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Born Addicted 

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The adoption of a daughter born to a drug-addicted mother (and thus born drug addicted) is fraught with physical and emotional difficulties, but the March 10 cover story [“No Good Choice,” City Weekly] focused primarily on difficulties related to government support—or lack thereof—of such adoptions.

“Wow. The state needs a lesson in how to really help children,” wrote online commenter Fran. “Why does it always come down to money?”

“This shows how inadequate the entire state’s efforts are,” concurred Kathy.

Heather wondered about the state’s efforts to discourage pregnancy among high-risk mothers like the one featured in the article.

“Has the birth mother ever been charged with anything regarding child endangerment? She was obviously actively using whilst pregnant three different times,” Heather wrote. “If she is so inclined to shoot up, why not shoot up some Depo-Provera along with her drugs?”

Jennifer nicely summed up all the complaints made by commenters.

“Such a nightmare for that poor mother and daughter, “ Jennifer wrote. “There are so many things wrong with this story: The drug addict birth mother was allowed to keep breeding, the health-care system failed, and the foster-care system doesn’t seem to be any better. What a great country, huh?”

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