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Thanksgiving should be a time of setting aside petty family arguments over who owes whom illegal drugs, or who stabbed whom last year. In the big scheme of things, does it really matter? Still, there will always be those who prefer jail to an evening with the relations. Whatever your feelings are toward your in-laws, don’t take them out as did one Salt Lake City man who police say “didn’t care for” a visiting family member and demonstrated how much'with a knife.


Man in the Window
n11/13/06, 10:08

nA woman staying at a Main Street motel was surprised to see a goateed man attempting to crawl through the back window. When she began to push the man back out the window, he cut her several times on the arms with a knife. The intruder was last seen running north from the motel.


Uninvited Guest
n11/15/06, 0:08

nOfficers responded to an “unwanted guest call” near 1600 West and 300 South where a man carrying a shotgun reportedly broke a bathroom window and tried to crawl in. When occupants of the home yelled at him, the man stopped trying to get in the window in favor of a more traditional approach, walking to the front door where he continued making threats. A home occupant hit the unwanted guest several times causing him to bang his head on a porch light, which broke as the man stumbled away. Officers located the unwelcome guest a short distance away from the home, drunk, with a head wound. An unloaded shotgun was found 30 yards away. The man was taken in critical condition to the hospital where his condition improved.


Unwelcome Greeting
n11/15/06, 20:49

nA man was turning to walk up the driveway to his 600 East apartment building when a second man dressed all in black motioned to him. The apartment dweller ignored the gesture and continued toward his apartment. But at the stairs, he found the man in black behind him with a gun demanding money, which the apartment dweller turned over.


Injury Added to Insult
n11/18/06, 2:34

nAngry over a “perceived traffic insult,” according to Salt Lake City police reports, a driver accelerated and rammed his car into the rear of the vehicle that had offended him at the intersection of 200 South and 200 East. Not satisfied, the driver then exited his car and assaulted the driver and passenger of the car he had just struck. The passenger was transported to the hospital for treatment of shock and lacerations to his arms and face. The angry driver was arrested for aggravated assault, felony DUI and resisting an officer after being checked out at a hospital.


n11/18/06, 13:08

nEmployees of a tree-trimming company found a human skull in City Creek canyon. A subsequent search with dogs failed to turn up any other remains.


In-law Problem
n11/19/06, 18:56

nHe might have known it was coming. Still, it was a nice gesture when a man took his wife and five children to visit his wife’s father near 1300 West and 400 South. According to a Salt Lake City Police report, the man being visited, “doesn’t care for” his son-in-law, and demonstrated as much by greeting him with a knife. He attempted to cut the victim but managed only to inflict minor wounds before being arrested and charged with aggravated assault and five counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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