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Are We Well Yet?
It might surprise you to learn there is a "global wellness economy," one that we become part of each time we shop for organic food, join a CrossFit gym, visit a dentist or doctor for a checkup or see a massage therapist.

The $4.4 trillion wellness industry had been growing like gangbusters until COVID struck. The pandemic's closures and restrictions shrunk some wellness segments (such as gyms and beauty care) and expanded others (like public health and prevention). According to a December 2021 report by the Global Wellness Institute (, a consumer "values shift" occurred during COVID, meaning that prevention and wellness have taken on greater importance than ever. As a result, the global wellness market is rebounding and expected to grow 10% annually through 2025.

The two biggest categories of the global wellness market include beauty—a $955 billion industry that encompasses hair salons, skin/nail services, cosmetics, dermatology and anti-aging care—and healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss, a $946 billion industry.

Physical activity—which includes sports, active recreation, fitness and mindful movement—is the next largest segment at $738 billion followed by wellness tourism at $436 billion (and, there's even a $275 billion segment for wellness real estate—reflecting a major shift in construction and real estate industries toward wellness).

Traditional and complementary medicine are also big, at $413 billion, followed by public health, prevention and personalized medicine at $375 billion. Other categories include workplace wellness, mental wellness, spas and hot springs—which are all coming back as we cautiously tiptoe out of the pandemic.

The wellness economy's growth potential is not lost on any of the 100-plus health practitioners, fitness facilitators and wellness coaches showcased in our annual Best of Utah Body and Mind issue. The 2022 winners—90 of which were voted upon by City Weekly readers, 10 were written in by readers and 6 were staff picks—know that wellness is not just something to aspire to. It's no longer a luxury for the rich. Wellness is a lifestyle many are now prioritizing, budgeting for and insisting upon when it comes to where they live and work.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners for catching the wellness wave—and for riding it through the storm.

By Jerre Wroble

Body & Mind contributors: Carolyn Campbell, Thomas Crone, Babs De Lay, Lance Gudmundsen, Wes Long, Megan Wagstaff and Jerre Wroble.
Kass Wood and Lance Gudmundsen copy edited this feature.


Best Addiction Recovery
Odyssey House
In 1966, a female resident psychiatrist working at a NYC hospital was dissatisfied with methadone programs offered to addicts. In search of a drug-free option for her patients, she opened the first Odyssey House in East Harlem. Fast forward to 50 years later, Odyssey House Utah has served tens of thousands of men, women and teens struggling with addiction, mental health and physical health issues. An odyssey is a journey, and the staff—which is made up of past clients as well as skilled professionals—work to guide patients to a successful path of recovery. Treatment is covered by most insurance, and there is government funding for those who can't pay.
Multiple locations,
2. Fit2Recover
3. The Other Side Academy

Douglas Jones, MD: This year’s Best Alergist - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Douglas Jones, MD: This year’s Best Alergist

Best Allergist
Douglas Jones, MD
If you suffer from allergies, you know how difficult it can be to pinpoint exactly what causes your symptoms. This is especially true when it comes to food allergies. Since he founded Rocky Mountain Allergy at Tanner Clinic in 2008, Dr. Jones has been developing targeted treatment plans for allergy sufferers utilizing the latest allergy science, including groundbreaking oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) to successfully treat food allergies ranging from peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat and more. He and his specialists in Layton and Murray help patients of all ages safely reincorporate these foods into their diets and restore their quality of life.
Rocky Mountain Allergy at Tanner Clinic, multiple locations, 801-773-4840,
2. Jan Bernhisel-Broadbent, MD
3. Aaron Kobernick, MD, MPH

Best Back/Spine Center
CORE Rehabilitation & Spine Center
Plagued by back pain? "No one has to live with it," say the physical therapists at CORE. To that end, they practice the "McKenzie Method" to extend the spine and relieve discomfort. The series of exercises was developed by a New Zealand therapist who's been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Many CORE patients are pain free and finished with treatment in four to six visits, "compared with other clinics' 20 to 30 [visits]," the center says. "We don't want to waste your time and money." And who can argue with that?
4885 S. 900 East, Suite 110B, SLC, 801-200-3356,
2. The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH)
3. Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center

Best Dental Practice
The Dental Spa
Words like "relaxing," and "fun" might not be the first to come to mind when going to the dentist, but The Dental Spa aims to change that with its beautiful ambiance and professional services that go way beyond a typical teeth cleaning. Why stop at a healthy smile when you can treat yourself to face massages, paraffin wax dips, body sculpting, custom facials or even a few units of strategically placed Xeomin to freeze your frown lines. Dr. Kirkland Graham (see "Best Dentist") and his team of dental hygienists and master estheticians will have you counting down the days until your next appointment.
620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,
2. Warr Dental
3. Cascade Dental

Best Dentist
Kirkland Graham, DDS
With more than 20 years of experience practicing preventative, cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry, Dr. Graham is unlike any other dentist you've visited. He created and designed one of the world's first dental spas because he believes that relaxed and comfortable patients are more likely to schedule regular visits and take better care of their teeth. Not only do patients undergo dental procedures here but they can be seen for sleep apnea and even have facials done. Patients praise his level of care, professionalism, efficiency and gentle touch. The massage chairs and aromatherapy are the sugar-free icing on the cake.
The Dental Spa, 620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,
2. Keith Warr, DDS
3. Kevin Yeager, DDS

Best Dermatologist
Douglas Woseth, MD
Utah has more than its fair share of outdoor enthusiasts, from desert-loving sun worshipers to bluebird powder skiers. And while vitamin D is a good thing, harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation is another matter. As such, finding a good dermatologist in Utah is as necessary as having a four-wheel drive vehicle in the winter. Dr. Douglas Woseth brings more than 22 years of experience to Salt Lake and South Jordan, specializing in general, surgical and aesthetic dermatology. So, if you've been putting off getting that mole checked or need help treating eczema exacerbated by dry Utah air, schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Dr. Woseth today.
Multiple locations, 801-682-4092,
2. Christopher Hansen, MD
3. Stephanie Klein, MD

Todd Cameron, ND, won for Best Family Medicine Physician and Best Naturopath - NIKI CHAN
  • Niki Chan
  • Todd Cameron, ND, won for Best Family Medicine Physician and Best Naturopath

Best Family Medicine Physician/ Best Naturopath
Todd Cameron, ND
Dr. Cameron is a naturopathic physician and co-founder of Cameron Wellness and Spa. He's not the scary guy in the white coat but a smart soul who provides alternative medicine to treat acute and chronic medical conditions. He creates an individual wellness path for each patient and specializes in treating things like migraines, PMS, menopause, pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia with naturopathic medicine, replacement therapy, IV therapies, plasma injections and more. He is the epitome of Eastern paths meets Western treatments in his approach to treating the sick and suffering for a wholistic approach to each patient's needs.
1945 S. 1100 East, Suite 100, SLC, 385-376-2311,
Best Family Medicine Physician Runners Up
2. Jose Azarcon, DO
3. Ross Brunetti, MD
Best Naturopath Runners Up
2. Amanda Lucero, ND
3. Matthew Burnett, ND

Best Family Practice Clinic
Foothill Family Clinic
For the second year, Foothill sails away with Best of Utah honors. And they'll help you find a safe harbor—three of them, in fact—for all your healthcare needs from prenatal to geriatric care. From a two-doctor practice in 1976 to today's 23 primary care physicians (plus a neurologist and podiatrist), Foothill offers on-call doctors 24/7, and telehealth via a phone call or an online meeting. Each of its three facilities has its own lab and radiologist. And did we mention, they accept 20 insurance plans?
Multiple locations, 801-486-3021,
2. Martindale Clinic
3. Grandview Family Medicine

Best Gastroenterologist
Joseph T. Merrill, MD
Unless you're a fan of fifth-grade hilarity, a colonoscopy is no laughing matter. Even still, according to one patient, Dr. Merrill and his staff get high marks for their "good humor" throughout the sedation-free procedure. A graduate of Oregon Health and Science University, Merrill is a member of the Intermountain Medical Group. He sees patients at clinics in the Avenues and Bountiful, where he specializes in pancreatic disease and esophageal disorders. Oh, and colonoscopies with a smile!
Intermountain Avenues Specialty Clinic, 324 10th Ave., Suite 200, SLC, 801-408-7500,
2. Holly Clark, MD
3. Christopher Maxwell, MD

Best General Surgeon
Gail Strindberg, MD
It may seem a bit unlikely, but our readers say Tooele is on the "cutting edge" of general surgery—thanks to Dr. Strindberg. With three decades of experience in health care, she's lived and practiced in the west desert city for 10 years. "Gail is excellent," enthuses one patient. "No bull ... gets right to it, and does an excellent job." She earned her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and practices at Northpointe Medical Park.
2376 N. 400 East, Tooele, 435-882-8111,
2. Lee D. Trotter, DO
3. Courtney L. Scaife, MD

Best Geriatric Physician
Alison K. Schlisman, MD
Dr. Schlisman decided to open her practice in Utah after completing a fellowship at the University of Utah. Many online reviews describe her as the best physician ever. "She's genuine, patient, warm and thoughtful," said a patient's daughter. "Her skills are so far beyond medical; she really knows how to discuss difficult topics so that the patient and family can think through life-and-death issues with the information needed as real partners in care."
Madsen Health Center, 555 Foothill Drive, Suite 203, SLC, 801-581-2628,
2. Brett Porter, MD
3. Steven Richardson, MD

Best Nursing Home Care
Solstice Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care
Academy Award-winning actress Bette Davis, who died in 1989 at the age of 81, is remembered for having quipped: "Old age ain't no place for sissies." Many of us over a certain age probably nod our heads in agreement. Services like Solstice make the inevitable final curtain less stressful for all involved—including clients and their loved ones. The Solstice team offers palliative care for those being treated for serious illness. Those facing a terminal illness benefit from a hospice setting that respects their wishes and preserves their dignity. And home health care is another of its services. Two-time winner of Best of Utah awards, Solstice even has a nondenominational chaplain on staff to help answer the Big Questions. Bette just might be pleased.
1115 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-485-1035,
2. CNS
3. Rocky Mountain Home Care & Hospice

Suncrest Hospice was voted Best Hospice Care - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Suncrest Hospice was voted Best Hospice Care

Best Hospice Care
Suncrest Hospice
Reviews describe Suncrest employees as caring and respectful, treating work associates and patients like family. Says one review, "Their culture is upbeat, sunny and supportive." Services can include twice-weekly nurse visits and up to seven days weekly if needed. Other services include social workers, pet therapy, volunteers, and transportation home from the hospital. In addition, after a patient passes away, they offer a monthly bereavement check-in from a social worker for 13 months.
1275 E. Fort Union Blvd., Suite 210, Cottonwood Heights, SLC, 801-996-8469,
2. Solstice Hospice and Palliative Care
3. CNS

Best Hospital
University of Utah Hospital
Splashed across the city's eastern foothills, the 425-bed facility is the state's preeminent teaching hospital. Opened in 1965, it has grown to five hospitals and 11 neighborhood health centers, staffed by 1,400 board-certified physicians. For the seventh year in a row, U.S. News & World Report has ranked it as the state's best. It's been the scene of medical triumphs: Barney Clark and the world's first permanently implanted artificial heart (1982); the Intermountain West's first nationally certified Level 1 trauma center by the American College of Surgeons (2001), and Mario R. Capecchi, Ph.D., walking off with the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in gene targeting (2007). Stay tuned for more achievements and accolades.
50 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-581-2121,
2. Intermountain Medical Center
3. St. Mark's Hospital

Best Doctor of Internal Medicine
Douglas M. Romney, MD
An internist is the doctor who solves puzzles in your body. As such, providers like Dr. Romney treats a broad spectrum of conditions including diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and obesity. With over three decades of experience as an internist, he often acts as the head of a team, consulting with medical specialists once he starts putting together the pieces of your physical puzzle. He's known for listening to his patients and explaining their conditions clearly and doesn't rush to get to the next exam room. Best of all, the doctor is known for being on time for his appointments with patients.
Cottonwood Medical Clinic, 181 Medical Tower Drive, Murray, 801-314-4300,
2. Matthew T. Bryan, MD
3. Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Best LASIK Center
Hoopes Vision
Established in 2000, Dr. Phillip Hoopes brought the new LASIK and PRK surgery procedures to Utahns. This alternative to glasses and contact lenses has helped thousands of people see much better by using a cutting laser to change the shape of your eyes to improve vision. He's added dozens of doctors and staff to build the largest such practice in the state, one that offers technologically advanced cataract surgery centers, specializing in laser-assisted surgeries and multifocal lens implants.
11820 S. State, Draper, 801-568-0200,
2. John A. Moran Eye Center
3. LASIK Vision Institute

Best Mental Health Treatment Center
Utah Center for Evidence-Based Treatment
UCEBT's mission is to improve the quality of mental health by enhancing access to comprehensive, evidence-based treatments. Such psychotherapies typically have clear targets, a timeline for treatment and the ultimate goal of enabling client to recover without the need for long-term therapy support. "I don't know where I would be without their help," says one patient. "They were professional and caring during my entire time."
170 S. 1000 East, SLC, 801-419-0139,
2. Odyssey House
3. The Healing Group

Best Neurologist
David R. Renner, MD
If he isn't in his office at the U of U Neurosciences Center, you might find this Internationally renowned neurologist in Ghana or Kenya ... or Jackson Hole. With a quarter century of experience, Dr. Renner specializes in infectious neurology, specifically disorders in HIV patients in Africa where the disease still is rampant. Closer to home, he founded the U's HIV-neurological clinic, plus an outreach clinic at St. John's Hospital in the Wyoming resort town. His awards, accolades and list of scholarly articles could choke a horse. (Is there a veterinarian in the house?) But on the human side, one patient used these adjectives to describe the University of Nebraska College of Medicine graduate: "Knowledgeable ... kind ... observant ... interested ... and humble.
175 N. Medical Drive, SLC, 801-585-7575,
2. Summer Gibson, MD
3. Alyssa Lettich, MD

Best Neuropsychologist
Julien Smith, PhD
Few systems are as complex as the human brain. Neuropsychologists try to understand, via decades of study, how brain structures and systems relate to behaviors and thoughts. Dr. Smith spent years of study in Washington, Florida, Louisiana and Utah. She was the director of neuropsychology at Primary Children's Hospital and an associate professor in clinical psych at the U of U since 1995. Her practice assesses children—from infants to young adults—for neurological injuries and illnesses such as traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, genetic or metabolic disorders and more. The staff then can consult with physicians, schools and families to help guide treatments and interventions.
Wasatch Pediatric Neuropsychology, 231 E. 400 South, Suite 335, SLC, 801-363-1189,
2. Sam Goldstein, PhD
3. Mindy Westlund-Shreiner, PhD

Best Nurse Practitioner
Margaret Grogan, FNP
As an advanced-practice registered nurse, Grogan has years of experience in assessing patients, interpreting their diagnostic tests and charting their treatment plans. Skill and compassion are her watchwords. A graduate of Montana State University, she received her nursing degree from Westminster College where she honed her specialties in adult medicine, health education and preventative care. "Margaret is the best," enthuses one patient. "She has the best bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable and important. I absolutely adore her." She's affiliated with Granger Medical Clinic and St. Mark's Hospital.
Granger Medical Millcreek Wasatch Clinic, 1160 E. 3900 South, Suite 1000, SLC, 801-262-1771,
2. Jessica Arbogast, FNP
3. Aimee Steinly, DNP, APRN

Voted Best OB-GYN: - Jennifer Travarelli, MD - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Voted Best OB-GYN:Jennifer Travarelli, MD

Best Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Jennifer Travarelli, MD
Dr. Travarelli delivers comprehensive health care across two specialties: obstetrics and gynecology which she practices at Intermountain's Salt Lake Clinic and Avenues Obstetrics and Gynecology-MHI clinics. Patients say she listens well, offers suggestions and genuinely cares. Says one, "Dr. Travarelli is so great! She makes talking about GYN issues an easy conversation, like talking about your head cold." Adds another, "She was absolutely amazing. Everything you'd want at a delivery. "
Intermountain Medical Group, multiple locations, 385-282-2800,
2. Jason Johnson, MD
3. Christian Froerer, MD

Best Oncologist
Theresa L. Werner, MD
She's eminently comfortable in the laboratory where her cancer research has earned international acclaim. But Dr. Werner believes, "You don't become a physician if you don't like taking care of patients." They agree wholeheartedly. "She's so on it!" says one. "When she enters the room, I feel like my own personal angel has [arrived]." The senior director of clinical research at the U of U's Huntsman Cancer Institute, Dr. Werner specializes in breast cancer and malignancies of the female reproductive system. Patients, she believes, should be offered a clinical trial. "People think they're not going to get the best treatment or going to get something experimental." Not so, she emphasizes. A trial "is a good option ... and sometimes the best option."
Huntsman Cancer Institute, 1950 Circle of Hope Drive, SLC, 801-585-0250,
2. Mark Dodson, MD
3. Neeraj Agarwal, MD

This year’s Best Ophthalmologist: - Mary Hartnett, MD - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • This year’s Best Ophthalmologist:Mary Hartnett, MD

Best Ophthalmologist/Eye Surgeon
Mary Hartnett, MD
This year's winner is a distinguished professor at the University of Utah who studies and treats disorders and diseases of the eye. Dr. Hartnett is the founder and director of Moran's Pediatric Retina Center and principal investigator of the Retinal Angiogenesis Lab. Pediatric retina disorders disrupt the healthy development of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye, and Dr. Hartnett is one of few experts internationally who diagnose and treat such conditions. She is also the author of Pediatric Retina, now in its second edition.
John A. Moran Eye Center, 65 N. Mario Capecchi Drive, 801-581-2352,
2. Griffin Jardine, MD
3. Robert Wing, MD

Best Optometrist
Tom Mitchell, OD
Hailing from the state of Washington, Dr. Tom (as he's known by his patients) moved to Utah to be close to family and his grandkids. He's the neighborhood eye guy at your local Target store in Utah County performing eye exams and vision tests. He carefully monitors patients with diabetes and glaucoma and when necessary, refers people to eye surgeons. Best of all, he works with a reasonably affordable eyeglass vendor like Target to make sure your lenses are correct for your eyeballs.
Target Optical, 175 W. Center St., Orem, 801-426-0881,
2. Adam Rudd, OD
3. Kaeleen Franson, OD

Best Oral Surgeon
Adam McCormick, DDS, FACS
Imagine back in the dark ages when there were no toothbrushes, and you had to go to a blacksmith to have a bad tooth pulled. Thank goodness medicine has advanced and that Dr. McCormick is practicing his skills in Utah. He had a choice to become a dentist and oral surgeon or a vet but a friend introduced him to the specialty of oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery of the head, neck and jaw. He's a Westminster College grad who went on to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and completed his residency at Virginia Commonwealth University. He's a local "saint" in many ways, having completed an LDS mission in Mexico and helping the underserved on humanitarian missions in Honduras, China, Mexico and Ecuador. Plus, he donates his time to an Ogden homeless shelter.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah, multiple locations, 801-779-0506,
2. Dustin Hopkin, DDS
3. Matthew Maxfield, DMD

Best Orthodontist
John Graham, DDS, MD
Dr. Graham's office is not that creepy, weird-smelling dentist's office you went to as a kid. He advertises: "Affordable orthodontic care for the entire family in a spa-like setting." Indeed, from his office's big windows overlooking Liberty Park, you naturally feel relaxed. He steers clear of odd headgear and tooth extractions whenever possible, and instead offers Invisaligns and various treatments to improve your smile without the pain and dread of being a metal face with ugly braces for years. He's one of few orthodontists in the U.S. who's also a physician. In addition, he's an avid writer and innovator who's authored the bestselling book The Truth About Orthodontics: A Consumer's Guide to a Beautiful Smile.
Graham Orthodontics, 705 E. 900 South, Suite 300, SLC, 801-917-4746,
2. Grant Bailey, DDS
3. Brian Randle, DMD

Best Orthopedic Surgeon
Daniel Gibbs, MD, FAAOS
There's no pain like a broken hip, shattered knee or torn shoulder. Get down on your creaky knees and bless the stars for Dr. Gibbs and his unique approach to wellness. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, this doctor is known for using nonoperative, minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to fix what's torn and broken. His passion is sports medicine, and with several degrees and specialty training, he's more than got the chops. Former physician for USC football and the LA Dodgers baseball teams, he currently provides care for the LA Kings and Utah Grizzlies hockey teams as well as Park City High School athletics.
Heiden Orthopedics, multiple locations,
2. Chris Karrasch, MD
3. Eric Heiden, MD

Best Orthopedic Rehab
Pinyon PT
If you've broken a bone or undergone joint replacement surgery, you better have proper rehab therapy or you could be on a path to lifelong pain. Pinyon PT offers one-on-one physical therapy, offering treatment through exercise, manual therapy, dry needling and education. As owner of the practice, Sarah McNurlin, PT, DPT, is certified in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, which she uses to evaluate and treat patients. She's also certified in Functional Dry Needling—a practice similar to acupuncture that uses thin monofilament needles to address tight bands in the muscles. Reviews for the clinic from those with sports-related injuries and chronic pain are exceedingly positive.
1390 S. 1100 East, Suite 104, SLC, 385-202-6198,
2. Heiden Orthopedics
3. Aspen Ridge Transitional Rehab

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Physician
Marshall Smith, MD, FACS
For most of us, losing our voice is an annoying symptom associated with a respiratory infection. But when difficulties in speaking or swallowing become more acute, there is none better to treat voice disorders or conditions of the larynx than Dr. Marshall Smith. A board-certified otolaryngologist and medical director of the University of Utah's Voice Disorders Center, he brings more than 30 years of experience specializing in pediatric otolaryngology. Working at clinics at Primary Children's Hospital, LDS Hospital and the U of U, he's widely praised for his expertise and bedside manner.
Multiple locations, and
2. Demetrios G. Skedros, MD
3. Jordan Schramm, MD

Rebecca Conde, M.Ac.O.M.,  operates Earth Center Acupuncture, voted this year’s Best Pain Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Rebecca Conde, M.Ac.O.M., operates Earth Center Acupuncture, voted this year’s Best Pain Clinic.

Best Pain Clinic
Earth Center Acupuncture
When it comes to pain, especially of the chronic variety, there's a wide world of alternative therapies from which to seek a cure. Acupuncture may be the most ancient, but for all its tried and tested methods the results are only as good as their practitioner. Rebecca Conde, LAc, of Earth Center Acupuncture is one of the best and specializes in pain management and resolution, as well as women's health, digestive issues and psycho-emotional issues. As one patient puts it, "Rebecca encourages a healing environment that truly involves you as a patient and also provides a sanctuary for your body to rest and to heal."
2178 S. 900 East, Suite 6, SLC, 385-722-4252,
2. Pain Free Acupuncture
3. Flow Acupuncture

Best Pediatrician
Peter C. Lindgren, MD
Dr. Lindgren received his medical degree at Rush University in Chicago before completing a residency at the University of Utah Medical Center. His patients describe him as caring, knowledgeable and helpful, always providing suggestions. "Dr. Lindgren is a legend in our family," says one patient. "He does more than treat my children's physical selves. He cares about them as a whole person and teaches good and wise principles and perspectives."
2000 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-464-7600,
2. Jordan Judkins, MD
3. Jennifer Cox, MD

Best Independent Pharmacy
You may not be so lucky as to have a personal chef to cook up meals precisely to your tastes, nutritional needs and allergy requirements, but you can be lucky enough to have a neighborhood compounding pharmacy to customize your medications. Jolley's presence in the community goes back 70 years. It's long been a go-to for creating medicine from scratch tailored to your body's needs, allergies and medical conditions—they even offer veterinary compounding for your fur babies. With services like free prescription delivery within 5 miles and seasonal boutique gifts and greeting cards, the next time your doctor asks where to send your prescription, just say: "Jolley's."
Multiple locations in Salt Lake City, Sandy and West Jordan,
2. The Apothecary Shoppe
3. Payson Market

Best Physical Therapist: Susan McLaughlin, MPT - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Best Physical Therapist: Susan McLaughlin, MPT

Best Physical Therapist
Susan McLaughlin, MPT
This therapist got into the business after a car accident left her with constant back and nerve pain. She went through all the conservative approaches and suffered for 10 years when she began a conscious journey through her mind into her body and learned that by simply changing her posture her pain disappeared. Hence, a career was born. McLaughlin has been practicing since 2001, mixing holistic and eclectic skills in aligning her patients' minds and bodies. She helps them get in balance in their bodies through a combination of movements, breathing patterns and self-care lessons.
Align Integration and Movement, 1817 S. Main, Suite 10, SLC, 801-859-4142,
2. Sarah McNurlin, PT, DPT
3. Natasha Fett, DPT, PLLC

Best Physician Assistant
Whitney L. Schroeder, PA-C
A physician assistant provides patient care by assessing symptoms, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medications, all while working under the supervision of a medical doctor. Whitney Schroeder brings years of training in sports medicine and orthopedic trauma from former positions in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, and works mainly with orthopedic surgeon, Daniel Gibbs, MD. The two are part of a great team dedicated to a whole-patient approach. Schroeder and Gibbs also work with Jason Dickerson, DPM, at the Heiden Orthopedic Clinic in Tooele, to offer orthopedic and sports medicine care for shoulders, hips, knees, feet and ankles.
Heiden Orthopedics, multiple locations,
2. Blaine Montague, PA-C
3. Kavon Rahimzadegan, PA-C

Best Plastic Surgeon (Cosmetic)
P. Daniel Ward, MD, MS, FACS
"The face is our identity to the outside world," Dr. Ward's website stresses. Plastic surgery is sometimes needed to deal with injuries, defects and to simply improve our appearance, especially as we age. With his expert surgical skills, this double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon has helped thousands of patients restore and improve self-confidence and self-esteem. His experience and passion have made him one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the Intermountain West. Before moving to Utah, he completed a five-year residence in otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) with a focus on rhinoplasty, face-lift, blepharoplasty and cosmetic injectables. He offers a creative and precise menu of options for all those in need.
Ward MD, 6322 S. 3000 East, Suite 170, SLC, 801-513-3223,
2. Tom Oberg, MD
3. Renato Saltz, MD

Best Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive)
Thomas J. Oberg, MD
This former U.S. Marine has a special interest in improving the quality of life for his patients by utilizing surgery or injectables to alleviate the symptoms of chronic medical conditions such as migraine, blepharospasm and facial dystonias. He's a native New Yorker who did his residency at the Moran Eye Center and fine-tuned his skills with state-of-the-art technology so he could work on eyelids, of all things! He also offers nonsurgical treatments to enhance natural beauty with injectables like Botox and Kybella and fillers such as Juvederm, Belotero and Perlane (these injectables can also help with migraines). He is glad to meet with you and discuss a treatment plan.
Still Canyon, 755 E. 3900 South, SLC, 801-363-3356,
2. Renato Saltz, MD
3. Brian Reuben, MD

Best Podiatrist
Jesse E. Riley, DPM
Your feet killing you? Well, you're in good company. Abraham Lincoln constantly complained about his sore feet—and well he might. At 6-foot-4, he wore size 14 shoes. The Civil War president found a top-drawer podiatrist ... and so can you, right down the road in Utah County. Dr. Riley, who trained at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, specializes in diabetic wound care, total ankle replacement and sports medicine. From a hangnail to reconstructive surgery, he's your go-to guy. "He and his associates literally saved not only my leg," says a patient, "but my quality of life."
Summit Foot and Ankle, 41 N. 400 West, Payson, 801-218-3338,
2. Jason Dickerson, DPM
3. Scott Clark, DPM

Best Psychiatrist: Michael Kligman, MD - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Best Psychiatrist: Michael Kligman, MD

Best Psychiatrist
Michael Kligman, MD
Psychiatrist? Psychologist? What's the difference? A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats more severe mental illness and prescribes medications (whereas psychologists treat mental disorders and behavioral problems and don't prescribe meds). As a psychiatrist, Dr. Kligman—a biochem major at UC Berkeley who attended medical school at the UC San Francisco and did his residency at Stanford and a fellowship at Dartmouth—has the MD bona fides. He continues to study the latest advances in pharmaceutical and natural medications attending national conferences and keeping up on medical literature. Dr. K "knows how to listen," one patient says, while another says, "He talks to you like a true friend."
699 E. South Temple, Suite 200, SLC, 801-532-1806,
2. Daniel Inouye, MD
3. Rachele M. McCarthey, MD

Caroline Pegram, LCSW, was voted 2022’s Best Psychotherapist/Counselor - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Caroline Pegram, LCSW, was voted 2022’s Best Psychotherapist/Counselor

Best Psychotherapist/Counselor
Caroline Pegram, LCSW TCTSY-F
This professional clinical social worker/therapist practices compassion-oriented counseling, often via video chats for therapy appointments. Providing somatic healing, EMDR and trauma-sensitive yoga (among other therapeutic approaches), Pegram works with trauma survivors who suffer from flashbacks, anxiety, depression, food restriction, insomnia, isolation, chronic fear, loneliness, negative self-beliefs, chaotic substance use, avoidance, dissociation-relational stress, anger, hopelessness and grief. Pegram offers a free 15-minute consultation to determine if her practice is a good fit for you.
Topaz Trauma Healing, 341-222-3655 ,
2. Holly Grayson, LCSW
3. Athena Metos, LMFT

Best Pulmonologist
Lara L. Hardman, MD
It's no secret that northern Utah has some of the worst air in America. On some winter days, air along the Wasatch Front has been ranked the dirtiest on the planet. If worries about the environment—or maybe an annoying cough—keep you awake, it might be time to see Dr. Hardman, whose specialties are respiratory disorders and sleep medicine. A graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine, she is affiliated with the Intermountain Medical Group. One patient says the pulmonologist "is the best doctor I've seen in my 60 years." Another describes her as "fantastic ... brilliant ... understanding ... and highly skilled." Finally, another sums it up: "She's my s'hero!"
Intermountain Memorial Clinic, 2000 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-464-7510,
2. Holly Carveth, MD
3. Amrapali Shah, MD

Best Registered Nurse
Jennifer Knight, FNP
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, nurses have never been in higher demand. Jennifer Knight has a legacy of hard work and dedication to her patients at Snow Creek Medical Center and St. Mark's Hospital. This nurse practitioner is a family practice specialist meaning she can see you, your folks and your kids. Clients have likened her work to a "small town doctor" (although she works in conjunction with a physician) and report, "She treats you more like a friend than a patient," remembering family history and details without looking into a client's chart. Her realness and kindness abound, and Utah is lucky to have her on the medical front lines.
Snow Creek Medical Center, 1600 Snow Creek Drive, Park City, 435-655-0055,
2. Katrina Holmberg, RN
3. Margot Wolfer, RN

Best Retirement Community
You may be too young to be thinking about retirement and where you might want to live as a senior. Legacy Retirement Residences have come to the forefront of senior care with their new facilities popping up all over. They base care on a "Personal Touch Culture" with these six core values: be loving, choose wisely, perform together, act boldly, express gratitude and mind the store. Tour any of their facilities, and you'll find open common areas, well-designed rooms for independent and dependent living for all levels of mental and physical health. They have a reputation for good food and offer loads of activities to help you feel like you're living in a quality community. All levels of housing and care are available: independent living, assisted living and memory care.
Multiple locations, 801-269-0700,
2. Highland Cove
3. The Ridge Senior Living

Best Rural Utah Medical Center
Park City Hospital
Formerly Park City Medical Center, this facility is small but full service with an emergency department that brags patients are seen by a physician within 10 minutes of emergency department arrival. The original hospital opened its doors in 2009 as Park City and surrounding towns saw the need for medical services and since then has expanded to have an ICU, a "LiVe Well Center," endoscopy and cardiology services and, now, an ambulatory surgical center. The staff has thousands of hours of training in a myriad of medical specialties. And if they can't help you, they'll refer you immediately to a specialist nearby.
900 Round Valley Drive, Park City, 435-658-7000,
2. Central Valley Medical Center, Nephi
3. Gunnison Valley Hospital

Best Skin/Dermatology 
Like any major body system, it's important to keep skin healthy. But unlike any other organ, it must look good, too. That's where the dermatologists and estheticians at Swinyer-Woseth come in. Offering comprehensive skin care ranging from Mohs surgery, acne treatment and skin allergy solutions to cosmetic procedures like Botox, dermal fillers and laser hair and tattoo removal, this clinic is a one-stop shop for integumentary system health. Plus, Swinyer-Woseth offers clinical grade skincare products and runs ongoing clinical trials to remain on the cutting-edge of dermatological science.
1548 E. 4500 South, Suite 202, SLC, 801-266-8841,
2. Bahr Dermatology
3. Barr Aesthetics

TOSH is this year’s Best Sports Medicine Clinic - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • TOSH is this year’s Best Sports Medicine Clinic

Best Sports Medicine Clinic
Reviews of The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital are penned by folks who range in age and injury history. Maybe a mild-but-persistent pain brought them in, or they're looking at a likely major surgery. The reasons that people visit this location for care are myriad, but patients routinely cite the excellent staff as a major reason for satisfaction, along with doctors who listen to the needs of every individual arriving through the doors. The professionals at TOSH take you from initial diagnosis to renewed health with the best of them, tailoring care with equal doses of respect, experienced know-how and compassion.
5848 S. 300 East, SLC, 801-314-4900,
2. University of Utah
3. Heiden Orthopedics

Best Urgent Care
University of Utah Health Centers
You go to an urgent care facility if something is amiss with your health, but not like an emergency room where you may be bleeding to death or having a heart attack. These facilities and their highly trained staff are ready to see you and treat you if you have symptoms of flu, earaches, nausea, rashes and allergic reactions, bites of all kinds, sprains, bladder infections, etc. They act like emergency rooms because you don't need an appointment, you just walk in. The U of U Urgent Care facilities were the first in the state of their kind and have set and maintained a high standard of compassionate care. Check out their website to learn what symptom should lead you to urgent care in person, virtual urgent care or emergency room.
Multiple locations,
2. Ogden Clinic Urgent Care
3. Intermountain Healthcare

Best Urologist
Peter C. Fisher, MD
When he performs a tricky procedure, Dr. Fisher often relies on a helping hand—a mechanical one. One of Utah's most-experienced robotic surgeons, he specializes in non-invasive procedures. "I like fixing problems," he says. He's chief of surgery and director of men's health services at St. Mark's Hospital. A Utah native, he earned his medical degree at the U of U School of Medicine and completed a residency at the University of Michigan.
Summit Urology, 9600 S. 1300 East, Suite 240, Sandy, 801-571-5121,
2. Robert Wayment, MD
3. Peter A. Caputo, MD

Planned Parenthood was voted - Best Women’s Health Clinic - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Planned Parenthood was voted Best Women’s Health Clinic

Best Women's Health Clinic
Planned Parenthood
While Utah has several women's health clinics, none are quite as comprehensive in their care or accessible to as wide a demographic of patients as Planned Parenthood. Utah is fortunate to have seven clinic locations, and telehealth services are offered Monday through Saturday. Beyond birth control, cancer screenings, STI testing and pregnancy services—including abortion services and referrals—Planned Parenthood offers a safe, nonjudgmental environment where open dialogue about sexual health is encouraged. It's a dialogue that is essential to achieving equality for women now and for the generations to come.
Multiple locations,
2. Terra Care SLC
3. Avenues Women's Center

Best Acupuncture Clinic
Flow Acupuncture
Founded by Melissa Zappa, LAc, in 2015, Flow Acupuncture has quickly become a local favorite, winning City Weekly accolades consecutively since 2018. Once you experience a treatment from acupuncturists Mallory Berge, Vanessa Mock and Dr. Alessandra Young, it's easy to see why. With specialties ranging from women's health to cosmetic acupuncture, sound bath meditation acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and more, Flow offers comprehensive services and unique treatment options for a wide variety of conditions, as well as Chinese herbal formulas to supplement your wellness journey.
1204 E. South Temple, SLC, 385-242-0649,
2. Valenti Acupuncture
3. Earth Center Acupuncture

Amanda Valenti, L.Ac., is this year’s Best Acupuncturist - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Amanda Valenti, L.Ac., is this year’s Best Acupuncturist

Best Acupuncturist/Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Amanda Valenti, LAc
Whether you're trying to get to the bottom of an underlying health condition or looking for ways to optimize wellness, Amanda Valenti is the healer you want. For Amanda, it's not enough that you aren't in pain. She wants you to feel truly content in your body every day. Says one patient, "There is no other invigorating and relieving experience I can compare it to. Amanda knows how to make you feel like the best version of yourself."
Valenti Acupuncture, 1760 S. 1100 East, Suite 3, SLC, 435-315-2616,
2. Rebecca Conde, LAc
3. Rachel Pearce, LAc

Best Ayurveda Practitioner
Seva Yogini
Ask patients to describe treatments from Seva Yogini and words like "intuitive," "transformational" and "profound" are bound to be in the mix. She has been immersed in the world of ayurvedic healing for nearly 30 years, getting her start at the famous Chopra Center for Wellbeing. An expert in holistic health and midwifery, her offerings include panchakarma therapies, ayurvedic cooking, shirodhara, swedena, ayurvedic facials and dermatology, chakra basti therapy, massage therapies, crystal healing, aromatherapy, herbology, medical cannabis, yoga and more.
Seva Ayurveda, 1538 W. Sandalwood Drive, Lehi, 385-202-3532,
2. Josh Williams
3. Maria Radloff

Best Kinesiology/Biofeedback Practitioner
Bre Dumke Helfrich, MS
Not many people know what biofeedback is and what it can do for you. With an MS in health and exercise science, Dumke Helfrich helps clients see how getting in touch with their skin suit—and what's going on inside—can improve their health. For example, stress can cause high blood pressure. Learning about muscle tension, body temperature changes, pulse, heart rate and brain waves can help reduce stress—which will ultimately lower blood pressure. She also can help with chronic pain, constipation and controlling asthma without using pharmaceuticals.
Movement Design Lab, 244 W. 300 North, Suite 103, SLC, 801-831-4391,
2. Shawn Postma, ND
3. Kory Branham, DC

Best Chiropractor
Angie Canada, DC
Angie Canada worked as a massage therapist for 13 years before earning her chiropractic degree from Western States University. She believes in treating the root of a problem rather than the symptoms. To address issues such as neck pain, TMJ, chronic headaches, sports performance, and more, she utilizes a unique understanding of the integrated workings of the body. Graston Technique and Kinesio tape are among her many specialized techniques.
Canada Chiropractic, 1473 S. 600 East, SLC, 801-487-1010,
2. Bryce Hill, DC
3. Lindsay Kopp, DC

Best Day Spa/Wellness Center
The true measure of a day spa isn't how relaxing it is or how noticeable the results, but whether its clients come back again and again. And Basalt will turn you into a spa person. Get ready to block out your calendar for regular massages and cancel standing brunch plans in favor of a Rejuvenate facial, complete with iced golden globe therapy (it's unforgettable, trust!)—Basalt delivers all the oohs and ahhs, and leaves you saying, "I'll have another."
402 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-532-2991,
2. Kura Door
3. Terra Care SLC

Voted Best Dietitian/Nutritionist: - Savannah Lavenstein, IIN-CHC, RYT - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Voted Best Dietitian/Nutritionist:Savannah Lavenstein, IIN-CHC, RYT

Best Dietitian/Nutritionist
Savannah Lavenstein, IIN-CHC, RYT
Savannah Lavenstein's lifelong pursuit of healing her eating and exercise disorder allows her to reach patients with a unique level of understanding. "Savannah doesn't just give you a diet; she literally helps you make permanent lifestyle changes," says one client. "For the first time, I don't feel the urgency to eat my feelings away. Finally, calmness within my heart, mind, and soul. I feel good about food choices and how I feel physically."
Terra Care SLC, 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC, 719-510-0401,
2. Hayden James, RD, CSSD, CDCES
3. Anne Dorsey, Health & Wellness Coach

Best Weight Loss Clinic
Evergreen Healing
Evergreen Healing offers nutritional counseling, body image coaching, and weight loss assistance. Founder Savannah Lavenstein, a dietitian/nutritionist, has a lifetime of experience dealing first-hand with eating and exercise disorders. She is uniquely qualified to compassionately guide clients to explore food relationships, cravings and patterns. Lavenstein offers family counseling, virtual consultations, eating disorder treatment and virtual classes. A six-month comprehensive coaching program and support recovery from eating and exercise disorders are among service options.
Terra Care SLC, 1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC, 719-510-0401,
2. Albano Clinic
3. Total Health and Fitness

Josh Williams, - voted Best Herbalist - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Josh Williams, voted Best Herbalist

Best Herbalist
Josh Williams
It's now possible to find herbal supplements at your local grocery or one of the myriad CBD shops on every corner. But they'll all fall considerably short of the good stuff offered by Josh Williams at Greenthread Apothecary, which carries over 300 bulk herbs, plus tinctures, hand-crafted at this impeccable storefront. Teas, oils and books are available, as well, including the title, Spiritual Herbalism: The Magic and Medicalism of the Plants by Williams. All of the staffers on-site offer consultations at the shop, crafting herbal solutions for even the thorniest of health issues ... perhaps even incorporating some actual thorns in the fix.
Greenthread Herbs, 376 E. Fourth Ave., SLC, 801-363-0859,
2. Rebecca Conde, LAc
3. Bryan Lindquist

Best Natural Health Store
Greenthread Herbs
In a town with a host of excellent natural health shops, Greenthread Apothecary stands out with exceptional service, as well as products that cover a wide range of applications, from balms and tinctures to oils and herbal teas. Items like mists and smoke blends can even be found, with selections that'll help customers wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, living their best, most-balanced lifestyle during all the hours between.
376 E. Fourth Ave., SLC, 801-363-0859,
2. Natural Grocers
3. Good Earth

Best Integrative Medicine Practice
Utah Natural Medicine
In its third consecutive year winning Best Integrative Medicine Practice, Utah Natural Medicine continues to provide exceptional care for patients looking for a more holistic approach to wellness. Services include IV therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture and much more. Matthew and Rachel Burnett, both NDs, bring nearly 20 years of expertise to their downtown clinic—and their experience shows. This recent review sums up what many of us are looking for in medical care: "I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with my diagnosis."
242 S. 400 East, Suite 2609, SLC, 801-363-8824,
2. Martindale Clinic
3. Valenti Acupuncture

Best Hypnotherapist
Joesephine Lawrence, CHt
While managing her Type 1 diabetes, Joesephine Lawrence discovered the mental, emotional and spiritual side of healing. Today, she demonstrates her understanding of the subconscious mind at her clinic, Hypnoclarity, where hypnotherapy sessions are available in-person or via Zoom. "I am seeing cumulative results in my PTSD and trauma response healing," says one client. "Joesephine is a gentle and gifted therapist who listens well and adapts to my needs for each session."
1007 E. 900 South, Suite B, SLC, 801-215-9262,
2. Katie Wininger, LMT
3. Megan Sewell, LAc

Best Life Coach
Rachelle Ballard, MS, CSCS, RYT
Let's start with credentials. This co-founder of The Little Wellness Place has a master's degree in exercise physiology and wellness coaching with an emphasis on behavioral psychology and nutrition from the University of Utah. A yoga teacher by training, as well, Ballard brings another special talent to her work: an ability to listen to each client's individual needs, incorporating elements that address mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness, ultimately allowing each client to "rediscover what a healthy balance looks like."
Terra Care SLC,1760 S. 1100 East, No. 3, SLC,
2. Milk + Honey Wellness With Anne Dorsey
3. Sarah Carpenter Coaching

Best Psychic
Cherella Forester
Cherella Forester studied tarot with an experienced teacher who helped her hone an intuitive approach to readings, incorporating practical magic and manifestation. Forester's attunement to the language of the soul can be accessed through her soul path readings, yearly forecasts and workshops where clients learn to read the tarot, channel intuition and tap into their inner knowing. She also sells tarot decks and posters.
Forester Tarot, 801-797-7590,
2. Readings & More by Jennafer Martin
3. Heart to Heart Healing With Shelly Morehead

Best Massage Therapist
Sharla Hopkins, LMT, RYT
Ever had a Thai massage? What about a massage from an engineer? What about a Thai massage from an engineer?! Massage therapist Sharla Hopkins brings a unique skill set to the world of bodywork, including a degree in engineering and in-depth training in Thai massage while living in Thailand, which she combines in her integrated approach to massage therapy. She also specializes in advanced sports massage, joint mobilization and myofascial release, all centered around helping her clients enjoy absolute freedom of movement and engineering your body to perform at its best.
Hello Wellness Bodyworks, SLC, 801-252-6630,
2. Whitney Dahl, LMT
3. Jessa Munion, LMT

Best Reiki Practitioner
Stella Blue Trincado
Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing where a therapist channels energy through light touch. One might say that reiki, or any type of energy work, is all about the vibes—particularly those of the practitioner acting as conduit. And Trincado puts off some incredible vibes. Part reiki master, part yoga instructor, part photographer, part astrologer, part writer, she's an old soul with a gift for emotional healing. And if you're looking to become a practitioner yourself, she's leading a Reiki 1 training this September.
177 E. 900 South, SLC,
2. Sharla Hopkins, LMT
3. Abbey Daw, Magik Breath & Meditation

Best Aerial Silks Classes
Aerial Arts of Utah
It's impossible to watch an aerial silk performance without wishing you could feel that weightless. At Aerial Arts of Utah, they make that wish a reality—assuming you're lucky enough to score a spot in their frequently sold-out Intro to Aerial classes. Once you've nailed the fabric and trapeze basics, you can set your sights on higher aspirations with advanced class offerings including lyra, hammock and rope. Private lessons are also available for anyone 8 years and older.
1301 E. Miller Ave., SLC, 801-577-0346,
2. Onyx Pole and Fitness
3. The Salt Mine

Best Barre Fitness
The Bar Method
If you don't love your workout, chances are it's because you're not working out at The Bar Method. Clients refer to it as the best part of their day, a place of positivity that's both inviting and life changing. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because classes are low impact, they're easy. This might be the hardest workout you ever do, but it will also be the most rewarding. Get ready to discover muscles you didn't know you had in record time and make lifelong friends in the process.
1057 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-485-4227,
2. Barre3
3. Pure Barre

Best Bootcamp
Fit to Recover
This isn't "just" a place to tone up, though that's an option (and end result), for sure. Overall, Fit to Recover blends sobriety and fitness through a system that focuses on "core foundational pillars of Fitness, Nutrition, Community Service, and Creative Arts." The original FTR boot camp is held on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m., with work taking place outside in Sugar House Park, suitable for folks at all levels of fitness. Women's-only coursework is also offered, with information at FTR's comprehensive website.
789 W. 1390 South, SLC, 801-410-8988,
2. F45
3. Burn Bootcamp

Best Boxing Club/Kickboxing/ Best Circuit Training
Rebel House
This highly specialized fitness studio offers indoor cycling with its unique Rebel Ride that challenges the norm of cycling classes accompanied with music by Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Cardi B and the like. You won't suffer any body shaming because the rides are in the dark and the staff is very supportive. Their riot boxing classes are also in a dimly lit room full of bags. You punch for 10 minutes, do 10 minutes of strength training with kettlebells and then repeat. There's no traditional boxing ring but plenty of punching to get out your aggressions. The Rebel staff makes sure that your circuit training targets many muscle groups to heart thumping tunes with minimal rest in between.
Multiple locations,
Best Boxing Club/Kickboxing Runners Up
2. Title Boxing Club
3. Brickyard Boxing
Best Circuit Training Runners Up
2. Seek Studio
3. Shred415

Best Rock-Climbing Wall
Momentum Indoor Climbing
With facilities in Millcreek, Sandy and Lehi, Momentum Indoor Climbing continues to build a brand known throughout the western states for innovative climbing courses, experienced staffers and an environment that perfectly balances "fun" and "serious." The three state-of-the-art gyms in Utah feature slightly different options with Lehi offering bouldering and Millcreek and Sandy (the OG facility) offering ropes courses and bouldering. Near-pros and brand-newbies can all find a home-away-from-home at Momentum.
Multiple locations,
2. The Front
3. The Quarry

Best Spin Classes
Torrent Cycle
Whether you purchased a pandemic Peloton and now find your motivation waning, or you've never clipped into a stationary bike at all, Torrent Cycle will literally help you get into a riding rhythm. With downtown and Sugar House locations, they offer over 50 weekly classes and believe in letting the music move you, evident in classes named for their playlists like TLC x LAUREN HILL, LIZZO x POST MALONE, or BEYONCE x LIL NAS X (in fact, "Call Me by Your Name" was one of the top played songs at Torrent Cycle in 2021). Purchase an Intro 2-Pack and get your first two classes for the price of one.
Multiple locations,
2. Rideologie
3. Rebel House

Best Senior Fitness Programs
Age Performance
Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) are retiring. Retiring doesn't necessarily mean a person will exercise more, but everyone knows exercise keeps you healthy and can lead to a longer, quality healthy life. The owners of AP have brought a specialized and needed service for seniors with innovative Keiser fitness machines in a clean, light and comfortable environment. Paul Holbrook has built a team that has over 50 years of combined experience in training older bodies and all abilities with personalized programs that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Located above the Hub & Spoke Diner.
1291 S. 1100 East, SLC, 801-467-6554,
2. Salt Lake County senior centers
3. Optum Care community centers

The Little Gym won - for Best Kids’ Fitness Programs - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The Little Gym won for Best Kids’ Fitness Programs

Best Kids' Fitness Programs
The Little Gym
With over 200 Little Gym franchises internationally, kids from four months to 12 years are getting out of their playpens or putting down their phones and iPads to fight childhood obesity and poor health through brain boosting exercises and motor-skill development programs for kids. There's also "Get Moving" classes where kids tumble, do cartwheels, walk on the beam and do other gymnastic-like activities. This makes sense, since the originator of Little Gym is Robin West, a gymnast, musician and educator from Bellevue, Washington. Local franchise owners put their own spin on offerings for kids and their parents and strive to not just focus on super-talented over achievers but kids from all skill levels.
Multiple locations,
2. SLC Strength and Conditioning
3. Momentum Climbing Gym

Best Fitness/Aerobics Class Instructor
Daniel Cooney
Fashion enthusiast turned fitness enthusiast, New York native Daniel Cooney had big dreams of making it to the top, but never did he imagine he'd be spinning his way there. After graduating Yale with intentions of becoming a lawyer, Cooney found himself managing brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and clothing lines for Jennifer Lopez and Vera Wang before his path redirected him to Salt Lake. Co-founder of Torrent Cycle with partner and husband Michael Barney, Cooney has won top honors in our Best of Utah Body & Mind awards three years running, and his high-energy, EDM-fueled spin classes are not to be missed.
Torrent Cycle, multiple locations,
2. Michael Barney
3. Gianna Colosimo

Best Fitness Inspiration
Michael Barney
The other (and I'm sure Daniel Cooney would say "better") half of the unstoppable duo behind award-winning Torrent Cycle, co-founder Michael Barney is a self-proclaimed "former hedge-fund guy" who dropped finance in favor of dropping beats in his weekly spin classes, where you're likely to listen to tracks from Steve Aoki and ODESZA while working up a serious sweat. Barney doesn't spin just to burn off the summertime milkshakes he loves at LaBeau's Drive In near Bear Lake, he truly has a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and have fun in the process.
Torrent Cycle, multiple locations,
2. Jerry Nguyen, Torrent Cycle
3. Ali Jeffs, Rideologie

Best Gymnastics Training
Gymnastics Training Center
With a focus on professionalism and safety, Gymnastics Training Center teaches the basic forms and techniques of recreational/competitive gymnastics and tumbling. Their coaches are skilled in promoting discipline while offering an enjoyable atmosphere for a range of ages. The studio can even be rented out for birthday parties and private functions. What more could one wish for? They're just a hop, spring and a bounce away.
1470 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-433-0801,
2. Utah Tumbling Academy
3. Arches Gymnastics

Best Interval Training
Seek Studio
Operating in the Sugar House area since 2017, Seek Studio provides a variety of classes on yoga, strength training, and cycling for any skill level. The environment is welcoming, and the instructors keep things fun even as the sessions offer a challenge. Do you need a cycling class that works with your busy schedule? Their quality sessions run just under an hour. Is yoga your outlet for stress? Get your asanas over to Seek Studio!
1790 S. 1100 East, SLC, 385-355-4830,
2. F45
3. Shred415

Voted Best Martial Arts School: Bernales Institute of Martial Arts - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Voted Best Martial Arts School: Bernales Institute of Martial Arts

Best Martial Arts School
Bernales Institute of Martial Arts
If self-defense skills are what you're seeking, look no further than the Bernales Institute. Their school offers such disciplines—among others—as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do and mixed martial arts. They welcome both children and adults with approachable instruction that motivates. Don't worry if you've never done this before! Come for the confidence boost, stay for the supportive atmosphere of the Bernales community.
2257 S. State, SLC, 801-463-1727,
2. SLC Muay Thai
3. First Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Best Martial Arts Instructor
John McKean
Black belt John McKean began his jiu-jitsu journey decades ago and established his Combat Arts School in 2015 to be a clean, safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages and skill levels to learn and progress in several forms of martial arts with an emphasis on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu that he loves and practices. Reviews say that simply walking in the door is an awakening unto itself. Enroll in group fitness classes or explore the principles of leverage, angles, pressure and timing in order to achieve a nonviolent submission of one's opponent through this martial art. Best of all, McKean's classes create an instant community with his students that lasts for years.
Combat Arts School, 370 S. 300 East, SLC, 801-428-7612,
2. William Bernales, Bernales Institute of Martial Arts
3. Philippe Wyffels, Aikido of Salt Lake

Best Tai Chi/Qi Gong Instructor
Scott White
Do you practice stress or inner peace? White created Qigong and Tai Chi Utah and teaches the 10 phases chi cultivation, inner alchemy, Yijin Jing, Taoist yoga, and different forms of tai chi in classes and workshops to help you balance your life and give you strength and skill in ancient practices. He shares mind-body-spirit practices and restorative exercise modalities that customers and devotees say brings them increased vitality, mobility, energy and even inner peace and joy. He's been a favorite of City Weekly readers for many years, and his rave reviews are endless!
Qigong and Tai Chi Utah, 4010 S. 2700 East, Holladay, 801-556-5964,
2. Ray Rosales
3. Brad Lester

Best Personal Trainer
Benja Cuque
You can find Cuque leading spin classes at Mcycle, where clients say they "feel seen" and leave "feeling like a badass b*tch," which is exactly how Cuque wants you to feel. A late bloomer in the world of dance (his first ballet class wasn't until college), Cuque's passion for expressing himself through movement is as evident in his "attitude" in the ballet sense as it is in his literal attitude—which often coincides with a sky-high pair of stiletto boots. The man is a force in every sense of the word, and if body confidence is what you're after, there's no one better to help you claim it.
Mcycle, 355 W. 400 South, SLC, 385-270-5185
2. Erin Butler, Be Nutrition & Training
3. Stephen Pizza, CSCS/NSCA, SLC Strength & Conditioning

Peak 45 is this year’s - Best Pilates Studio - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Peak 45 is this year’s Best Pilates Studio

Best Pilates Studio
Peak45 calls itself Utah's only licensed "Lagree Pilates" studio. The Lagree method, developed by Sebastian Lagree, is a newer workout that's derived from Pilates with the intent of creating a higher intensity version. Lagree uses a Megaformer machine to deliver continuous tension during a series of low-impact exercises that engage your core, push the limits of your strength, increase your flexibility, test your balance and challenge your endurance—all to upbeat music—until your body is literally shaking. Clients call it 45 minutes of awesomeness while simultaneously saying they've never sweat harder.
Locations in SLC, Park City and Riverton, 385-645-7325,
2. Streamline Pilates
3. Movement Design Lab

Best Pole Fitness
Onyx Pole & Aerial Fitness Center
As its name suggests, Onyx is a facility that offers both pole and aerial classes. They do this through daily coursework for individuals, while also offering up the space for larger groups, who can collectively tackle a variety of fun, challenging options at the facility; classes and workshops include everything from trapeze to belly dancing to boot camps. Though proud of the studio's competitive pricing, the biggest thing that Onyx offers is space that's "a safe haven where women can come and freely express themselves."
8385 S. Allen St., Unit 114, Sandy, 801-652-9575,
2. The Salt Mine SLC
3. La Bombe Pole Fitness

Best Private Gym
Thunder Fitness Training
Thunder Fitness Training takes the concept of private gym to a new level, in that it utilizes the fitness equipment in your own home. It's virtual personal training and nutrition via Zoom—in other words, you'll never have to motivate yourself to drive to the gym again. With a comprehensive background in personal training, fitness nutrition, exercise physiology, cycling, boxing, yoga and group fitness, founder and coach Natalie Bedford makes sure workouts never get boring and can customize corresponding nutrition and meal plans to help you reach your health goals.
2. Fit2Recover
3. Torrent Cycle

Best Public Recreation Center
SLC Sports Complex/Steiner
Ask any local and they'll tell you Steiner is the best public rec center in the valley. We know its name changed to SLC Sports Complex years ago, but much like the Delta Center (if you know, you know), it will always go by one name and one name only. In this case, it's a name synonymous with long summer afternoons by the outdoor pool, gainers off the high dive and laps around the two Olympic-sized indoor ice rinks. As adults, we appreciate dedicated lane swimming, group fitness and personal training. And if you aren't familiar with Steiner, that means more swim lanes for the rest of us.
645 S. Guardsman Way, SLC, 385-468-1925,
2. Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center
3. Murray Recreation Center

Best Ski/Snowboard School
Ask a local where they learned to ski or snowboard, and odds are they'll tell you Brighton. In fact, Brighton Snowsports School's tagline is "Where Utah Learns to Ride." They offer private lessons for ages 3 and up, as well group lessons, multi-week camps for kids, and adult and women's clinics. Because kiddos 10 and under ski free with the purchase of an adult ticket, parents save big compared to other Wasatch Front resorts. Need rentals? The on-site rental shop offers packages starting at just $15.
8302 S. Brighton Loop Road, Brighton, 801-532-4731,
2. Snowbird Ski School
3. Alf Engen Ski School at Alta 

Best Community Swimming Pool
Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center
To call Cottonwood Heights Rec Center a community swimming pool is like calling Disney World an amusement park. Sure, you've got your four indoor and three outdoor pools, but there's also two water slides, a three-tiered outdoor diving platform and dedicated indoor and outdoor dive pools, children's pool area, indoor splash zone and whirlpool. For the fish at heart, indulge in open swim for just $6 for adults and $5 for kids 3-17. And if you never made it past a doggy paddle, they offer swimming lessons for all ages as well as aquatic fitness classes.
7500 S. 2700 East, Cottonwood Heights, 801-943-3190,
2. SLC Sports Complex
3. Fairmont Aquatic Center

SLC Strength and Conditioning - was voted this year’s - Best Weight-Training Instruction - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • SLC Strength and Conditioning was voted this year’s Best Weight-Training Instruction

Best Weight-Training Instruction
SLC Strength & Conditioning
Whether you're looking for one-on-one personal training, a group experience or a gym, this state of the art facility actually grew during the pandemic to offer remote training. If you're looking to get a specific training experience you can make an appointment to assess your specific situation and what program will work best for you. Clients report the workouts are fun and "make people push themselves to their personal limit" and that the trainers and staff are "top notch." They also have rare youth programs with an emphasis on injury prevention and muscular development in the sport they participate in at school.
3232 Highland Drive, Millcreek, 801-810-0373,
2. Seek Studio
3. Ute Crossfit

Dillion Chase is this year’s Best Yoga Instructor - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Dillion Chase is this year’s Best Yoga Instructor

Best Yoga Instructor
Dillion Chase
If you've never had a #dillicious yoga experience, here's the dill... er, deal. Salt Lake Power Yoga regulars love Chase's classes, using phrases like, "beyond blessed" and "the perfect combination of mind, body and spirit" to describe his intuitive and inspired teaching style and flow. With in-studio and livestream classes available, yogis have ample opportunity to practice with Chase, or book a private yoga session for you and up to five friends and enjoy #dillicious yoga on your own time.
Salt Lake Power Yoga, 250 E. 300 South, SLC, 801-468-9642,
2. Sarah Hochman, Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. Denise Druce, MPH, Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 and YACEP

Best Yoga Studio
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Some like it hot. In fact, according to City Weekly voters, most like it hot! At Salt Lake Power Yoga, you'll find a huge selection of hot yoga classes, so your practice never gets too predictable, and pricing for every budget. If you're still warming up to the idea of hot yoga, try the 75-minute POWERRECHARGE yin yoga class, held in a warmed (not hot) and candle-lit room, set to music every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and taught by none other than Dillion Chase (see Best Yoga Instructor).
Salt Lake Power Yoga, 250 E. 300 South, SLC, 801-468-9642,
2. CorePower Yoga
3. Centered City Yoga

Best Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Assets
We all have to start somewhere, but with yoga teacher training from Yoga Assets, that "somewhere" can be literally anywhere—as long as there's Wi-Fi. One of the top-rated Yoga Alliance Registered schools in the U.S., Yoga Assets combines in-person and online classes, a format that allows flexibility (pun intended) and nurtures would-be instructors despite any pandemic-related blockers to traditional class formats. What's more, Yoga Assets embraces a "teach yoga everywhere" approach, breaking away from studio-specific training programs with expanded opportunities to teach in a variety of environments.
1565 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-580-3871,
2. Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. YogaSix

Rideologie: Best Dance Party on a Bike - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Rideologie: Best Dance Party on a Bike


Best for Transgender Health
Bernadette Kiraly, MD
A family physician whose passion is primary care, Dr. Kiraly joined the U of U in 2003 where she dedicated herself to helping refugees receive the care they need. That led her to working with gender minority populations. Now, as co-medical director of the U Health Transgender Health Program, she oversees primary care and gender affirming hormone therapy for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. The program also offers support services, resources and seminars on a wide range of topics. For gender-diverse folks in need of healthcare, it's comforting to know there are many medical professionals in your corner, and perhaps none more dedicated than Dr. Kiraly.
U of U Sugar House Health Center, 1280 E. Stringham Ave., SLC, 801-581-2000,

Best Luxury Medical Spa
Haus of Aesthetics
Formerly Spa Trouve on 900 South, Haus of Aesthetics arrived on the scene to create a high-end medical spa that still feels warm and inviting. Woman-owned (by Amy Archuleta), the spa welcomes all, regardless of gender identity. Offering a wide range of services—including Botox filler, lip enhancements, CoolSculpting, laser hair removal, dermaplaning, microneedling, chemical peels and the refreshing medical-grade facial known as the HydraFacial. With all the latest techniques and technology, you can't help but leave looking luxuriously rejuvenated.
705 E. 900 South, Suite 100, SLC, 801-997-8199,

Best Injections
Hillary Taggart, DNP-FNP-C
Dr. Taggart has personalized the injectable business in SLC by offering natural Botox and fillers under the care of an experienced master injector. Working in the medical aesthetic industry since 2014, she opened her boutique-style med-spa in 2021. She emphasizes a more natural and conservative look for clients. Not only does she listen to her clients but she also takes time to educate them so they understand her use of certain products or why she might suggest other areas to treat to achieve their desired results. Her goal is to create a look that: "Everyone will notice, but no one will know."
Modern SLC Injections and Aesthetics, 2290 E. 4500 South, Suite 210, Holladay, 801-516-8884,

Best Small/Friendly Gym
Foothill Personal Training
This "little gym that could" was established in January 1994 and moved to its current location in 1997. At 2,300 square feet of floor space, it may be smaller than some, but it's not tiny, either, and the staff is made up of outstanding strength, conditioning and health coaches. Plus, it offers convenient parking, easy Interstate access and east bench views of the Wasatch and the Oquirrh mountains—all at reasonable fees with no contract necessary. It's a friendly, positive, energetic environment—one where you're likely to hear people laugh (as opposed to grunt) as they work out.
2645 Parleys Way, SLC, 801-484-2828,

Best Breast Cancer Healing Retreats
Image Reborn Foundation
Image Reborn Foundation was founded in 1998 by Dr. Renato Saltz, a plastic surgeon who saw a need for women to emotionally heal and rebuild after cancer. The foundation provides no-cost renewal retreats to women diagnosed with breast cancer and helps them to live more fulfilling lives. Participants stay in a mountain home in the company of six to seven other women experiencing breast cancer. Throughout the weekend, the women partake in nourishing food, movement and massage. As they cry, laugh, grieve and celebrate together, they learn they are not facing this disease on their own.
5445 S. Highland Drive, Suite 5, SLC,

Best Boutique Gym
Align Fitness Studio
This local boutique fitness studio offers a wide variety of classes: barre, Pilates, dance cardio, yoga, TRX and more. This is the place to balance yourself on three levels: body, mind and spirit. A very important aspect of the studio is creating what they call a circle of friends to welcome members and build relationships with one another. As they say, "What's better than exercising with your friends?" The instructors are the driving force and each one is creative, well-trained and energetic—it's hard to pick a favorite!
450 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-869-2752,

Best Doulas
Heart Tones Birth Services
Pregnant women need immense love and support, and doulas can help with that. Heart Tones Birth Services' owner, Beth Hardy, handpicks her doulas based on precise skill sets: She looks for down-to-earth souls who will care for all types of families, who are experts in labor support and who can connect with moms-to-be. Clients can read the bios of Heart Tones doulas online and choose one for themselves, or Hardy will match moms-to-be with a doula. Then, clients and doulas meet to decide if they want to work together. Doulas provide prenatal visits, then remain on call 24/7 from two weeks prior to the mom's due date until the baby is born. Postpartum, doulas will visit moms to offer help in a variety of ways. It's a service most new moms fantasize about: Someone who understands their needs and concerns who knows exactly what to do.

Best Medical Cannabis Prescriber
Tim Pickett, PA-C
Born and raised in Utah, Tim Pickett is a local and licensed medical provider and member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. As owner and operator of Utah Therapeutic Health Center—a full-service Utah cannabis medical clinic—he brags that his team is the most educated group of marijuana clinicians in the state. His relationships with Utah marijuana grower/cultivar have helped create new products specifically designed for his patients. Above all, he enjoys educating patients about medical marijuana in the hopes of destigmatizing the plant and encouraging its safe and effective use. As he says: Get your card and learn more.
740 E. 3900 South, Suite 108, SLC, 801-851-5554,

Best Dance Party on a Bike
Rideologie Cycle Studio
As Salt Lake City's first "rhythm ride" studio, Rideologie in Sugar House doesn't only offer state-of-the art equipment to use, it creates the "experience" of high-octane instructors, energetic music and the positive spirit of a fitness community for all levels. Their 45-minute-long cycling classes are choreographed to the beat of the music. You best be prepared to sweat. (Don't worry, towels are provided.) As they say, it's a "full-body dance party on a bike!" Classes are pay-as-you-go—so you're only paying for the classes you attend (although there are discounts if you're a regular rider). After the ride, enjoy the use of an on-site bathroom, shower, hairdryer, hair ties, earplugs, mints. A party that sends you home clean and refreshed. What else could you ask for?
1155 E. Wilmington Ave., Suite 200, SLC, 801-484-1456,

Best Gyrotonic Studio
Movement Design Lab
Want to learn about two fitness methods, namely Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis? Both movement systems are designed to open energy pathways and increase range of motion in people from all walks of life. The no-impact movements strengthen muscles that support the spine and hips and stabilize the shoulders. Gyrotonic exercises are practiced on customized devices with rotational discs and weighted pulleys while Gyrokinesis is practiced on a mat and chair without equipment. There are only a handful of studios offering these unique exercise methods along the Wasatch Front, and one of them is the Movement Design Lab, with classes taught by none other than Bre Dumke Helfrich and her staff. Come take a Gyrotonic class at $45/class or a Gyrokinesis classes for only $25, and enjoy the small class size.
244 W. 300 North, Suite 103, SLC, 801-831-4391,

Stretch Zone is “Best at Pulling Your Leg” - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Stretch Zone is “Best at Pulling Your Leg”


Best Winning Wednesdays
Chantal Papillon, Julie Ray and Lindsay Strain
If you only have one day for your fitness regime, and that day happens to be Wednesday, you're so in luck. Get on over to Cottonwood Heights and sign up for a class offered by any or all of the above instructors. With her soft soothing voice and gentle movements, Chantal Papillon instructs a 10:45 a.m. qi gong class that will have you floating home on air. Longtime fitness instructor Julie Ray teaches a barre class at 6:30 p.m. that challenges every muscle fiber in your being. And the amazing Lindsay Strain brings a Zumba class for all fitness levels at 7:40 p.m. Both Ray and Strain provide lights, action and a soundtrack for their choreographed moves sure to brighten your mood. It's like a night out at a dance club—only you're wearing sweats and comfortable shoes and ... well, not inebriated.
Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, 7500 S. 2700 East, Cottonwood Heights, 801-943-3190,

Best Hot Rocks
Sarah Jensen, LMT
Local massage therapist Sarah Jensen keeps finding new ways to "be best" (as former First Lady Melania was wont to say). Not only does Jensen deliver bracing deep-tissue massages that neutralize tight muscles wherever they may hide—she now offers tempting add-ons to go with them. Know this, though: Her heated river stones aren't just for show. They allow Jensen to apply even deeper pressure to areas of concern. And said stones somehow aid blood circulation, relieve tension, boost immunity and, well, just let clients really relax. For Mother's Day, she's offering a coconut body scrub add-on to a massage. She may be an all-business massage therapy pro, but Jensen knows that, sometimes, we need to forgo the "work" of bodywork and let hot stones and salt scrubs do their magic. Jensen's specials and multi-visit packages are also reasonably priced—allowing even pitifully poor print journalists to get their rock on.
Soft Hands Medical Massage, Midvale, 385-549-9366

Best at Pulling Your Leg
Stretch Zone
Sometimes, we're so done in by the weary world, we can't be bothered to take a walk, much less bend down to touch our toes. But the folks at Stretch Zone thought long and hard about human inertia and came up with "assisted stretching." The tables at their studios are decked out with a patented strapping and stabilization system that enables trained staff to gently stretch clients—and they sit back and enjoy the ride. It sounds a mite bit lazy, but a weekly session yields impressive results. Joint tightness is reduced, flexibility is increased, and you may just find you can go back to the gym and not fear pulling a muscle. The specialists are trained to address whatever problem areas you have and will keep you smiling even when the stretches get intense. Your first stretch is on the house.
Locations in Draper, SLC and Fort Union,

Best Mall Pampering
Founded by a skin therapist, Dermalogica offers professional-grade skin-care products and services—and both are now available at Murray's Fashion Place Mall. You can start with a complimentary face mapping, analysis and product recommendations. Then book a 30- or 60-minute session with a Dermalogica-trained esthetician and enjoy services such as the Pro-Bright (a high-intensity treatment that brightens and smooths the skin tone), microcurrent, microdermabrasion, peels, LED therapy and more. Look for their spa nook across from Crate and Barrel. And because it's open mall hours (Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Sunday, noon-5 p.m.), you can pamper yourself any day of the week.
Fashion Place Mall, 6191 S. State, Murray, 801-304-3264,

Best Patch Tests
Douglas Powell, MD
This friendly face at the U's Health Center in Murray is the go-to for treating allergic-contact dermatitis and hives. His goal is to discover the cause of persistent rashes and inflammation that refuse to go away. To that end, he applies tinctures and substances to patients' backs and evaluates their reactions to fragrances, metals, preservatives and more. (When this physician says he's got your back, it's because it's his diagnostic tool.) For one week of your life, you'll feel like a walking science experiment, because ... you are. The process is made more tolerable thanks to the doctor's dashing fashion statements. No matter how itchy that rash is, his bow ties and snazzy socks and overall good humor are something to look forward to.
University of Utah Midvalley Health Center, 243 E. 6100 South, Murray, 801-581-2955,

Best Keepin' It Real Yoga
Stephanie Williams
Are you avoiding yoga because you think you're too [overweight, out of shape, stiff, uncoordinated—fill in the blank]? The instructor to help you get past your limitations is none other than Stephanie Williams, teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:40 p.m. Ever flexible and adept at her practice, Williams puts students at ease talking about her life as a mom and her day job and her friends. Students barely notice they're on their fifth or sixth downward facing "doggie," as she calls the pose. For more advanced students, she extends each stretch to the furthest limit imaginable, allowing each class member to work at their own level. The final 10 minutes, she has students lie on their backs listening to music—a rest she considers to be the most important part of their practice.
Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, 7500 S. 2700 East, Cottonwood Heights, 801-943-3190,

Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled the name of Best Oncologist winner Theresa Werner, MD. Also, the web address for Best Injections winner Hillary Taggart has been updated to

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