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Buttars Churning Again 

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Our old pal state Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, is at it again! In a recent Utah Eagle Forum, Buttars outlined the current condition of Utah’s Board of Education and characterized its activity as “communist” and hating America.

Buttars is proposing new legislation to give the Utah Legislature power by statute over the Utah Board of Education so they can keep an eye on this “entrenched” problem of communist viewpoints being perpetuated in Utah classrooms. The recent Utah Eagle Forum meeting took the time to do an oral book report of Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Communist. They cited how this book, published 50 years ago, saw the future pervasive and devastating influence of the Communist party on children in Utah public schools. In addition to posing a threat to our great nation, this communist activity is viewed as criminal.

I will tell you what is criminal: Second- to-last ranking of education funding in the nation (second only to Alabama). No wonder educators resort to “communism” if each classroom can afford only one communal pencil that every student must share.

Is Buttars really a part of the solution? Is usurping the autonomy of the Utah Board of Education really going to solve this imaginary problem perceived by a handful of Yosemite Sam mud-flap Republicans? Educators are doing the best they can with what they have. Stop with the fear mongering, Buttars, and start solving real problems, like how we can finally get more than one pencil per classroom.

Spencer Hardy

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