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Better Off Ted, The Brooklyn Heist, End Game, Live! & Terminator: Salvation 

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Better Off Ted: Season 1
The best new comedy of last (mid)season, about corporate drones working for a soulless conglomerate that makes products like weaponized pumpkins and cowless meat. New season begins Tuesday, Dec. 8 on ABC!
The Brooklyn Heist
Several groups of quirky Brooklyn lowlifes (including Danny Masterson and Dominique Swain) plan to rob a neighborhood pawn shop—coincidentally, all on the same night. Mild indie-flick hilarity ensues.
End Game
A crazed serial killer (‘rassler Kurt Angle!) targets a detective, his wife, his daughter and his stripper mistress (Survivor’s Jenna Morasca!) in a psychothriller game of cat-and-mouse. Or is that cat and mice? Meeces? Whatever.
Eva Mendes plays a ruthless TV executive who spearheads a reality game show wherein money-hungry contestants play Russian roulette on live television. Sounds fine (and plausible), but I was already sold at “Eva Mendes.”
Terminator Salvation
In a twist, a man from the past (OK, the present) travels to the post-apocalyptic future to help John Connor (Christian Bale, in the movie for all of five minutes) destroy Skynet and them Terminators. The TV series was still better.

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