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It was with a great deal of dismay that I read Hits & Misses [April 10, City Weekly]. As a disc golfer, I am well acquainted with the standard stereotypes of my sport; however, to see how recklessly and easily you dismissed the disc-golf community without so much as an ounce of research is of great concern.

I find it humorous that a paper with your liberal reputation had the audacity to print such a belittling opinion of an entire community without a hint of research as to what the modern face of disc golf truly is: bankers, attorneys, Ph.D.s and world-renowned surgeons. There is a representative cross-section of all walks of life. To insinuate that there is not a viable level of professionalism involved in disc golf to help resuscitate tired, defunct golf courses is just plain bigoted and irresponsible.

The plan that has been submitted to the county is time-tested as a functioning and profitable business model in many locations across the country, and to see it so casually dismissed is truly a slap in the face.
Even as offended as I am by this particular piece of garbage that you have written and pawned off as professional journalism, I very cordially extend an invitation to you to show you the level of generosity, professionalism and athleticism that is the face of today’s disc golfer.

Richard Saunders
West Jordan

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