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If you want to be a suit, you’ve got to own a suit. The old dress-for-success mantra goes for the criminal set as well, and the well-dressed scofflaw has his own uniform. The black hoodie has been de rigueur for years among Salt Lake City thugs. And the face-hiding bandana, once relegated to the Hollywood Western, has made a strong comeback among the retro-fabulous bandit. But why be cliché? Today’s fashion-forward criminal doesn’t want to look like everyone else, as a few examples of recent Salt Lake City lawbreaking demonstrate:


Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
11/10/06, 4:08
nClerks at a 2700 South convenience store told police the man who robbed the store was all business, walking directly to the counter on entering. With a gray backpack in one hand and a knife in the other, the robber demanded money, and when he received it, fled east on foot. The robber was distinguished, clerks told police, by a gray suit coat, gray pants'and the panty hose he wore over his head.


Color-Coordinated Crook
11/07/06, 12:13
nSuspect: 5 foot 8 inches, 180-190 pounds, long curly black hair, cream-colored cardigan sweater, brown Capri pants, fuzzy brown leopard slippers. That description from the owner of a BMW X5 station wagon whose car was jacked in the parking lot of Brickyard Plaza by a woman in taupe. The BMW owner had the misfortune to park outside of a department store just as the thief was prowling the parking lot. The car owner initially refused the suspect’s demand for the car keys. Then the woman pulled out her accessory'a long knife hidden somewhere in the back of her outfit.


Shopping Spree
11/08/06, 7:13
nThe BMW X5 stolen the previous day was spotted near 1800 East, but the driver fled from responding officers who then abandoned the chase. Ninety minutes later, the stolen car was spotted again, near Brickyard Plaza. Officers followed, but lost the car when it sped away after several turns. More police responded to the area hoping to help locate the stolen vehicle. The carjacking suspect made it easy, pulling up behind a police car that had stopped at the light at 3300 South and 1100 East. When the officer left his car and attempted to stop the BMW, the suspect drove past him, running the light, striking a sedan and colliding with the curb. The suspect bailed out of the BMW and ran to the rear of a nearby strip mall where she was stopped and arrested.


11/08/06, 16:54
nOfficers responded to a report of a man driving near 1300 South while firing shots from a green Ford Explorer. Police tracked down the man, then found the car with a gun inside. An investigation continues.


Caught in Crosshairs
11/08/06, 20:47
nPolice think a driver whose car was shot up on California Avenue was the innocent victim of road rage. The man was driving north on Bangerter Highway and, as he turned onto California Avenue, heard five to seven shots, one of which struck his car. According to a police report, the man got caught in a shootout between two other cars.


Hoods in Hoodies
11/10/06, 1:10
nA man was driving away from a Redwood Road gas station when an older blue four-door cut him off, forcing him to stop. Four men wearing hoodies got out of the blue car and approached the victim, one striking him on the head with a club. The robbers took the victim’s wallet and cell phone. The victim drove himself to the hospital.

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