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Citizen Revolt: Mar. 19 


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We hope you're not planning a big outing because, you know, the pandemic. COVID-19 is taking its toll—not on people so much as events in our state. Our advice is to check the listings before you go, especially if you're planning to attend large gatherings. They probably won't be happening. Meanwhile, here is a taste of what the virus has wrought in Utah.

However, if you thrive on the unknown and love to take risks there's a special event just for you. Of course, you will need to realize that the risk you're taking is not for yourself. Nope, you're putting everyone else's health in danger, too. Protest to Protest Herbie's Large Gathering Policy is a curious outing sponsored by The Mormon Chronicle, which contends it "debunks falsehoods from both the enemies of the Church as well as apologists. Though the truth is often times uncomfortable, the Savior said it will set us free. The truth, no matter how uncomfortable, leads to Christ." Avoiding COVID-19 apparently is one of those uncomfortable "truths." In other words, they think "government and media thrive on fear and manipulate numbers and facts to make things appear much worse than they actually are." If you decide to go, maybe you'll be lucky enough to be in a crowd of two or three. Utah State Capitol, 350. N. State, Saturday, March 21, 2-4 p.m., free—as in Live Free or Die, bit.ly/39LPWDn

As long as everyone's feeling like they're in some Stephen King novel, here's a chance to act out for Satan. Oops, it's against Satan, according to the event Boycott Celine Dion. What? You didn't know? She's "after our children," proclaims the boycott organizer. Why, you ask, is the 51-year-old singer such a dangerous vixen? A Catholic priest and exorcist didn't like her commercial. She recently launched her gender-neutral line through an enticing commercial that depicts Dion running from authorities in a hospital after she magically changed the clothes of the babies in the nursery to a more unisex look from their regular pink and blue outfits. The new garments include black stars and the words "new order," a Yahoo! Lifestyle story said. It's that gender-neutral thing, and some people not only don't like it, they hate and fear it. Vivint SmartHome Arena, 301 W. South Temple, Thursday, March 26, 5-10 p.m., free (and you might get to hear her if you don't make too much noise), bit.ly/3aP1hCS

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Katharine Biele

Katharine Biele

A City Weekly contributor since 1992, Biele is the informed voice behind our Hits & Misses and Citizen Revolt columns. When not writing, you can catch her working to empower voters and defend democracy alongside the League of Women Voters.

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