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    🔵 Find our current issue and turn to p. 10. If you'd rather risk fucking up your screen, that's on you, buddy. Get one dice. Each player takes turns rolling. The person who rolls highest goes first.

    🔵 Once the order is established, each player rolls the dice and moves their token the appropriate number of spaces. If you roll a four, move four spaces.

    🔵 Any time a player’s token lands on the bottom of a space that pictures the bottom of a ladder, the token should be moved diagonally to the square that contains the ladder’s top rung.

    🔵 Any time a player’s token lands on the top of a chute, the token must “slide” down to the final square where that chute is pictured (sad trombone).

    ⭐ The first player to reach square No. 64 wins!

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