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    click to enlarge Luke Jensen of Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • Luke Jensen of Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos

    GOODS & SERVICES | Readers' Picks

    Best Tattoo Shop
    Aloha Tattoos

    This shop and its artists have been poking ink into skin suits for years now, and the accolades just keep coming for the beauty of what they bring to life. Jon Poulson, Luke Jensen, Jesse Payne and Nico lay down delicate dot work and patterns but also bring in cultural styles like Polynesian and Native markings. Due to high demand, they've added cosmetic tats (think eyebrows) to their wide range of piercings and ink work. Located in Salt Lake and Park City, they offer super clean chairs and equipment and high-quality ink for every customer. Plus, they bring in celebrity artists periodically and can also be found on Sundays at the Park Silly Market. 6657 S. State, Murray, 801-609-8288; 738 Main St., Park City, 435-731-8317;
    2. Yellow Rose Tattoo
    3. 27 Tattoo Studio

    Best Pet CBD
    Beehive Buds CBD

    Autumn and Inga—the magic behind the hive at Beehive Buds—partnered up with the mission to help the wellness of the community. Both were introduced to plant-based medicine early in age, and their knowledge and expertise in the field is exceptional. Pet CBD is best for furry friends with anxiety, arthritis or hurting from pain, and Beehive Buds delivers just the high-quality product for your pet. 9329 S. 1300 East, Sandy, 801-900-4483,
    2. Hemplucid Pets
    3. Healthy Hemp Pet Co.

    Best Smoke/Vape Shop
    Blackhouse Vapor Co.

    The back-to-back winner in this category, Best of Utah voters know that Blackhouse Vapor is the place to go for high-quality e-juice, devices and high-quality hemp and CBD products. They created their own line of e-liquid, CBD and CBG, all made in-house in their own state-of-the-art lab, where they produce and package all in one location. 2148 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-467-6526,
    2. Smoke Break Huka Outlet
    3. Robertsons

    Best Comic Book Store
    Dr. Volts Comic Connection

    Neither rain nor snow nor COVID nor remodeling construction this year can keep Utah's longest continuously operating comic-bookstore down. Dr. Volt's began a new era in 2021, as long-time owner Dave Landa handed over the reins to The Nerd Store operators Charles and Roger Prows. In an era when the nerds have conquered the pop-culture landscape, it's still good to know there are places like Dr. Volts that have been here all along. 2043 E. 3300 South, Millcreek, 801-485-6114,
    2. Heebeegeebeez Comix & Games
    3. The Nerd Store

    Best Piercer
    Dustin Robbins

    There's a huge difference in getting your ears pierced with a hand-held piercing gun at the mall vs. the delicate piercings through your nose septum or nostril, the daith (the cartilage on the inside of the ear) and the helix (the cartilage on the upper ear). Dustin Robbins has pierced about every part of the exterior of human anatomy and is considered by many to be the kindest and gentlest piercer around. His studio is über-sterile, and he's a go-to for piercing aftercare whether he did the job or not. He's a big tree of a guy with a voice as comforting as a death doula, and his calmness will help anyone work through the nerves that arise in facing the needle. Enso Piercing & Adornment, 336 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-953-0201,
    2. Courtney Marriott, Abyss
    3. Kory Sagendorf, Modified Piercing

    Best CBD Product

    Provo's Hemplucid is on a steady climb to becoming one of the biggest CBD companies in America. Just this year, they achieved a coveted USDA status that only a select few hemp and CBD companies achieve. Also in 2021, they invited NBA great Lamar Odom to participate in a month-long journey to find healing in plant-based medicine and made a documentary to boot. What other Utah company can do that? You can find them in just about any retailer that sells CBD, or order online at 4844 N. 300 West, Provo, 385-203-8556,
    2. Farmer & Chemist
    3. Koodegras

    Best Boutique

    First-time and veteran Burners know this shop well for its trendy and groovy clothes and accessories and others know it's a great consignment store for "previously rocked stuff" (secondhand clothing). You won't make it five feet into the place without grabbing something that makes you smile because of its uniqueness. They have strict rules for clothing consignments or donations (no plastic bags, everything must be washed, de-haired and folded neatly in a structured container, one box per session). Sell or buy your Lululemons, Doc Martens, Free Peoples and Jeffrey Campbells there anytime but forget high-end designer items or business casual clothes. Not their jam. They are a fun, funky and affordable place to shop. 414 E. 300 South, SLC, 801-833-2272,
    2. Hip & Humble
    3. Name Droppers

    Best Piercing Studio
    Iris Piercing

    This group has studios in Michigan, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Utah and Illinois and are poking their way into more cities as their reputation grows for safe piercings without compromise. Many know them for their amazeballs choice of piercing jewelry designed locally and from around the world made from natural substances like stone, wood and gems by designers like Pupil Hall, Shiva, Neometal, Future Primitives and Suzanne Kalan. They have Google reviews from medical professionals raving about the attention the piercers pay to assure a sterile work environment. Some of the piercers were trained by the late world-renowned Fakir Musafar, and Iris has helped set standards and protocols for aftercare of your piercings. 2431 Highland Drive, SLC, 801-486-0112,
    2. KOI Piercing Studio
    3. Abyss Piercing

    Best Tattoo Artist
    Jesse Payne

    This artist calls Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos his home base, and despite his fame, you can often walk in and get in his chair without an appointment. Whether you're looking to create a sleeve or cover up that homie tat you and your friends put on each other in high school, Payne is the creative genius you should meet. It's worth the time to make an appointment for a consultation with Payne so he can see your vision and translate that into the ink that's right for you. Maybe it's a pretty butterfly that only takes an hour to complete—or maybe it's a major back piece that will take several sessions. Payne has the experience to plan the art that will be with you for life. Aloha Salt Lake Tattoos, 6657 S. State, Murray, 801-609-8288,
    2. Luke Jensen, Aloha Tattoos
    3. Josh Pitchford, Golden Cage Tattoo

    click to enlarge All you need is love—and Pibs Exchange - CITY WEEKLY FILE PHOTO
    • City Weekly File Photo
    • All you need is love—and Pibs Exchange

    Best Thrift/Consignment Store
    Pibs Exchange

    Pibs Exchange has been buying and selling the hottest clothes, accessories, and costumes since the grunge era. The flannel shirts that Pibs sold to their first costumers in 1994 are now coveted vintage items. In addition to selling new and used clothes, Pibs sells hair dye, fishnets and plenty of other eye-catching accessories to help you achieve your current or retro look. 1147 E. Ashton Ave., SLC, 801-484-7996,
    2. iconoCLAD
    3. The Other Side Thrift Boutique

    Best CBD Retailer

    Some people take CBD and say, "But I didn't get high!" That's kind of the whole idea! CBD is all about offering similar health benefits to THC without the high. While some CBD have trace amounts of THC, Koodegras offers THC-free CBD, so you won't get a psychoactive reaction. Since 2015, Koodegras has offered a massive line of products including CBD topicals, water-soluble tinctures, softgels and pet products. Multiple locations,
    2. Beehive Buds CBD Wellness Center
    3. Farmer & Chemist

    Best Salon
    Landis Lifestyle Salon

    While it's true that a salon is only as good as its stylists, one cannot discount the importance of product, which is why Landis is a cut above the rest. One of few Aveda salons in the city, it offers signature services such as botanical therapy hair treatment and Pramasana scalp facial, plus custom facials, manicures and pedicures complete with exclusive Aveda hand and foot treatments. 1298 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-485-5506; 569 N. 300 West Ste. A, SLC, 801-364-3354,
    2. Lunatic Fringe
    3. Salon O

    Best Garden Supply
    Millcreek Gardens

    You shouldn't take an institution for granted, just because it's been around longer than you've been alive. Millcreek Gardens' beautiful grounds provide a haven even if you're just browsing, but if you're serious about making the inside or outside of your home more beautiful, that's when you really benefit from their year-round knowledge and commitment to helping folks find plants that make the most sense for your specific needs, and Utah's general climate. 3500 S. 900 East, 801-487-4131, Millcreek,
    2. Glover Nursery
    3. Cactus & Tropicals

    Best Barbershop
    Salt Lake Barber Co.

    Need a beard trim? Want to learn how to treat your facial hair so that it's softer? Maybe you're looking for a haircut that doesn't set you back a week's wages? Step into a chill barbershop that's modern but has an old-timey vibe, that's clean and COVID-19 aware. If you're vaccinated, you're welcome to not wear a mask, otherwise keep one on. You can usually get in without an appointment, but if you're looking for one of their top barbers like Jesse, Kyle or Ambrisha, you probably ought to go online and book yourself some "me" time in one of their comfy chairs. Treat yourself to a straight razor hot-lather shave, beard trim or haircut and enjoy lively repartee with your skilled barber. They also aren't afraid to give your kid their first haircut, and the staff will clean up your entire family, no matter their sex or age. 10 E. 800 South (corner of 800 South and Main), SLC, 385-261-2196,
    2. Jed's Barber Shop
    3. City Barbers

    click to enlarge We get treats? Bow wow - to The Dog’s Meow! - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • We get treats? Bow wow to The Dog’s Meow!

    Best Pet Supply Store
    The Dog's Meow

    With stores in Millcreek and Draper, Alexis Butler and her daughter have been providing the best dog and cat foods to animal lovers for 25 years. Here, the pickiest owners can find natural dog and cat foods. Whether your furry friend is on a gluten- or grain-free diet or is older and needs a hemp chewy for creaky joints, this is your go-to pet store. It's safe to say you'll probably not find the products this store sells at any chain store, nor will you get the sage dietary advice the Butlers carefully dole out to dedicated customers. The Draper location has a DIY self-serve dog wash, and both have in-store pickup service. It's nice to know pets can get holistic care and healthy products here, plus their humans can find smart outfits and swell toys for their cat and dog friends. 2047 E. 3300 South, Millcreek, 801-486-0700; 866 E. 12300 South, Draper, 801 501-0818;
    2. Paw Paws
    3. Healthy Pets Mountain West

    Best Bookstore
    The King's English Bookshop

    It's been quite a tumultuous year for all of us, and The King's English was no different. Still, a transition in ownership from founder Betsy Burton provided at least some reassurance that the beloved bookstore would survive anything. As was clear last year when patrons came through with early holiday orders that kept the place afloat during its pandemic closure, we all want to be part of making sure The King's English isn't going anywhere. 1511 S. 1500 East, SLC, 801-484-9100,
    2. Weller Book Works
    3. Ken Sanders Rare Books

    Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary
    Wholesome Co.

    Cannabis? In Utah? The Utah Medical Cannabis Program has now been activated for over a year and a half. There were some kinks at the onset and some still remaining to be worked out by the state, but Utahns now have an avenue to help alleviate their qualifying conditions with cannabis. One of the 14 cannabis pharmacies in Utah, Wholesome Co., delivers quality information and products to their customers. Patients may visit their sleek brick-and-mortar location, or set up a delivery time for medical cannabis. 580 W. 100 North, Bountiful, 801-695-4480,
    2. Dragonfly Wellness
    3. Beehive Farmacy

    click to enlarge Edible advent calendars: Les Madeleines - MEGAN WAGSTAFF
    • Megan Wagstaff
    • Edible advent calendars: Les Madeleines

    GOODS & SERVICES | Staff Picks

    Best Advent Calendar
    Les Madeleines

    Renowned for her kouign amanns, Les Madeleines owner Romina Rasmussen pulls another tasty treat from up her floured sleeve every holiday season—the advent calendar. Filled with pâtes de fruits, chocolates and other sweets, each door reveals a hidden surprise as you countdown to Christmas. Keep an eye out for pre-orders on social media, they sell out fast! 216 E. 500 South, SLC, 801-673-8340,

    Best Sustainable Store

    At Animalia, they not only sell bulk soap, detergents, toothpaste, facial and body washes and so much more, but also sustainably made and harvested botanical balms, salves and other body and face products that look and smell amazing, plus handy tools for making chores and leisure alike waste-free. Adorable, ethically (and often locally) made home goods and accessories dot the shop, too. If you decide you want to try out the bulk life, they've even got free containers donated from customers for you to take for your first time. 280 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-521-4425,

    Best Corner Store That's Actually a Pizzeria
    Central 9th Market

    This new market offers big-city diversity, selling fresh produce (including the most gorgeous locally grown mushrooms), fancy chips, hot sauces, cheese, meats, seltzers, sodas and bags of agua fresca. But the star of the show is its killer breakfast and lunch-time sandwiches, squished between their housemade focaccia, which, like their hit-the-spot pizzas, are baked to perfection in a blazing brick oven. 161 W. 900 South, SLC, 385-332-3240,

    Best Dining Trend
    Delivery and Takeout via Social Media

    While this was a survival tactic back in 2020, the idea of delivery- or takeout-only restaurants has seemed to click with both vendors and customers alike. With more stories about how food delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub screw over local restaurants, it's nice to see those restaurants eliminating the middleman and operating their own delivery or takeout services via social media.

    Best New Mixer for the Masses
    Drupe Fruit

    Bartenders know all about the beauty of the fruit shrub. Derived from a 15th-century English fruit preservation method, shrubs are a syrupy combination of fruit-infused vinegar and sugar or honey that's perfect for making cocktails but also refreshing when added to soda water. Local small-batch shrubbers Drupe Fruit make inventive new flavors every week that they sell at the Downtown Farmers Market. It's also stocked at Animalia, Central 9th Market, Zest Kitchen & Bar and Boozetique.

    Best Brewery Merchandise
    Fisher Beer

    If you're even somewhat active in Utah's drinking and nightlife scene, you'll have seen someone sporting a distinctive Fisher Beer logo on their hat or shirt. The iconic, bold red parallelogram is derived from the original Fisher Brewery, which opened in 1884. It's telling at how well loved the brand name is when the majority of guests at Fisher are wearing their clothing on any given day. 320 W. 800 South, SLC, 801-487-2337,

    Best Joy of Shopping
    Got Beauty

    It's a thing of great beauty, this shop. Don't mistake it as a boring retail outlet where you buy expensive hair products. It feels fun entering this store—celebratory, in fact, as you gaze upon mugs, magnets, adornments and, yes, quality beauty and hair products stacked impressively to the ceiling. You'll find audacious trinkets and collectibles that make you laugh out loud. In the back, you can reserve spa services such as pedis, manis and waxing, or book a makeup sesh before your Christmas party. It's an energizing hub created to pamper and empower. So, indulge, ladies, indulge. 904 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-474-2090,

    Best Urban Renewal
    Green Phoenix Farm

    The mythical phoenix was reborn in the ashes of a funeral pyre. Similarly, the aptly named Green Phoenix Farm has risen from the ashes of a blighted, 1.4-acre lot, six blocks west of downtown Salt Lake City. There, within earshot of the freeway, a showcase garden has taken root since the site was acquired by Wasatch Community Gardens in 2016. It has flowered, literally and figuratively. Two greenhouses and well-tended growing beds produce organic vegetables, which are donated to low-income families; seeds, which are sold to the Snake River Seed Cooperative; and jobs for women contending with homelessness. Would that every urban-renewal project harvested so much success in so short a time. 622 W. 100 South, SLC, 801-359-2658,

    Best Pancake Syrup
    Hammer Spring Distillers

    Founded in 2016 by JP and Vita Bernier, this distillery celebrates Rocky Mountain life with small-batch spirits such as their single-barrel, wheated (with a "spicy zip of rye") 94-proof bourbon. They also offer two gins: one crystal-clear with notes of mountain sage and juniper and another a soft gold color that's finished in oak rye barrels. And then there's their outstanding potato vodka—truly "farm to glass." But for a real treat, indulge in JP's World Famous Whiskey Pancake Syrup, aged in whiskey barrels and inspired by JP's time as a Burning Man breakfast chef. If you haven't tried their offerings, call ahead and take a tasting tour at their plant. 3697 W. 1987 South, Building 5, SLC, 801-599-4704,

    Best In-Store Gelato Bar
    Harmons Grocery

    Ten Harmons grocery stores in the Salt Lake area offer gelato bars as part of their in-store cafes. Eighteen Harmon's gelato flavors regularly rotate, explains bakery manager Tynan Montano. Blackberry cheesecake is the most popular flavor. Gelato has less fat and fewer calories than ice cream, and Harmons sorbettos—blood orange, grapefruit and limoncello—are water-based and nondairy. Many ingredients—and even the cups and spoons—are imported from Italy. Multiple locations,

    Best Upscale Delivery
    Hive Eats

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of folks to think creatively about how to get their food, from grocery deliveries to more outdoor dining locations. Hive Eats launched as a way to get the fantastic preparations of some of the Salt Lake Valley's best restaurants—including Pago, Finca, Cannella's, Mazza, Publik and more—directly to customers at their homes, with meals specifically designed for reheating upon delivery. While the service took a summer break, it's returning in the fall with new restaurant partners and a broader menu, so that those who aren't quite ready to sit down in restaurants yet can still enjoy the pleasures of their food.

    click to enlarge Honey Teahive queen bee Mika Lee - CAIT LEE
    • Cait Lee
    • Honey Teahive queen bee Mika Lee

    Best Tea Party to Go
    Honey Teahive

    Mika Lee appeared on our radar as a writer for Devour Utah, City Weekly's erstwhile foodie magazine. Who knew that even as she interviewed chefs and cooks throughout Utah for the magazine, she yearned to create her own enterprise—which was to offer Salt Lake denizens a traveling tea party! Lee brought her dream to fruition during the rise of COVID-19, and in spite of all the obstacles the pandemic created for entrepreneurs, she has become one sought-after culinary queen. From brewing unbelievably delicious tea (she learned all about it from relatives in Taiwan) to creating divine pastries and sweets (ever tried mooncake?), Lee can either bring the tea party to you, or you can pick up a "tea party in a box" from her operation based out of the Square Kitchen. Plus, she will cater your special events. In whatever way you come to her, be prepared for a taste treat unlike any other. 801-998-2057,

    Best at Blooming Where They're Planted
    Lincoln Street Farms

    Nico and Nat Dicou transformed their backyard into an urban farm where they grow flowers and plants and make candles and soap—all on 0.2 acres in downtown Salt Lake City. This company is 100% women-owned, women who love upcycling and anything antique. In fact, their farmhouse was built in 1896, and they restored the antique greenhouse on their farm in 2020. This is where to get starters for your own garden. Keep an eye out for when they have pop-up shows or host music so you can check it out.

    Best Bookstore that Could
    Marissa's Books

    In an era of depressing news about the state of independent bookstores, along comes Marissa's Books with a welcome, happy story. Named for a wide-eyed granddaughter of owner Cindy Dumas who was taken in by her first bookstore experience, Marissa's has grown from a humble store in Midvale into its own good-size building in Millcreek where it is known for fun décor, great prices and an offering of sections that stretch the gamut of religion to mysticism to adult fiction, then back again, and of course....children's. 3302 S. 900 East, Millcreek, 801-262-2873,

    Best Sharp Piece of Art
    New West Knife Works

    New West Knife Works founder Corey Milligan believes that cooks need the best tools for the job. He previously worked as a line cook in local restaurants and his interest in cutlery came from a desire to create a knife conveying his passion for cooking. His handcrafted knives are a beautiful combination of quality and craftsmanship—just holding one in your hand makes you a better cook. The powder-metal steel is not only durable but also easy to sharpen. In addition, the company will tune up your knife at any time for no charge. Multiple locations,

    click to enlarge Rachel Dalby, Valley House Inn - of Utah proprietress - OGDEN VALLEY NEWS
    • Ogden Valley News
    • Rachel Dalby, Valley House Inn of Utah proprietress

    Best Breakfast in Bed
    Valley House Inn of Utah

    Want to sweep your sweetheart off their feet for a romantic vacay? Forget Paris. Huntsville, je t'aime. A historic, 150-year-old Victorian mansion awaits you with a romance package at Valley House Inn of Utah. This boutique hotel owned by Rachel Dalby pampers with long-stemmed roses, custom cakes and sweets, local truffle chocolates and artisan bath products. Fancy breakfast in bed? Enjoy a gourmet three-course brunch with locally sourced, organic ingredients delivered to your room. Speaking of rooms, each features a fireplace and a whirlpool or clawfoot tub. Book the Nelson suite and you'll score a private sauna as well. 7318 E. 200 South, Huntsville, 801-745-8259

    Best Home and Lifestyle Treasures
    O. C. Tanner Jewelers

    You may be under the impression that O.C. Tanner Jewelers just sell (stunning) jewelry. But their Home and Lifestyle collection will overwhelm you with a vast array of luxury, from handmade ceramics by Montes Doggett that will adorn any surface to exquisite fountain pens by David Oscarson—sure to improve the worst of penmanship. Find that statement piece of home décor or the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life right here at O.C. Tanner. Multiple locations,

    Best Tattoo Oil
    Olio Skin & Beard Co.

    If you give a damn about what goes on your skin, these are the products for you. Their Tattoo Oil, which we found at the Downtown Farmers Market, will get you hooked. We also love their Beard and Face Oil (even if you are a woman... let's be honest, ladies sometimes have a beard!), and their natural deodorant is just what our stinky pits need. 2065 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-441-0966,

    Best Mexican Meals at the Market
    Rancho Market

    More and more savvy shoppers are finding the produce sections of Rancho Markets offer all kinds of savings. They are finding that butchered meats are better than that stuff in Styrofoam and plastic. They're also finding that great meals are found at the Rancho Market. While the best you can do in most grocery stores is paper cup coffee and a Danish (c'mon—do better, big boys!), when you eat at a Rancho Market kitchen, you're taken into deep Mexico via dishes like molcajete and chilaquiles among the favorites on their full menu boards. Seriously good food. Multiple locations,

    click to enlarge Durians at the Chinatown Supermarket - JEN HILL
    • Jen Hill
    • Durians at the Chinatown Supermarket

    Best Dining District
    Salt Lake Chinatown

    Anchored by Utah's largest Asian grocery, the aptly named Chinatown Supermarket, Salt Lake City's Chinatown is a six-acre development bursting with activity—especially for dinners and brunchy weekends. The supermarket is filled with amazing items you'll never find at your local grocer including meat cuts that time forgot. But it's the dining opportunities that shine, with over a dozen different Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean options calling that will take you through sweets, desserts and pastries to extraordinary and exotic main-course fare you just don't find easily in Utah. 3390 S. State, SLC,

    Best Reasonably Priced Anger Management
    Smash It

    Thanks to the trauma of 2020, virtually all of us have a little extra pent-up rage these days. Smash It Rage Rooms offer patrons the opportunity to pay a modest fee to smash dainty tea cups, throw glass bottles against the wall or even smash your ex's cherished action figures and mixtapes to smithereens in a festive, controlled environment where you don't have to clean up the mess you make. Smash It Salt Lake City, 1154 S. 300 West, Ste. D, SLC, 801-690-3758; Smash It Ogden, 2254 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-690-0578,

    Best Home Car Detailing

    This mobile car detailing service really lives up to its name, leaving your vehicle and your mood with Sunny vibes. No need to purge items, the detailer carefully places all your Chapsticks and sunglasses neatly in small bags. Upgrade your service and have your leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned or shampoo your floors. Got pets? They clean up that unwanted hair, too. 1375 S. 500 East, No. 143, American Fork, 801-901-0390,

    Best Mobile Bartending Service
    The Hammered Copper

    An eco-friendly, traveling bartending service? Yes! The Hammered Copper is into beautiful, creative, delicious drinks. Plus, they teach classes and serve at weddings and corporate events. (And they have your
    non-drinking friends covered, too.) We want this company to be on everyone's radar. IG: @hammered.copper,

    click to enlarge Helen Wade, owner of The Stockist - DEREK CARLISLE
    • Derek Carlisle
    • Helen Wade, owner of The Stockist

    Best Shop Vibes
    The Stockist

    Not only are the carefully curated brands on The Stockist's racks to-die-for, but the shop itself has the friendliest and least pretentious staff we've ever encountered. Whether you're on the prowl for candles, coffee, jewelry or new duds, this shop will put you at ease the second you walk through the door. Just don't buy any straight leg jeans when they're back in stock—at least not until we get a pair first! 875 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-532-3458,

    Best New Place to Hunt Vintage
    Vintage Market

    Fans of the Urban Flea Market rejoice, because there's a new way to browse ungodly amounts of vintage racks in one place. First appearing in 2019, Vintage Market SLC gets together some of SLC's finest vintage vendors all in one place for a one-day pop-up—usually at the ClubHouse on South Temple, though last year, they innovatively went virtual with a week-by-week vendor who would sell by taking over the Vintage Market SLC Instagram for a day. Follow them online to keep up with future dates. IG: @vintagemarketslc

    COMMERCE | Readers' Picks

    click to enlarge Lifetime watercraft: Whatever floats your boat - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • Lifetime watercraft: Whatever floats your boat

    Best Local Manufacturer
    Lifetime Products

    Not everyone knows this company is based here in Utah, but most of us use and love their products. What started as an idea in a garage in Riverdale, Utah, the Lifetime Products founder simply wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family. He created the company in 1985 along with his Quick Adjust basketball hoop/standard. They soon leveraged that success to branch out into affordable plastic-molded picnic tables and chairs, sheds, kayaks, playsets and more. The company has more than 1,500 employees worldwide, but they still feel like a small local company that gives back to the community. Their recent bear-resistant coolers are a hit with campers. The company continues to listen to what customers are looking for in affordable and durable outdoor products. 801-776-1532,
    2. Kuhl
    3. Black Diamond

    Best Family-Owned Business
    Glover Nursery

    This nursery is known as "Utah's first family nursery, where a love for plants runs deep." What few know is that there actually was a "Glover" who ran the nursery with his son, Parley. He came from a long line of nurserymen, one of whom trained under Queen Victoria's gardener. The business is now run by a modern family of college graduates and professional horticulturalists with more than 200 years of expertise. They stock seasonal items such as vegetable starts, flowers, bulbs and Christmas trees as well as water features, gardening supplies, soils, mulch, bark and rock—all on a 10-acre campus. Customers rely on longtime employees for annual planting and seasonal advice. Online comments note how responsive the nursery was in bringing in more drought-resistant and native plants to sell to customers. 9275 S. 1300 West, West Jordan, 801-562-5496,
    2. All Hours Plumbing
    3. Young Automotive Group

    Best Minority-Owned Business
    Fillings & Emulsions

    This "Latin and eclectic patisserie" may not have been around Salt Lake for very long, but they've risen to the top of Utah desserts and pastries. Owner Adalberto Diaz has been slapping bread dough and lightly piping icing on tiny cakes for 30 years and has won the Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network. He also was the semi-finalist of Best Baker in America. Chef Al is a renowned employer who loves his team of pastry chefs and stands up as a crusader for human rights in Utah. If you know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon and seek out the freshest flavors, or just want to learn how to make them, this place is "yum" in all ways. Check out classes for wannabe pastry chefs from Chef Al and his talented (and sweet) staff. Locations in SLC, Provo and West Valley,
    2. Icy Mountain
    3. Sapa Sushi Bar & Asian Grill

    Best Local Bank
    First Utah Bank

    Founded in 1978, this local bank never sold out when the economy was good or bad. They grew from a tiny one-stop bank to be one of the largest community-focused banks in the state, with seven branches in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. They love to say they can do anything a big corporate bank can do, but they can do it faster, better and probably for less money. That means your checking account won't have outrageous fees, and your home loan won't have excessive closing costs. One customer pointed out that the staff doesn't turn over constantly like other banks they've used, which means FUB has to be a pretty great place to work. Multiple branches, 801-308-BANK,
    2. Cyprus Credit Union
    3. University of Utah Credit Union

    Best Made-in-Utah Product

    A top 10 mention in Forbes' "20 Best CBD Oils to Try This Year," Hemplucid is a CBD juggernaut found in Provo. Provo! Chase Hudson founded the company with the vision of creating quality and superior products. Hudson started from humble beginnings, and in a short amount of time, his Utah-based Hemplucid has risen off the charts. They have incredible programs to learn about hemp and cannabis, as well as great resources for employees suffering from mental-health issues. 4844 N. 300 West, Provo, 385-203-8556,
    2. Beehive Cheese
    3. Utah Truffles

    Best Bank for Small Businesses
    Mountain America

    With over $9.5 billion in assets, this locally grown credit union has won the race against big national banks for many of its customers. Residents of Salt Lake, Duchesne, Wasatch and Uintah counties appreciate service with a local touch, especially where they entrust their savings and checking accounts. "MACU," as people call it, began in 1934 in the hell of the Great Depression. Back then, it was hard to convince any banker to lend money to small businesses that had no history of profits, yet MACU brought honest banking practices and immediately filled a need to help dreams come true. Their 95 branches in six different states prove personalized local credit unions are a great alternative to banks. Multiple locations,
    2. America First Credit Union
    3. Utah First Credit Union

    Best Tech Company

    How many surveys do you get each week? From the moment you leave your doctor's appointment to the concert you attended last night, surveys are as common as tomato on a BLT. Qualtrics doesn't call what they do "surveys"; they prefer to be known as "experience managers." Founded in Provo in 2002, this NASDAQ-traded firm has proven that their research platforms are crucial for businesses to measure employee experiences and brand awareness through key metrics. Their customers include BMW, Microsoft, Under Armour, Chobani, JetBlue and Yamaha to name a few. The more a company knows how to measure customer interactions, the better they can build a smoother experience for the customer and a better brand that will lead to customer loyalty. 333 W. River Park Drive, Provo, 801-374-6682,
    2. BambooHR
    3. Domo

    Best Trade School
    Salt Lake Community College

    As Utah's largest and most diverse higher-education institution, Salt Lake Community College plays an essential role in the academic machinery of the state. Whether they be young adults progressing along the learning ladder or nontraditional students enhancing their workforce credentials, tens of thousands of Utahns and their families rely on SLCC and its ever-increasing number of degree and certification programs. Multiple locations,
    2. Davis Technical College
    3. Paul Mitchell The School Salt Lake City

    Best Company That Gives Back
    Stubbs Dental

    Many of us dread going to the dentist. There are scary noises, instruments you can't see being stuck into your mouth and sometimes there's pain. It's such a common fear that patients will avoid getting regular checkups and then eventually end up with dental problems. The dentists at Stubbs start with a great mission: They donate the proceeds of all new-patient exams to a deserving member or organization within the community. One couple, Eric and Jody, were recipients of Stubbs love. Eric was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He lost his job and had steep medical bills. Both of them contracted COVID-19 and pneumonia. Soon after, Eric suffered a stroke and died. The father of 12 left a wife who couldn't work due to her medical problems, but Stubbs stepped in with $4,215 to help cover funeral expenses and future medical bills. The staff keeps the fundraiser active on their website, as well as details on their dental services. That's some feel-good info to calm your nerves. Locations in Bountiful, Layton, Murray and Lehi;
    2. Cotopaxi
    3. Qualtrics

    Best Business School
    University of Utah David Eccles School of Business

    Forbes magazine named the U's School of Business one of the best in the country a few years ago, and the accolades continue to roll in. One reason for the great ranking is because the school is committed to making significant investments in full-time MBA education by hiring prestigious faculty from around the world to serve as mentors, by offering more scholarships and by including a broader range of classes. This was a close vote between three outstanding Utah business schools. It's clear that Utah students' strong interest in business programs is what attracts diverse and talented instructors. Having a diploma from any of our MBA programs is a bold highlight on any job applicant's resume, and statistics prove that high graduation rates lead to excellent opportunities for alumni. 1655 Campus Center Drive, SLC, 801-581-7676,
    2. Westminster College Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business
    3. BYU Marriott School of Business

    Best Local Company to Work For
    Young Automotive Group

    City Weekly ace investigators interviewed employees at Young Automotive Group (YAG) to learn why they liked working for the company. The adjectives just rolled off their tongues...Fun! Amazing people work here! Great benefits! Like a family! One person said 'It cares deeply for all employees. Not a single person here have I seen not be included in meetings, games, events, community and of course, competition." Apparently, there are great opportunities for employees to learn from one another, and the company provides the tools and training to be successful. YAG has 27 locations in Utah and Idaho and sells new and used Chevys, Volkswagens, Hondas, Toyotas, Jeeps, Audis, Buicks, Fords, Kias, Chryslers and powersports. With that many locations and so many types of vehicles, any gearhead can pick and choose their passion to follow a career path in a company that cares not just about the bottom line but about those who make YAG run smoothly. Multiple locations in Utah and Idaho,
    2. Utah Jazz
    3. O.C. Tanner

    click to enlarge From festivals to goat yoga, The Gateway is a place to gather for fun. - DEREK CARLISLE
    • Derek Carlisle
    • From festivals to goat yoga, The Gateway is a place to gather for fun.

    Best Community Spirit
    The Gateway Mall

    Never did we think we'd award a mall, much less one we called the Beige Way! But that was before City Weekly's marketing director, Jackie Briggs, left us and went to work for the mall's new owners, Vestar, which promised to spend millions restoring Gateway to its former glory. Lucky for them, Briggs showed up with her City Weekly soul intact and sense of community spirit rarin' to go. Overcoming challenges such as being located across the street from a homeless shelter, losses of anchor tenants, shoppers staying home due to COVID-19 and more, Briggs and her team have attracted a new following for the mall as an entertainment destination. It's also a welcoming venue for nonprofits to stage community events, a place to enjoy live bands on summer nights or even a setting for goat yoga! It's easy to be cynical about a mall but Gateway is reinventing itself, and we think a certain Ms. Briggs is keeping it real. 400 W. 200 South, SLC, 801-456-0000,

    Best Local Company to Go Public
    Traeger Pellet Grills

    On July 29, 2021, Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills, rang the opening bell at the NYSE. Traeger's IPO opened above the planned price at $22 a share, with the ticker name "Cook". Andrus and his crew have built a community around the brand, the "Traegerhood" where the most novice of cooks can create something delicious on the versatile pellet grill. 1215 E. Wilmington Ave., SLC, 800-872-3437,

    click to enlarge Sports Den offers full service tuning and a maintenance shop. - SKI UTAH
    • Ski Utah
    • Sports Den offers full service tuning and a maintenance shop.

    OUTDOORS & RECREATION | Readers' Picks

    Best Ski Shop
    Sports Den

    Founded in 1972, Sports Den has been suiting up outdoor enthusiasts for generations of Utahns. Their ski shop services run the gamut from a basic buff and wax to base refinishing and stone repair. If you need new gear, it's your one-stop shopping from head to toe. Along with their diverse selection of ski gear, Sports Den is stocked up with bikes and accessories for the warmer months. 1350 S. Foothill Drive, SLC, 801-582-5611,
    2. Level Nine Sports
    3. Ski 'N See

    Best Scenic Drive
    Alpine Loop

    There is nothing quite like driving the Alpine Loop at the height of fall, when gold, orange and red leaves create an airy tunnel. The arresting beauty of American Fork Canyon, Mount Timpanogos and the Unita National Forest are truly some of the most striking vistas that the state of Utah has to offer. SR-92, American Fork Canyon
    2. Mirror Lake Highway
    3. Guardsman Pass

    Best Bike Shop
    Bingham Cyclery

    For nearly six decades, Bingham Cyclery has been the go-to spot for bicycles and bike maintenance up and down the Wasatch Front. Its friendly staff and welcoming showrooms are there for the new customer shopping their first frame as well as the gearheads shopping the latest and greatest in bike tech. Multiple locations,
    2. Contender Bicycles
    3. Saturday Cycles

    Best Local Gear Brand
    Black Diamond

    Black Diamond has made such a name for itself in the outdoor recreation world that you'd be forgiven if you forgot it's based in Holladay. Since making the Wasatch Front its home more than 30 years ago, Black Diamond has grown into a powerhouse, supplying the equipment that connects climbers, skiers and other adventurers with mountains around the world.
    2. Cotopaxi
    3. Kuhl

    Best Public Golf Course
    Bonneville Golf Course

    With its hilly terrain and challenging greens, Bonneville is one of the most popular golf courses in Utah. Just five minutes from downtown, it's become the go-to spot for a full 18, quick 9 or tune up on the driving range. The Salt Lake County public course offers great views of the mountain range and wonderful sunsets—it's the perfect course for Utah to flex its muscles for out-of-town guests or friends. 954 Connor St., SLC, 801-583-9513,
    2. Mountain Dell
    3. Bountiful Ridge

    Best Bowling Alley
    Bonwood Bowl

    It's hard to top a classic, and no bowling alley captures the perfect blend of traditional and modern quite like South Salt Lake's OG pinsters Bonwood Bowl. Whether you're a pro fighting for that 300-point game, an open-play normie who enjoys eating pizza and tossing balls or a wanderer looking for a chill place to drink a pint and catch the game, Bonwood is there to welcome you with open arms an a pair of freshly sanitized shoes. 2500 S. Main, South Salt Lake, 901-487-7758,
    2. Pins and Ales
    3. Olympus Lanes

    Best Snowboarding
    Brighton Resort

    Utah's original ski resort is also the favorite of local snowboarders. Known for its low-key vibe and its extensive network of backcountry runs, Brighton's perch at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon offers unrivaled access to the Cache-Wasatch National Forest and a pristine, thrilling showcase for the greatest snow on Earth. 8302 S. Brighton Loop Road, Brighton, 801-532-4731,
    2. Snowbird
    3. Powder Mountain

    Best Paddle Board Lake
    Causey Reservoir

    Causey Reservoir is one of Utah's worst-kept secrets, as one trip to this alpine dam is all it takes to realize what you've been missing. Located a short drive east from Huntsville, Causey is restricted to only human-powered floatation devices and small fishing boats, creating a natural, untamed atmosphere that is also easily accessible. Parking fills up fast, so be prepared to go early or walk a ways, and don't be afraid to jump the cliffs—water-level depending—or join a makeshift flotilla. State Route 39, Weber County,
    2. Tibble Fork Reservoir
    3. JordanelleReservoir

    Best State Park
    Goblin Valley

    Utah is home to a wealth of beautiful, fascinating landscapes, but even among that elite group there are few that are as singularly unique as Goblin Valley, with its sprawling fields of hoodoos that burst out of the ground like boiling earth or some alien terrain. Make the trip if you haven't and make it again if you have. Goblin Valley Road, Green River, 435-275-4584,
    2. Antelope Island
    3. Dead Horse Point

    Best Bike Path
    Jordan River Parkway

    Cutting a 40-mile path through the center of Salt Lake County, the Jordan River Parkway is a multi-jurisdictional marvel and transportation corridor rivaled only by the considerably less pleasant and inexcusably dangerous State Street. Developed over decades, the Parkway has reached an inflection point that offers the state's best visualization of what a car-free future could be, offering pedestrians, cyclists and kayakers a new path through the places they call home. Lehi to North Salt Lake, west of Interstate 15
    2. Parleys Trail
    3. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

    Best Hike Path
    Lake Blanche

    Big Cottonwood Canyon is home to one of the more popular hikes around, Lake Blanche. The heavily trafficked trail has limited parking and the shoulder of the road piles up with parked cars, so get there early for your excursion. But boy, is the 6.8-mile hike worth it. The mountaintop lake offers spectacular views with plentiful wildlife, including the occasional moose. Make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks before embarking. Big Cottonwood Canyon
    2. Living Room
    3. Dog Lake

    click to enlarge Starting as a snowboard shop in 1984, Milosport is still slashing. - JOHN TAYLOR
    • John Taylor
    • Starting as a snowboard shop in 1984, Milosport is still slashing.

    Best Skate Shop

    Snow or skate, if you're heading out with a board in your hand, you can and should gear up at Milosport, Salt Lake and Utah's original board shop. They have the answers to all of your questions, and if they don't, they'll find out for you, in order to get you set up to roll out. 3119 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-487-8600,
    2. Raunch Records & Skate
    3. Directive Boardshop

    Best Recreation Sports Store
    Recreation Outlet

    The big names in outdoor recreation do big business, but like the difference between a department store and a tailor, the team at Recreation Outlet offer a shopping experience that provides all the top brands and best prices with an intimate and locals-friendly level of care. A great adventure requires the right tools, Recreation Outlet has what you need. 3160 S. State, South Salt Lake, 801-484-4800,
    2. Wasatch Touring
    3. Level Nine Sports

    Best Ski Resort

    Happy (slightly early) 50th birthday to this beloved Utah ski destination, which launched in December 1971. It's no exaggeration to suggest that it's only grown better and more popular with each passing year, particularly for those who like runs that challenge them. Snowbird's perpetual quest for innovations and improvements continues this year with the "Fast Tracks" upgrade for those who want shorter wait times, plus an improved on-site power station that heats the resort through recycled thermal waste. 9385 S. Snowbird Center Dr., 800-232-9542 Snowbird,
    2. Brighton Resort
    3. Alta Ski Area

    click to enlarge A slow, casual ride, 999 is a social event every Thursday at 9 p.m., weather be damned. - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • A slow, casual ride, 999 is a social event every Thursday at 9 p.m., weather be damned.


    Best Weekly Bicycle Social
    The 999 Ride

    Around 9 p.m. each Thursday, the intersection of 900 East and 900 South begins to fill with cyclists. Hundreds infiltrate from all directions, creating a convivial scene that is more flash mob than Tour de France. More motley garb than lime-green spandex. More fixies than e-bikes. More beer than Gatorade. Two bikes are ablaze with LED string lights. One, with ape-hanger handlebars, tows a trailer with speakers the size of milk crates. The woofers thump. The growing crowd mills around until 10 p.m., when, like a flock of starlings, it is up and off into the night. Thump! Thump! Thump! Nary a police car in sight.

    Best NPS Hidden Gem
    Capitol Reef National Park

    Utah boasts five national parks, and although Capitol Reef isn't the least visited (that award goes to Canyonlands) it is relatively off the beaten path as the unofficial "backyard" of Torrey, UT. This means cheap stays year-round, uncrowded dining options and overall less of a touristy vibe than the likes of Cedar City, Moab or Springville. Just 3.5 hours from Salt Lake, it's also the closest national park, making it perfect for a short weekend getaway. Torrey, 435-425-3791,

    Best Forest for Your Griswald Christmas
    Fishlake National Forest

    Trekking into the woods to cut your very own Christmas tree is the ultimate holiday DIY activity, and Fishlake National Forest in Sevier and Wayne counties is the ideal locale. With the proper snow gear, chain saw, permit and a can-do attitude, you and yours will be the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nut house.

    Best Abandoned Spiritualist Commune
    Home of Truth, San Juan County

    In 1933, a grief-stricken New Jersey widow named Marie Ogden founded a spiritualist commune that housed 100 people in Southern Utah. Ogden hoped to communicate with her dead husband, Harry. Instead, she became Public Enemy No. 1 when she made a botched attempt to reanimate a deceased woman. The remains of her commune are still visible near Newspaper Rock and the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. Visitors are welcome to snap photos from the side of the road. 195 State Highway-211, Monticello

    Best Calf Workout
    Mount Timpanogos Trail

    At 11,752 feet, "Timp" is the second-highest peak in the Wasatch Range. The trail to the summit is 16 miles out-and-back with 5,600 feet of elevation gain. It will absolutely wreck your legs, but the accomplishment and views of Utah County are well worth the trek. Bring more water than you think you'll need, plus food and a camera to document your journey along the way. Mount Timpanogos Trailhead, UT-92, Provo

    Best Sunset Stroll
    Oquirrh Lake at Daybreak

    In a time of drought, Oquirrh Lake, a 65-acre, man-made lake located at Daybreak, just below one of the top producing copper mines in the world, provides a truly idyllic setting for an evening stroll. Thanks to the water piped in courtesy of long-standing Kennecott water rights, homeowners here who live on streets like Paddleboard Way and Bayshore Drive enjoy lakefront vistas and nautical adventures, even if the entire urban simulacrum rests on mine ponds and sludge that have been moved to parts unknown. At sunset, the lake ebbs and shimmers throughout neighborhoods of fancy-schmancy homes, bridges, docks and boardwalks. With more than 3 miles of paved pathways that skirt the lake's perimeter, you can watch kids throw in their fishing lines and listen to ducks quacking in the reeds while you marvel at this fake but marvelous bustling bit of suburbia that is all in all quite glorious.

    Best Bike Playground
    Corner Canyon

    Sharing trails with mountain bikers can be frustrating for all parties involved, but not so much in Corner Canyon, where Draper and the Corner Canyon Trails Foundation have built a staggering concentration of all-ages, all-skill-level cycling facilities. Uphill- and downhill-only areas help to minimize trail conflicts and on any given weekend, riders from age 8 to 80 can be found catching air above the jump lines at the bike park or spraying dirt off the berms up the canyon. Various trailheads including Lower Corner Canyon, Coyote Hollow and Potato Hill, Draper,

    Best Enduring Pandemic Trend
    Outdoor Roller Disco Parties

    What at first seemed like a frenzied, cabin-fever inspired trend at the beginning of 2020 has turned into an enduring lifestyle hobby for many in 2021. With skating came roller disco revival, and outdoor skate night parties have endured, often hosted by the Salt Lake City Skate Babes and their host of slick DJs. Utilizing venues like Jordan Park, they've fused their boogie with activism, hosting fundraisers for local orgs and fun-themed nights like skate prom. IG: @slcskatebabes

    Best Dog Connection
    Rancho Luna Lobos

    This family owned and operated local dog-sledding business is much more than a pack of dogs that run, and win, races. Fernando and Dana Ramirez, along with their five children, have dedicated their lives to their 83 donated and/or rescue pups. These dogs of mixed breeds share a common purpose: to live their best life and give back to Fernando. Fernando works tirelessly to cultivate a connection to each dog, some of whom are blind or have temperament issues, building relationships of trust. Through time and discovery, he and his pack are a mushing team unlike any you've seen. Give yourself a gift and take a tour. Open year-round. 4733 W. Browns Canyon Road, Peoa, 435-783-3473,

    Best Inspiration for Waterwise Plants
    Red Butte's Water Conservation Garden

    Want to free yourself from the water-sucking green grass but unsure where to start? Red Butte's Water Conservation Garden provides plenty of water-wise inspiration—complete with plant names, preferred sun exposure and watering frequency—for turning that humdrum lawn into a blooming feast for the eyes. 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, 801-585-0556,

    click to enlarge Skinwalker Ranch in Utah’s Uintah Basin - COURTESY PHOTO
    • Courtesy Photo
    • Skinwalker Ranch in Utah’s Uintah Basin

    Best Paranormal Weirdness
    Skinwalker Ranch

    Skinwalker Ranch—located in Ballard, Utah, roughly a 2 ½ hour drive from Salt Lake—has reportedly been a hot spot for UFO and unexplained paranormal activity for nearly 50 years. More recently, Skinwalker Ranch has received international attention due to the History Channel show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch that attempts to unravel the many mysteries associated with the area. The ranch is as fortified as Area 51, but if you're curious about UFOs, a drive to remote Ballard may be worthwhile. Located in the Uintah Basin, near Roosevelt off Hwy. 191

    Best Trailhead at Twilight
    Squaw Peak Overlook

    Plenty of ink has been spent cataloguing the trailheads along the Wasatch Front. Almost all are boot-worn and dog-whizzed. None has enough parking. Some are targeted by smash-and-grab thieves, and overflowing trash cans are the norm. On the "scenic" scale, not many rank as high as the Squaw Peak Overlook if only because of its panoramic view of Salt Lake Valley. Accessed by a right turn off Highway 189, three miles beyond the mouth of Provo Canyon, a paved trailhead offers hiking trails on Squaw Peak and Buffalo Mountain. For afternoon hikers who plan ahead, the velvet hour finds them back at the overlook in time to uncork a bottle of wine as the sun sets beyond Utah Lake. Provo responds with a grid of night lights. Squaw Peak Overlook, Squaw Peak Road, Provo

    Best Dog Paradise
    Tanner Park

    Tanner Park is Salt Lake's official unofficial best off-leash dog park. Located at the mouth of Parleys Canyon where Interstates 80 and 215 intersect, the 13 acres of off-leash area and two watering holes are ideal places for furry friends to roam and play. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be found playing fetch, swimming and enjoying time with their humans. Ever wonder what heaven looks like? Visit Tanner Park. 2660 E. Heritage Way, SLC, 385-468-7275,

    Best Daylighting
    Three Creeks Confluence Park

    Salt Lake City is a community "founded by faith and nourished by irrigation," wrote Wallace Stegner. The Mormon pioneers' irrigation scheme relied on the seven canyon streams flowing out of the Wasatch Mountains. That those streams disappeared into pipes as the city grew is a monumental irony. Even the artful Seven Canyons Fountain in Liberty Park fell into waterless neglect. Then, in 2012, City Creek's eponymous shopping mall daylighted flowing water in the belief it would be good for business. Nine years later, three more streams have been outed in a $3-million park adjacent to the Jordan River Parkway Trail on 1300 South. In the Three Creeks Confluence Park, streams from Red Butte, Emigration and Parleys canyons meet in a stretch of newly restored channel. Its reach is just 200, day-lit feet, but it's a good start for a desert city. 950 W. 1300 South, SLC,

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