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Book smarts or sex smarts? 

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What means more to you in a presidential candidate: Sexy good looks or knowing the name of Yemen currency?

Bryan Mannos: Sexy good looks works for me every time! So what if they’re broken, soulless attention whores—it keeps me from having to be responsible for my choice.

Derek Carlisle: I wish we could exploit the good looks of our statesmen/-women and let the rulers of other countries have what ours have—a little under-the-table action to ease the tention of leadership.

Rachel Piper: In elementary school, we “voted” in the presidential election. I chose Bill Clinton because I thought he was much more handsome than Bush or Perot. Your opinion of the next eight years will show if that was an effective voting strategy—and whether I should have sought counseling.

Scott Renshaw: Does it have to be an either/or proposition? Personally, I think there’s nothing hotter than a smokin’ sexy legislator who knows how to purr the word “riyal.”

Lindsay Fenton: Looks, obviously. If everyone was ridiculously good-looking, the world would be a much better place. Plus, everyone knows good-looking people are smarter.

Rachel Scott:
Well, if they were sexy, knew the name of Yemeni currency, and were smarter than a fifth grader, then I’d vote for them for sure!

Jerre Wroble: I prefer ever-sexy leadership skills, candidates who can amass a team of smart and loyal staffers. Let the staffer Google the Yemen currency, the riyal, and whisper the name of Yemen’s president, who is (of course you knew this) Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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