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Candice Pugh of Bullets & Bees Boutique 

Chatting about quirky, sexy lingerie in Utah

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Candice Pugh
  • Candice Pugh

Utah native Candice Pugh is the owner, designer and seamstress of her business Bullets & Bees Boutique ( Pugh produces eccentric and creative intimates that are custom-made for the unique shape of each customer. She’s featured Star Trek, Ryan Gosling and even Alf in her designs, and believes that quirky is sexy. She is a full-time mom with a 4-year-old son and is seven months pregnant with her second child.

Do you think the definition of sexy is beginning to change?
I hope so. This is the lingerie that I like to make, and that I would want to wear as a female. I want something sexy and not totally generic. It’s comfortable but revealing and still not the Victoria’s Secret typical lingerie.

What is your most requested item?
Ryan Gosling crotchless panties. That and cats.

Are you considering opening up a space for your business?
Yes. I feel like this pregnancy is coming at an awful time. I do have all of these hopes and aspirations and am just so limited. But I’m also grateful for the time that I have to build my business while I’m pregnant. I’m really looking forward to that, downtown somewhere, definitely Salt Lake. But for now, all I can handle is my online business.

Is there a decade that inspires the look of your curvy-friendly styles?
Not at all. I actually hate pin up. I just prefer the human body. This is such a different time and a different generation. We should be embracing it. There’s no stopping aging or gaining weight—I learned that for sure during this pregnancy. It’s only natural, so why should we demonize it? It’s such an awesome time to feature different types of people. It’s what appeals to me. This is what is coming up right now, and I’m happy to take advantage of all the tattooed, plus-size models that want to wear my stuff. It’s what I like, and that’s what I’m going for. I’m really grateful for those models.

What’s your favorite inspiration for your lingerie?
I really like hip-hop. I’m really into political hip-hop, actually, and I want to be heading more in that direction when I have more free time. I want to take what I believe and kind of say what I want to say the way I want to say it the same way that they do. It’s just such a big deal. My husband and I are just really into politics, and I’m hoping there’ll be a day when one person changes the world, and I’ll do that with underwear.

Do you feel different from the stereotypes of a full-time Utah moms?
It’s interesting because I feel like I am a typical stay-at-home mom. I go to Discovery Gateway with my 4-year-old son, I go to all of the normal places with him and I just get the worst looks. I’m just thinking, “I’m just like you.” I don’t think people would expect me to do this, to have an actual business and do what I love. It’s kind of fun to have in the back of my head—that’s their job, their watching their kids, and I’m watching my kid too but I’m also on my phone doing what I love and handling my business.

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