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Can’t You C the Truth? 

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It’s a dead giveaway that people like Josh Fox and others who write, talk or make “fearumentaries” about hydraulic “fracturing,” aka “fracing,” are ignorant about the subject when they can’t even spell fracing [“Frack You,” June 13, City Weekly]. There is no “k” in fracturing except in the case of trying to instill something unpleasant with the obvious innuendo.

Hydraulic fracturing has been going on for 60 years, with tens or hundreds of thousands of wells completed using that technique, without a single proven case of extending into freshwater aquifers. The examples Fox used in Gasland were debunked from scientific evidence. Gasland II is another contrived attempt to explain “flaming faucets” as a result of fracing, when these cases were all known to exist before any wells were even drilled.

Furthermore, the chemical fingerprinting of these gases confirm zero relationship to produced gas from completed and fractured wells miles below the aquifers.

Fox is making tons of money by crying at the henhouse like Chicken Little that the sky is falling.

Houston, Texas

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