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Cite Offenders or Else 

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Will someone please explain why transit police don’t bother citing people who skateboard on UTA TRAX stops, jaywalk across the tracks or smoke their cigarettes where they are not supposed to?

Why can’t transit and city police enforce the rules that are posted at all TRAX stations—or doesn’t UTA general manager John Inglish care about that? Inglish and transit development director Mike Allegra need to be fired and replaced by people who know what needs to be done. One more thing: I thought that Salt Lake City has a city ordinance against skateboarding and bike riding on public sidewalks. Why can’t Mayor Ralph Becker get off his Democratic hobbyhorse and start enforcing these rules—or doesn’t he care? If the City Council had impeachment authority, Becker either would be removed from office or forced to resign.

I suggest he be replaced by Dave Buhler; I think Buhler would see to it that all city ordinances were enforced, and skateboarding and bike riding on public sidewalks would become a thing of the past. City sidewalks are for people to walk on; they are not for skateboarding or bike riding. I am damned sick and tired of skateboarders going past me on the sidewalk.

I have an even better idea: No more community development block grants or any other federal funding for Salt Lake City until all these matters are resolved.

Douglas Cotant
Salt Lake City

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