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Best of Utah 2018 

An ode to the people, places, products and services that make life the Beehive State exceptional.

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Best Place To Lunge Your Stress Away

Social Axe Throwing
Work got you down? Personal life in shambles? Looking for a way to consume alcohol and legally play with weapons? Channel your inner viking and go drink some beer and throw a few axes at Social Axe Throwing, a bar/warrior training ground with locations in Ogden, Orem and Salt Lake City. Originally conceived as a coffee shop, the owners changed their business' beverage of choice after watching a video of Jason Momoa—Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Aquaman in Justice League—drinking a beer and chucking an axe onto a target's bull's-eye. Who knew alcohol and hatchets were a match made in heaven? (KL)
Multiple locations,

Best Theater You Can't Believe Is in a Provo Shopping Mall
An Other Theater Co.
Edgy, contemporary theater and Provo would seem to fit together about as comfortably as pedestrians and e-scooters. But this innovative company, performing out of a 49-seat space that once was a RadioShack, has been shaking things up with challenging work that in another era might have gotten them shut down by the morals police. They debuted in 2017 with productions of How I Learned to Drive, which touches on pedophilia and incest, and Next Fall, about a gay couple grappling with the constraints of Christianity. But it was their faithful take on Angels in America and its heavy Mormon themes and characters that really cemented An Other on Utah's cultural landscape, fulfilling their vision of bringing diverse voices to a region that's begging more and more for them. And they're not letting up—coming soon is the dragalicious musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the closet-case comedy Perfect Arrangement. (RK)
Provo Towne Centre, 1200 Towne Centre Blvd., (second floor near Dillard's),

Best New Theater Home
Wasatch Theatre Co. at the Gateway
While Salt Lake County continues the important work of providing theater space for many performing arts companies, there's also a special feeling that comes from a company finding a place to call its own. As The Gateway transitions from a primarily retail space to an entertainment and experiences hub, Wasatch Theatre Co. planted its flag in one of those empty spaces to kick off its 2018 season. In addition to the company's own productions—like the recent You Got Older—the space also allows for collaborations with other, smaller companies. (SR)
124 S. 400 West, 801-973-2051,

  • Jasin Rodriquez

Best Gretchen Weiners-Influenced National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park
Why should Arches get to stomp around like a giant, while the rest of us try not to get smushed under its big sandstone formations? What's so great about Arches, hm? Bryce is just as cute as Arches, OK? Bryce is just as Instagramable as Arches. People totally like Bryce just as much as they like Arches. And when did it become OK for one national park to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that's not what Utah's Big 5 are about. We should totally just stab Arches! OK, don't stab it (how would you, anyway?) just go to Bryce—it's fetch af. (EL)

  • Courtesy Tucahn org

Best Natural Beauty as Theatrical Backdrop

Tuacahn Amphitheatre
Outdoor theater is a special seasonal delight in Utah, a chance to experience great stories under beautiful skies. Now imagine the boost that comes when your theater's backdrop was built by nature, in the form of stunning red-rock cliffs. The thing is, you don't have to imagine it: You can just visit Ivins, where Tuacahn's season of summer and fall theatrical productions—like this year's Matilda and The Prince of Egypt—offer family-friendly entertainment in a setting that takes your breath away like no other. (SR)
1100 Tuacahn Drive, Ivins, 800-746-9882,

  • Vince Corak

Best Brutally Punishing Hike

Jack's Mountain
You will repeatedly curse, cry and sigh your way through this 2.4-mile loop trail as you climb the AllTrails app-estimated 1,338 feet to its peak. Legs and lungs screaming after dragging yourself up several steep, mountainous inclines, you'll come across two mailboxes filled with notes addressed to Jack Edwards, a 21-month-old boy who passed away in 1995 after battling leukemia. The sobering moment of Zen underscores the fragility of life and its fleeting moments of beauty. Bring a pen so you can sign the journals (and consider bringing tissues if you plan on reading the notes), and then prepare yourself for the descent. (KL)
1835 Carrigan Canyon Drive

  • Matt Murray

Best Place To Warm Your Bones in Winter

Crystal Hot Springs
Combining freezing temperatures, black ice and toxic air-sludge, winter in Utah can be a long, Dickensian nightmare. Shuffle your dreary bodies north to Honeyville for slightly cleaner air and pools of rejuvenating elixir. Crystal Hot Springs is home to waters containing a dozen minerals, including lithium, which makes you feel pretty swell. Temperatures range from 120-134 degrees Fahrenheit in the several pools you can rotate through, and there's also a cold pool for a quick dip to reset. Or, in proper hot springs/sauna form, you could roll around in the snow before hopping back in. (SA)
8215 Utah Highway 38, Honeyville, 435-339-0338,

Best Place for a Morning Dip
Fairmont Aquatic Center
Start your day off right with a few laps at the Fairmont Aquatic Center. Located in the heart of Sugar House, the eight-lane, 25-yard lap pool is perfect for experts and novices, giving swimmers the space they need to do their best Michael Phelps impersonations. There's also a leisure pool that doubles as a children's playground, so drop off the kids to play while you strengthen that heart. The Salt Lake County-owned space is especially great for arthritic and chronic pain sufferers because it offers water aerobics and aqua Zumba classes, as well as a water-filled walkway that's ideal for those with bad knees, ankles and feet. (KL)
1044 E. Sugarmont Drive, 385-468-1540,

  • Derek Carlisle

Best Place To Fish

Provo River
Utah is full of lakes, rivers, reservoirs and streams where you can fish. The best spot if you're into fly-fishing might be along the Provo River, especially in the fall months. Bring your waders, your fishing license—duh—and anything else you might want for a day on the river and head out to Provo Canyon Road east of Provo. Find a spot to wade in and cast away. If you're up for the drive, head a little farther east to other parts of the Provo for a change in scenery. Chances are you'll encounter a number of trout making their way through the river. It's a great option if you don't have a boat and don't mind swimming with the fish. (RH)

  • Dave Bishop

Best Hike To Brave Solo

Living Room Trail
It took me a few weeks after moving to Utah to work up the gusto to hit the trails. I'd have to make my treks alone since I didn't know anyone in town, a frightening prospect because there'd be no one to save me if my travels went awry. I knew there were snakes here, and I'd seen that James Franco movie where he has to cut off his arm because it gets trapped under a boulder. Eventually, I settled on the Living Room Trail, a short, moderately easy climb that ends with a gorgeous view. It was such a well-trafficked route that I didn't even turn around and run home after seeing a rattlesnake. (KL)

Best Backcountry Drive
Burr Trail
Any drive billed as the best in Utah will catch an adventurer's eye. The only passage over a geological formation that vexed pioneers for decades? That puts the Burr Trail into a category all its own. Located in a remote confluence of Capitol Reef National Park, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, the Burr Trail features 70 miles that cross the contorted and once-impassable Waterpocket Fold. About one-third of that is unpaved, with a one-mile stretch offering up steep 12-percent grade switchbacks. "Spectacular" doesn't begin to do this drive justice, but you have to be prepared: Bring all your own food, water, gas and supplies and don't even think about attempting the Burr Trail if any rain is in the forecast. (NM)

Best Route to Zion National Park for an Agoraphobe
As the saying goes for those stricken with wanderlust, "It's about the journey, not the destination." The best way to live out the alleged Emerson quote is the backroads to Utah's Zion National Park. Hate crowds but love Mother Nature? Take the historic U.S. 89 to Mount Carmel Junction, 16 minutes from the east entrance of ZNP. "The west [main] entrance is a zoo," says Marco, a frequent park-goer and resident of Mount Carmel. "It can take you half an hour to get through that entrance." Route 89 stretches from Canada through the U.S. to Mexico. So if you fancy a Thelma & Louise trip—I'm not telling you to go or anything—there's really something for everyone. (RF)

Best Scenic Drive for Visiting Guests
Guardsman Pass to Park City
Beehive State residents face this dilemma all the time: visiting guests who want to see "the real Utah" without driving all the way to Zion or Arches. Try this relatively short summer-only route: Meander up Big Cottonwood Canyon, punctuated with a Donut Falls hike or a stroll around Brighton Lakes. Take your time topping Guardsman Pass, stopping for wildflower selfies, then check on the other half at Deer Valley before hitting Main Street in Park City. Stock up on sundries at Kimball Junction, and if kids are involved, don't miss the Olympic Museum, where admission is free and the 2002 Games go on forever. Best of all? The trip down Parley's Canyon gives your houseguests 30 minutes to snooze before catching their second wind in Salt Lake City. (NM)

  • Josh Scheuerman

Best Place To Take Your Tourist Friends on a Day Trip

Ensign Peak
Let's say your friend comes to visit Salt Lake City and you need to show them a place that captures the valley. You've tried to explain how the grid system works and how much sense it makes to get around town. However, they just don't get it. You can take them up the popular Living Room Trail, but that still doesn't show them the best perspective of the valley. Instead, head north to Ensign Peak. This is, after all, where Brigham Young and his pioneer faithful surveyed the valley and made plans on how they'd lay out the city—in squares, or a grid—and it makes sense. Really, it does. Show them the lake to the west and the mountains to the east—you can make out State Street to the south and they just might understand. (RH)
Ensign Vista Drive, Capitol Hill neighborhood

  • Utah Historical Society

Best Examination of Manifest Destiny's Ills

Golden Spike National Historic Site
A trip to Promontory Summit isn't easy, but it's worth it once you bump into Golden Spike National Historic Site, where the Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869. The knowledgeable and sensitive park rangers celebrate that achievement while also providing a heavy dose of reality on how it transformed the American West. The critical role of Chinese immigrants is celebrated; the horrid conditions for women and nearby Native Americans is deplored; and the near-catastrophic mistakes made by the bumbling white men leading the Union and Central Pacific railroads' efforts are called out without remorse. (Yes, the two work crews laying track passed each other by 250 miles—all to collect more government-subsidy bonds.) It's a fascinating, cringe-worthy tale: kind of like everything in American history. (NM)
6200 N. 22300 West, Promontory, 435-471-2209, ext. 429,

Best Place To Take in Utah's Wildlife Before It's Gone
Northwest Quadrant
If you fashion yourself an ornithologist, the wetlands around the Great Salt Lake are a great spot to explore Utah's variety of birds. But act quick: The Inland Port—an international trading hub with planes, trains and automobiles—is on its way. The nearly 20,000-acre development will vastly change the area near the airport. Some fear it will have an effect on bird migration patterns. So before they're pushed out by the most invasive species of all—humans—head out to the Northwest Quadrant and savor it while you can. (RH)

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  • Courtesy Replicolor

Best Mom & Pop Print Shop

If you think there's no alternative to local photo printing than Costco or Walgreen's, think again. Although it's located in a nondescript building behind the defunct Taffy Town on Richards Street, photography and art pros know Replicolor is the place to go for high-end and museum-quality printing—they've been at it since 1955. You can pick up a few nice 4-by-6 prints of the fam or go big with products like the acrylic sandwich: a photo print sealed between two pieces of acrylic with flame-polished corners. Replicolor even processes film and can scan those old slides you've had stashed in your basement for 30 years. (SA)
850 S. Richards St., 801-328-0271,

  • Courtesy Copper Palete Press

Best Place To Make Your Printmaking Dreams Come True
Copper Palate Press
If you've got a wild visual hair up your ass, you've got two choices: You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on your own screen-printing equipment, then find the space and the time to operate it. Or head down to Copper Palate Press and watch designs come to life under the careful eye of this creative collective. Specializing in small custom print jobs, Copper Palate's artists have done it all: reinterpreted movie posters for Tower Theatre, tour packages for every local band you can think of, limited-edition T-shirt runs for pop-up shows. Located in the brick garage that once housed DIY concert venue The Moroccan, Copper Palate Press even maintains a community spirit through regular exhibits that bring the printmaking process to life. (NM)
160 E. 200 South, 801-633-9470,

Best News for Brews and Views
Brewvies Ogden
The downtown Salt Lake City Brewvies has become an institution, providing a place to watch new and classic films while enjoying a frosty adult beverage and hearty meal—even fighting for your First Amendment rights to do so. That opportunity has expanded, with Brewvies opening its second location this year. Dinner and a movie has always been fun, and it's still even more fun to combine the two, and give a kick to the theatrical moviegoing experience. (SR)
2293 Grant Ave., Ogden, 801-392-2012,

  • Clifford Pembroke

Best Costume Connoisseurs

Pib's Exchange
Whether the occasion is Halloween, a pop-culture convention or a themed party, putting together that perfect costume can be a stressful undertaking. Pib's Exchange offers a huge range of options for men and women, from fully completed ensembles representing beloved characters to that one perfect accessory you need to top off your outfit. And if you feel like being creatively à la carte, Pib's inventory of vintage gently used clothing could provide just the inspiration you're looking for. (SR)
1147 S. Ashton Ave., 801-484-7996,

click to enlarge JOSH SCHEUERMAN
  • Josh Scheuerman

Best BYOB Concert Spot
Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre
"Pack your own picnic and beverages of choice." These eight words of beauty, included in Red Butte Garden's concert FAQs, change the game. In a state with such strict alcohol laws, I have no idea how it's legal to consume your own libations at Utah's official state arboretum. But I'm not asking questions. Instead, I'm carefully curating a cooler for each concert: red wine for Gipsy Kings, Shiner Bock for Shakey Graves, small-batch craft IPA for Dispatch, kombucha cocktails for Indigo Girls, moonshine for Avett Brothers, homemade hurricanes for Trombone Shorty. Yes, the ticket prices for these shows are steep—but when you factor in the savings on those weak 1.5-ounce pours at the bar, a concert under the stars at Red Butte Garden feels like heaven on earth. (NM)
2155 Red Butte Canyon, 801-585-0556,

Best Place to Unleash Your Inner Tarantino
Utah Film Center Artist Foundry
If you're looking to cast or cut that amazing indie film you've been slaving, sweating and crying over, it's hard to find a better place to do it than the Utah Film Center's Artist Foundry, which had its grand relaunching in September. This is a place for the craft of filmmaking: rehearsal and audition rooms for discovering the next Meryl; open-access editing bays geared up with Final Cut and Adobe Creative Cloud; a screening room to check your film's progress or watch a flick from the Foundry library; a conference room where you can sign that huge Hollywood distribution deal; and a cushy lounge where you can load up with every filmmaker's most important tool—free coffee. The Foundry also has frequent workshops on directing, screenwriting and fundraising, as well as equipment rentals for members, including microphones, tripods and big expensive cameras that you really don't want to drop. (RK)
320 S. 300 East, 801-509-9747,

Best Second Chance To Dance
It's Been a While Dance Co.
For many who love to dance, there comes a time when life steers you away from the possibility of it being a professional career—but that doesn't mean those folks can't still do what they love. Based out of the South Jordan Rec Center, It's Been a While Dance Co. invites non-professionals to gather and improve their skills at tap, ballet, modern dance and more. And those part-time dancers can even get a chance to perform in front of audiences at the Rose Wagner Center during an annual program, just like the pros. (SR)
10866 S. Redwood Road, South Jordan, 801-580-2576

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  • Courtesy Fringe

Best Performance Test Kitchen

Great Salt Lake Fringe
Being an artist of any kind is a challenge; for performing artists trying to mount works of theater or dance, it can be even harder trying to get your work in front of viewers, especially when theater space is at a premium and risk-taking work can inherently limit your audience. The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival provides an annual summer showcase of new short works, allowing established companies and eager newcomers to try out stuff that's funky, unconventional or just plain weird. Every act of creation is a risk, but this is just one way of making experimentation possible. (SR)

  • Derek Carlisle

Best Park City Entertainment Landmark

Egyptian Theatre
Yes, it's been the go-to B-roll image identifying the Sundance Film Festival for more than 20 years, providing a showcase venue in the middle of the Main Street hustle and bustle. But throughout the year, long after the "people in black" have returned to the coasts, Park City's Egyptian Theatre offers one of the most diverse lineups of live entertainment in the state. Whether you fancy the dancing of Odyssey Dance's Thriller, classic rock performers like Judy Collins and Firefall, musical theater or stand-up comedy, the Egyptian fills its calendar year-round with something for everyone. (SR)
328 Main, Park City, 435-649-9371,

Best $10 Voucher
Golden Hills Motel
Is it a restaurant or is it a motel? The mystery ends here—it's both! The hidden gem that is Golden Hills is the thriftiest motel closest to Zion National Park. Guests get a $10 voucher to—you guessed it—Golden Hill restaurant to load up on housemade blueberry pies and coffee before heading out on the mainy trails of Zion. Golden Hills is the best stay for procrastinators booking last-minute rooms. While there's cable, Wi-Fi is spotty—but, hey, who needs it when you have Utah's kickass southern wilderness? (RF)
4530 State, Mount Carmel, 435-648-2268,

click to enlarge SCOTT RENSHAW
  • Scott Renshaw

Best Immersive World

Evermore Park
Utah theme-park fans who have had to visit California to get their fix for losing themselves in fantasy worlds now have something a bit closer to home—in Pleasant Grove. After a long development phase, Evermore Park finally debuted with a special event in September, followed by opening to the public with its "Lore" experience combining role-playing actors in a detailed, beautifully designed Old World hamlet. While more areas remain to be completed, Evermore already has the stuff of a place crafted with love, care and a lot of magic. (SR)
382 S. Evermore Lane, Pleasant Grove,

Best Place To Stick it to the Establishment
Neighbor states
For months, Utahns have been bombarded with news—and even fake news—about Proposition 2, the ballot initiative that would legalize medical cannabis. The Legislature was virtually silent until fall on making the plant available to those suffering from arthritis, epilepsy and other ailments. So, the public has taken matters into its own hands. But that initiative only covers medical conditions. If you really want to stick it to "the man," why not follow some people's lead and move to Nevada or Colorado? Those states allow medical and recreational use. And you'd be taking your hard-earned tax dollars to states with a little more freedom. How does that sound, Legislature? (RH)

click to enlarge NICK MORRIS
  • Nick Morris

Best Super Cheap but Super Awesome Haircut

The Dollar Barber Shop
The now decade-long revival of bushy-bearded dudes looking like they've stepped out of the 1880s has directly fed into the rise of overpriced hipster shave-and-a-haircut joints. But why shell out $30 when you can get the same quality chop for a fraction? The Dollar Barber Shop has been cuttin' heads on the cheap for more than 50 years, barely adjusted for inflation (30 years ago, their price for a basic cut was $3). Most short cuts for men and women are just $6, while more styled looks are only $12. And beardos, they'll trim your furry face for that same $6-$12 range too, with never an appointment needed. Just be sure to thank your barber with a generous tip—you'll still be paying less than anywhere else. (RK)
679 S. 700 East, 801-414-9689,

click to enlarge JANE GLEESON
  • Jane Gleeson

Best Place To Get Hair Ripped Out of Your Naughty Bits (and Other Areas)

Salt Wax Society
If, like me, your preference is to conform to society's standards of hairless naughty bits, Salt Wax Society is the perfect place to get all that hair torn out. Not only do the waxers pay attention to the most sensitive parts of your body, they also de-hair other places, too. Brows, legs, underarms, asscrack, any place your body grows hair! Amazing! Why shave or let your hair grow when you can be in extreme pain for 30 minutes? Waxing hurts but the results are worth it for the smooth results lasting up to three weeks. Student discounts, memberships and a friendly staff make the experience worth it. (KR)
464 S. 600 East, 385-528-0798,

Best Tattoo Shop To Get a Regrettable Neck Tattoo at 18
Big Deluxe Tattoo
So, you just turned 18, you can legally vote and mark your body with whatever the hell you want. You want your knuckles tattooed? Your face? Neck? Inner lip? Big Deluxe's talented tattoo artists will get the job done. After going through a military-like apprenticeship that destroys relationships, the artists don't care if you want to get matching tattoos with your girlfriend of a month. Big Deluxe has two locations only a block away from each other, so there's always availability. Tattoos are forever until you can afford laser removal, so, choose Big Deluxe for good-looking ink. (RK)
662 S. State, 801-595-1186,

Best Nearby Refuge from the Urban Jungle
Liberty Park
I laughed out loud the first time I biked the concrete path around Liberty Park. I'd just moved to Salt Lake City from Texas, a state where voters consider the word "taxes" to be a curse. As I explored the environmental heaven that is Salt Lake's second-biggest park (Sugar House Park is larger), I saw Tracy Aviary, a park-within-a-park at least partially funded by taxpayer dollars. What's more, I later learned, voters have continued to OK funding after the aviary was built. I shudder to think what Texans would have done had that request been on their ballots. They likely would have flipped 'em a bird of their own. (KL)
600 E. 900 South

Best Free Parking
It can be too easy to get a parking ticket downtown these days. Gone are the change-only meters that might let you get away with a few unpaid minutes. Now, everything is electronic, and it can be easier to see who hasn't paid. Not to worry, though. Downtown still has a few free parking spots on the street if you look hard enough. If you're up for a little walking, Japantown, where Nihon Matsuri is held each year just west of the Salt Palace Convention Center, usually has some free two-hour spots you can snag. It's also an easy location if you're going to a concert at Abravanel Hall. (RH)
100 South between 200 and 300 West

  • Avenging Angel Films and Photography

Best Tattoo Studio With the Biggest Heart

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel is Utah's only tattoo shop with an all-women staff of artists, which can be beneficial in several ways. No sketchy dudes with needles in their hands regaling customers with tales of how many ladies they had over the weekend, for one. Another is obvious: Tattoo studios can be intimidating for women, especially if they're looking to put a positive spin on a painful past. Fallen Angel takes pride in doing amazing cover-up work, helping women who've had their bodies scarred from breast cancer surgeries, domestic abuse or self-harming. Nothing can make one feel more empowered than replacing awful physical reminders with beautiful flowers, stars, trees or whatever you like. They also host special events where you can get a cat tattoo, with profits going to Salt Lake County Animal Services. (RK)
1530 S. State, 801-864-6490,

  • Josh Wiebel

Best Way To Spend a Summer Day

A Salt Lake Bees game at Smith's Ballpark
A day savoring America's pastime is a pleasure no matter where you live, but here in Salt Lake City, we're blessed with one of the best parks in the country. Where else can you watch AAA ball with a major mountain range looming in the distance? (Yes, the Colorado Rockies play in Denver, but you can barely glimpse those mountains from Coors Field.) No, the Bees have seen big-league heroes like David Ortiz, Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani cranking home runs in front of the snow-capped Wasatch Range while come July, Fireworks Night seems to stretch all month. Spend an afternoon or two at Smith's Ballpark and you'll reach a rare state of baseball nirvana—so rare you'll be searching for next year's season tickets as soon as you get home. (NM)
77 W. 1300 South,

Best New Place To Buy Alcohol
Lee's Discount Liquor
I know this is the Best of Utah, but there's a store in Mesquite, Nev., that's long been popular with passersby who stop and purchase liquor. Why? Because you'll likely find cheaper prices than at local state-operated outlets. Now, Lee's Discount Liquor has opened a location closer to the Wasatch Front in West Wendover, Nev. Just 90 minutes west of Salt Lake, the town draws thousands from the area to its casinos. With the possibility of approving medical and later recreations cannabis, the town could soon be the closest one-stop shop for all the "sinning" you can't do in Utah. But until then, you can at least find full-strength beer and discounted liquor after you've finished losing your paycheck at the blackjack table. (RH)
1355 W. Wendover Blvd., West Wendover, Nev., 775-299-3033,

  • Paul Hudson

Best Town That Makes You Realize You Might Have a Drinking Problem

I moved to Salt Lake City in April. To get here, I had to drive for four days from Texas with my dad. We planned on heading from Roswell to Moab, but the nine-hour haul proved too much for two guys with a bad back and an arthritic knee. Blanding was the first place we stopped in Utah. We got a room at a motel and asked where we could get some beer. "Oh, no, sir, we're a nice Mormon town," one employee told my dad before she made a confession: "Moving back here was the worst mistake of my life." We left as soon as the sun rose the next morning. (KL)

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