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Citizen Revolt: July 5 and Beyond 

Help feed homeless youth, discuss our transportation's future and get to know your new neighbors with the Inn Between.

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Homeless Youth Dinner
Homelessness is not bound by age. You can help feed young people who have no safe options by joining an ongoing effort to provide meals at the Volunteers of America Youth Homeless Center. On the first Friday of each month, VOA opens its arms to the community and asks people to bring in food or just come in to help serve. An added benefit to joining the Homeless Youth Dinner is the youth themselves. You can get to know them, interact with them and discover that they're just people. Youth Homeless Resource Center, 888 S. 400 West, 801-364-0744, Friday, July 6, 5-7 p.m., free,

What's Up With Transportation?
Do you wonder if Utahns will ever give up their cars, or at least clean them up? Utah Foundation is talking about The Future of Transportation at a breakfast meeting where you can hear about an advanced electronic vehicle charging project, developing technologies, new transit and transportation ideas, as well as legislation aimed at self-driving cars. Yes, we're talking about the self-driving cars that have had a few "accident" issues. You might even be able to test-drive an electric vehicle after the event to get a feel for the road of the future. Mountain America Expo Center, 9575 S. State,Sandy, 801-355-1400, Tuesday, July 10, 8 a.m., free,

Get To Know The Homeless
Certain neighbors of the relocated Inn Between have been raising funds to fight the homeless hospice that has come to their backyard. They've amassed some $3,800, because they're mad (and mistaken) about the so-called danger presented by medically fragile homeless people. Now, they and others have a monthly opportunity at The Inn Between's Neighborhood Advisory Council to talk to their new neighbors and get to know just what the facility is all about. It's just good practice to interact with your community. It's also an excellent way to counter unfounded fears of the homeless. "Information gathered at the NAC meetings helps The Inn Between be responsive to the needs of the community," the meeting's Facebook page says. The Inn Between, 1216 E. 1300 South, 801-410-8314, Tuesday, July 10, 6-7 p.m., free,

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