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BTK, Grudge 3, Kill Buljo, S. Darko, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 

New DVD releases Tuesday, May 12

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Renown thespian Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) as renown serial murderer Dennis Radar, aka the BTK Killer, who only struck at Burger Kings. No, scratch that: BTK stands for “bind, torture, kill,” so it was probably Red Lobster. (

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The Grudge 3
The guy who survived The Grudge 2 (Matthew Knight) is cared for in the loony bin by a doctor (Shawnee Smith, horror vet of Saw and Becker), who investigates his story because … she’s a dumbass? Yeah, let’s go with that. (
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Kill Buljo
The long, long, long-awaited Norwegian parody of the Kill Bill series, wherein Jompa Torman is attacked and left for dead by the assassination squad of Tampa Buljo, Crazy Beibifeit, Dr. Kjell Driver and Bud Light. See? Universal. (
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S. Darko: A Darko Tale
Dead Donnie’s little sister Samantha has inherited his weird visions! And the end of the world is coming, again! In four days! And Frank the Bunny is back, too! In other words, it’s the most unnecessary sequel since … (
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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Actually, it’s a prequel—and that’s not Kate Beckinsale, it’s Rhona Mitra. Other than that, it’s the same tale of vampires and werewolves who can’t decide whether to battle or boink, so they just do both. Still better than S. Darko. (

More New DVD Releases (May 12)
The Dana Carvey Show, Evel Kneivel’s Greatest Hits, Jeff Foxworthy Show: Season 2, Kingdom, Lying, Passengers, Penn & Teller: BS! Season 6, Personal Affects, Taken, Taking Chance, There’s a Stranger in My House, Two & a Half Men: Season 5

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