planet's future—onelawsuit at a time." That should intrigue you as the West deals with an unprecedented drought, fires and pollution. You'll hear from Senior Vice President of Programs Sam Sankar and others in the movement that includes 160 lawyers who represent their clients free of charge. Their motto is "every day we fight," and as climate change becomes reality, fighting is what matters. Virtual, Thursday, July 29, 12 p.m., free.

Practice Safety
With fires, floods and pestilence, it's probably a good idea to be prepared, as those formerly known as Boy Scouts would say. Safety Protocols: Basic Emergency Practices Lecture Series will help you understand good safety protocols during emergency situations. You may learn about what to do when a family member gets food poisoning or how to secure your home and family in an emergency. Virtual, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 9 p.m., free.

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