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Big News This Week 

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Lots of big local news this past week, eh? What was the biggest?

Josh Loftin: My 2-year-old boy can now pee by himself standing up. In my world as a homebody parent, there is no bigger news.

Julie Erickson: Finally, green air quality. It may not be big news, but it’s good news.

Nick Clark: The Republican Foot-in-Mouth disease always entertains.

Marty Foy: The Tribune’s owners filing for bankruptcy, and the chance that the Deseret News might buy the paper. (Disclosure: I used to work for the Trib.) I guess if that happens, it means my favorite reporter, Maria Villaseñor, would become a trusted voice of knowledge. Welcome to the light, Maria!

James Burnitt: Shit happens here? Really?

James Reifenburger: I believe the biggest news, as far as City Weekly is concerned, is MediaNews Group filing for Chapter 11. So, is the Tribune going to be LDS-owned now, too?

Jesse Fruhwirth: A newspaper chain going bankrupt was too inevitable to be “big” news, so I’ll have to go with the secret-drinker Mormon lawmaker who resigned in disgrace over a DUI arrest, which was slightly less inevitable.

Lara Grant: I can see to the other side of the street now. Thank you, lil’ snowstorm. More, please.

Jerre Wroble: So what’s all the fuss about? MediaNews is simply “restructuring,” according to the Trib’s headline. And they broke the story on a Friday night of a holiday weekend. So, it must not have been real news, right?

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