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21-Gun Commute


07/07/06, 20:15, Felony Arrests/Firearms Seizure, 270 S. Rio Grande


“The officer watched the two [suspects] in the area engaging in suspicious activity. The officer approached them with the intent of citing them for trespassing. Another officer spied alcohol in the vehicle and, as he retrieved it, discovered a loaded gun under the seat next to some narcotics. Officers located 21 firearms in the vehicle; some still had price tags affixed to them. Several had NCIC [National Crime Information Center] hits out of Idaho. [A 19-year-old male suspect] was taken to jail and a 15-year-old was taken to [juvenile detention].nn

Armed and Arrogant


07/08/06, 17:04, Aggravated Robbery, 1179 Navajo, Super Mercado


“Two male Polynesians entered the listed business and brought four 18 packs of beer to the check-stand where they asked for three packs of cigarettes. When the cashier asked for the money, the suspects laughed and picked up the merchandise and started out the door. They were met by the manager who told them they couldn’t leave without paying. Suspect No. 1 then lifted his shirt and displayed the handle of a gun. Suspect No. 1 is male Polynesian adult, 20’s, 5’8”, 180 lb. Suspect No.2 is male Polynesian adult, 20’s, 6’, 200 lb.”


Butt Plugged


07/06/06, 02:14, Shooting/Suspicious Circumstance, LDS Hospital


“The victim arrived at the Emergency Room with a gunshot wound to his buttocks. When hospital personnel verified it was a gunshot wound, police were notified. Several stories were told as to how the victim happened to be shot, but nothing was able to be verified.nn

The Smoking Gunman


07/09/06, 05:00, Shooting, 601 E. 1300 South 


“Officers responded to a local hospital on a report of a shooting that had occurred in Liberty Park. The 22-year-old victim stated that he was in the park with some friends when the suspect approached him and asked for a cigarette. The suspect set down a black backpack when a gun inside the pack discharged and struck the victim in the right leg above his knee. The victim is in fair condition.nn

“Some Psycho”


Surprised that a random 15 year old, two beer-chugging thugs and an apparent idiot can get their hands on so much cold steel? You shouldn’t be, as one former Columbine High School misanthrope recently revealed in journal entries leading up to his April 1999 massacre of a dozen classmates:


“F'k you Brady!” Columbine shooter Eric Harris wrote Nov. 12, 1998. “All I want is a couple of guns, and thanks to your f'king bill I will probably not get any. Come on, I’ll have a clean record, and only want them for personal protection. It’s not like I’m some psycho who would go on a shooting spree'f'kers.nn

Over the next week-and-a-half, Harris and co-conspirator Dylan Klebold apparently discovered the gaping loophole in the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which requires background checks for gun purchases from licensed dealers, but not from “private collectors.nn

In a Nov. 22 entry, Harris wrote: “Today, along with Vodka [Klebold], and someone else who I won’t name, we went downtown and purchased the following: a double barrel 12[-gauge] shotgun, a pump action 12[-gauge] shotgun, a 9mm carbine, 250 9mm rounds, 15 12[-gauge] slugs, 40 shotgun shells, two switchblade knives, and a total of four, 10-round clips for the carbine.nn

That “someone else” was an 18-year-old friend Harris and Klebold enlisted to purchase the firepower at a gun show. Though well-intentioned, Brady didn’t much matter, as Harris pointed out.


“We … have … GUNS! We f'king got ’em, you sons of bitches! Ha!! Ha, ha, ha! Neener! Booga, booga! It’s all over now.

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