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    • Robin Banks

    It's been 29 years since City Weekly released its first-ever Best of Utah issue. During that time, and taking into consideration the bevy of imitators that have come and gone, you'd think we'd run out of ideas by now. Think again.

    Showcased once more in a fancy, glossy package (a format we debuted last year), our ragtag team of desperado staffers and contributors have assembled an unabashed love letter to some of the people, places, products and services that truly make Utah special.

    Emblazoned in this publication, you'll find some 200 unique options meant to get you out of the house and into a local boutique, cinema, bar, eatery, park or body-modifying studio just to name a few. Additionally, you'll discover several reasons to become more politically active by attending a march, lending your support to community-action groups, ringing up your elected representatives and, hopefully, vote.

    Throughout these pages, you'll also stumble upon a celebration of the ultimate Utah-centric art exhibit (one revolving around those pesky "This premise is licensed as a restaurant not a bar" signs, no less), an ode to Hot Cheeto-crusted grains and an obscure reference to a 1970s martial arts TV series.

    In the end, we hope you hold onto this magazine and see it as an oracle of things to do in and around the Beehive State between sips of low-point beer and gulping mouthfuls of green Jell-O. How's about catching an experimental theater performance inside a Provo mall, enjoying continental fare in Logan or rocking hoop earrings with no shame at Bryce Canyon National Park? They're all inside.

    Oh, and we haven't forgotten about reader input—a Best-of hallmark since its origins. More than 10,000 of you cast a record 144,873 votes across the seven categories in our readers' section. Thank you all, and props to the steak lover who wrote-in "F*ck if I know" under Best Vegan Restaurant; the eight of you who needed more time to fill out the ballot and responded "Hmmm" in some of our poll's queries; and the disgruntled soul who answered "Holly, my neighbor," in the Worst Utahn category.

    Restaurateurs, students, activists, servers, Utah natives, fresh transplants and everyone in between—this issue is for all of you. Yes, even you, Holly.

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