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Best of Utah 2013: Goods & Services 

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Best Hosiery Specialists
All About Socks

You know it’s true: Your socks are boring, just something you stick between your feet and your shoes. But there’s no reason they can’t be more. Ken and Hillary Ong launched their first All About Socks store in Logan in 2010, and have already expanded to four additional locations. Grab lively specialty socks for holidays, to represent your favorite team or just for something colorful and fun. Fashionable tights and leggings are always a hit, and if you have special foot-care needs, you’ll also find compression and diabetic socks.
Multiple locations,

Best “Real Women Have Curves” Swimwear
Persona Swimwear

Salt Lake City’s Emily Sanders wants every woman to know that it’s possible to find a bathing suit that works for her body—not just the bodies of swimsuit models. Sanders brings her fine-arts background to bear on Persona, a line of beach attire, sold online and through various boutiques, that isn’t designed to show the most skin possible, but to show a sense of flair and fun that isn’t always found in “mom” bathing suits. The results are colorful, unique creations for every size, shape and sensibility.

Best Way to Smooth Things Out
Blender Bottle

No matter how fervently you shake your post-workout protein powder in a bottle of water or milk, there always seems to be gooey balls of whey that don’t dissolve. Blender Bottle makes functional, stylish, BPA-free bottles that stand out from the rest thanks to the Pleasant Grove company’s patented BlenderBall technology. Set the little Slinky-esque stainless-steel sphere inside the bottle to pulverize clumps of supplement powder into a smooth concoction every time.

Best Bouquet
The Art Floral

Anyone can pick up a slightly wilted plastic-wrapped bouquet from the grocery store on the way home, or get a pre-packaged order over the phone or online. But going to The Art Floral can turn a simple gesture into a meaningful event. The shop’s crew puts thought, care and painstaking effort into every arrangement to make it stand out as a work of art. Whether the flowers end up next to a hospital bed wishing someone well, on a business counter as a thank-you, or showing an important person in your life that you truly love them, the green thumbs at The Art Floral will make the sentiment count.
580 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City,  801-363-0565,



Best Artsy Décor
The Old Flamingo

Don’t make the mistake of thinking The Old Flamingo is just another consignment shop. It’s actually an artists collective, featuring 17 local artists (owner Missy Coombs is pictured) who specialize in furniture and home accessories—meaning you’ll get top-quality vintage furniture and decorative items that you won’t have to blast with a sander when you get home. Or, if you’ve got a gorgeous old dresser with a hideous coat of paint, you can commission one of the Old Flamingo artists to give it new life with a different color and painting style.
3474 S. 2300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-274-3474,

Best Eye for Design
Grassroots Modern

When browsing through the categories within this local design blog, it’s obvious where editor Creede Fitch’s loyalties lie: affordable design. Fitch, a Utah native, fell in love with minimalist and mid-century modern design more than a decade ago and couldn’t resist sharing. He mostly posts photos mostly of eye-catching furniture, but he doesn’t shy away from drool-worthy architecture and local homes, along with furniture that he built himself. Who needs to peruse Pinterest when you’ve got Grassroots Modern?


Best Custom-Leather Cow-Kickers
Roundy Boots

A sturdy pair of leather boots will likely last longer than your brief time on this planet, and a good pair is worth every penny—especially if it’s been custom-built to your feet and fashion sense. Don Roundy has been crafting specialty boots, shoes, sandals and even saddles for more than 30 years. No matter how weird your foot is shaped, Roundy can cobble a snazzy pair of boots to any specification.
4826 S. 2200 West, Salt Lake City, 801-209-7561,

Best Women’s Fashion Statement
Solissa's Boutique

A blend of local, international, eclectic, and uniquely personal styles, this Sugar House boutique doesn’t stop at simply selling new and vintage women’s clothes, jewelry and footwear, but also offers patrons a chance to custom-build their very personal style. The owner herself creates some of the store’s items, like dresses made from tie-dyed slips, and skirts made out of vintage scarves. Patrons can even bring in favorite clothing items to be custom-studded with nail heads for a tougher, industrial-chic look. And, in keeping with the store’s community spirit, every Saturday, shoppers are treated to free hors d’oeuvres and beverages and, if they’re feeling bold, the chance to jump into the occasional in-store karaoke singalong.
1950 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-467-2909,

Best Fashion Metal
Metalhead Jewelry Design

All fashion trends come full circle—that’s why you suckers shouldn’t have thrown away those snap bracelets from 1993. But when it comes to medieval gear, it was only a matter of time before someone like local artist Carrie Wakefield started slinging chain-mail jewelry accessories. Wakefield’s unique chain-mail creations are made with galvanized steel and are regular head-turners at Craft Lake City.

Best Sharp Skills
Lorenz Knife Shop's Mobile Sharpening

You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, the adage goes. You can also tell a lot about him by his knives—what varieties he keeps, how clean they’re kept, how sharp they are. Lorenz won’t let you be judged by your dull blade. This family business, which dates back to 1886 in Austria, has built a solid foundation on hard work. And, starting in 2012, they took that foundation on the go, with mobile knife-sharpening services. Lorenz can be found at the Downtown Farmers Market or hired for on-site expert sharpening.

Best Curvaceous Aprons
No Plain Janes

An X-rated apron might not have much function, but it sure is fun to think about. Also fun are designer Lynne Dickey’s No Plain Janes aprons (rated G to PG), smocks and tops. Dickey’s been at it since 2007 with adventurous material, playful patterns and even era-specific styles. The curve-accentuating cover-almost-alls put the fun in fennel, the spring in spongecake and the sexy in spaghetti.



Best Handcrafted Paper Goods
Ink Run Press

Nothing says old-school like a 1,500-pound press in a church basement. Artists Shannon Petty (pictured) and Ashley Smith have turned their small idea of handcrafted letterpress into a booming business. Their beautiful, unique designs and patterns decorate everything from business cards to invitations to giant posters. The duo’s simple operation and careful attention to minute details have put them in a higher league of crafters.
387 E. First Ave., Salt Lake City, 801-554-6440,

Best Axes
Guitar Czar

Local guitar gods and goddesses have a secret weapon: Eric Sopanen and his über-savvy staff at Guitar Czar. This is the place where the real guitar-slingers—from shredders to Django-style pickers—go for their goods. And by goods, I mean not only the standard stuff—Fender, Gibson, Marshall and such—but also G&L, Matchless, Tony Bruno, Bad Cat, Victoria, Bogner and much more. Lessons, maintenance, repairs and mods are available, too.
2953 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City,  801-466-8666,

Best Rap Cars
Ararat  European Motors

Every rapper needs a shiny new sled for their rap video, and Ararat European Motors are the go-to guys for hip-hop’s best. With clients like Waka Flocka and Dr. Dre, owner Tony Ouzounian and marketing director Jason Moore have been quietly filling an overlooked niche in the music industry since 1987. Whether you’re making a video or want a new picture for your profile, Ararat can rent you a new Lamborghini, Bentley or any other car you probably couldn’t afford to actually own.
3323 S. 200 East, Salt Lake City, 801-486-2040,

Best Place to Find a Mascot
Alinco Costumes

Have you ever wondered how mascots are born? Don’t worry, it’s not as awkward as you’d think. Many of the nation’s mascots come from Alinco Costumes in Salt Lake City. The company has been around since 1889 and is responsible for such mascots as the Jack Links Sasquatch, Jazz Bear and more than half of the NBA’s mascots. So, when you’re ready to pull the trigger on that oversize chicken suit, Alinco will make your dream a reality.
5505 S. Riley Lane, Murray, 801-266-6337,

Best Chic Bargains
The Exchange Consignment

If the pickers at your local Deseret Industries beat you to the punch every time in your quest for consignment-priced treasures, perhaps it’s time to take a little trip to Park City. Since the Sundance town collects more than its fair share of snazzy-dressing glitterati, it also collects some great consignment clothes. Stop by the store and you’ll be treated to some choice vintage Western shirts and spiffy cowboy boots, top-label trunk treasures from brands like Coco Chanel, and contemporary gear like Ugg boots—without the contemporary price tag.
350 Main, Park City, 435-649-3360



Best Malt Balls
Maison Confiserie & Boutique

There’s chocolate, and then there’s chocolate, and there are Whoppers, and then there are these magical malt balls. Though also available in fun flavors like mint Oreo, the milk-chocolate malt balls are by far the best—so popular that they’re ordered by the pallet at Maison Confiserie & Boutique, which sells a huge variety of other gourmet penny candies, as well as gifts. The airy, melt-in-your-mouth malt centers are covered with a thick, glossy milk-chocolate coating that keeps people coming back for them by the pound.
1291 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-953-0334,

Best Home Delivery
Zip Kit Homes

What’s more convenient than having your new home delivered right to your (future) front door? Zip Kit Homes offers prefabricated home kits and home components that can be delivered from the Mount Pleasant factory straight to the site of your abode-to-be. Since the components are pre-constructed, they’re cheaper than if they were built on-site, and are oftentimes more energy efficient. It’s a quick fix, too, since the parts assemble more easily—entire Zip Kit homes can usually be put together in as little as six to eight weeks.

Best Back-to-the-Future Vehicles

Made from plant fiber and quarried minerals, Skratch is a sculpting material that has been used to turn an old truck into a beautiful, sand-castle-looking sculpture—that’s driveable. It’s been used to transform a spiral staircase into a work of art seemingly straight out of The Little Mermaid. It’s pliable, malleable and easy to work with, but when it dries, it’s nearly as hard as rock or hardwood. Jared Morris Nicholson invented Skratch for his own artistic pursuits, but any artist, mason, sculptor, craftsperson or DIYer can easily use the load-bearing medium for art—functional or not.

Best Local Ski Poles
Panda Poles

Handcrafted here in the Wasatch, Panda Poles are made from sustainable bamboo shafts and hemp webbing. They’re aesthetically pleasing and lightweight, have a higher tensile strength than aluminum, a greater strength-to-weight ratio than graphite and come with a first-season warranty. These locally made skiin’ sticks are proof that synthetic materials are not a necessity in the ski industry.

Best European Furnishings
Euro Treasures Antiques

Entering downtown from the 600 South exit ramp, you’ll see a sign for one of the greatest antique experiences in Utah, where history and interior decoration collide in a mix of wonderful possibilities. Most of the wares came over from England in 89 containers. The sheer scale of the 87,000-square-foot, two-floor building boggles the mind—it’s a dusty labyrinth of European furniture and African collectibles on the ground floor and thousands of chairs on the second floor. Antique shopping will never be quite the same again.
470 W. 600 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-6390,

Best Hair Aware
Landis Lifestyle Salon

When you call to book your first appointment with Landis Lifestyle Salon, you’ll speak with a clairvoyant. Or at least that’s what we’ve decided based on the evidence of being paired with stylists who already know how to handle our hair, because they’ve been blessed—or cursed—with the same mane. Have hair that’s curly-ish, slow-growing and prone to frizz? They know how to make it shine and grow to Rapunzel lengths. Maybe your hair is long and stick-straight and yearns to be both low-maintenance and stylish. They can make that happen, too. And, of course, if you want to try something new, they’re eager to experiment—and can tell you, from firsthand experience: bangs, definitely; asymmetrical layers, hell, no.
Multiple locations,

Best Recovery Support
House of Hope

Addicts in recovery who have young children face enormous struggles. At House of Hope, women can find confidential treatment for alcohol and drug dependence and other difficult issues through counseling, education, classes and inpatient services. Utah has a deep and desperate need for the quality substance-abuse counseling that House of Hope is determined to provide.
Multiple locations,

Best Massage on the Go
Kudzu Body Clinic

For those of who carry stress knotted up in their necks and backs, part of the problem is not having time for stress relief—there’s the rub. But there’s a solution for those in need of a quick massage that they can fit in between errands or on their lunch break. The friendly and talented muscle-kneaders of Kudzu Body Clinic offer all manner of massage. But for those short on time, the fast-break treatment is ideal. For $35, you get 30 minutes focused on just the areas giving you trouble, so you can get de-stressed for success.
835 E. 4800 South, No. 230, Murray, 801-810-7226,

Best Dog in a Blanket

An old, flat baby blanket might be the default item to keep your little dog warm—but there’s a better way. This Utah-based company created a patented design that stays in a nice, sleeping-bag-like shape to help small dogs retain body heat. It’s also an ideal way to keep lap dogs on your lap without worrying about getting covered in hair, and carry them in a way that keeps them calmer and more secure. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs.

Best South Salt Lake Barbering
The Hair King Barber Shop

The unofficial center of South Salt Lake is arguably The Hair King Barber Shop. Owned and operated by James McCullar, this neighborhood hangout is packed any time of the day. McCullar has more than 15 years of experience and has trimmed the heads of celebrities like Terrence Howard, Ginuwine, Slim Thug, Jaamal Tinsley and Lamar Odom, just to name a few. He’s also one of the few barbers in town who can lay down some decent hair art.
363 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City,  801-897-4258,

Best Undead Family Fun
Eaten by Zombies

Ogden-based graphic designer Max Holliday first launched Eaten by Zombies in 2011. Since then, the turn-based zombie-survival card game has been shambling into homes across the country. The popular card game follows a Magic: The Gathering model in which players use a simple starting deck of weapons cards to fend off the undead waiting in the zombie deck to attack them. Players then scavenge for supplies and last as long as they can. Even when you die, you get to come back to eat the players still remaining in the game. It’s horrific fun for the whole family!

Best Furry Heartstring Tug
Best Friends Animal Society Trolley Square Pet Adoption Center

How much is that kitty in the window? Practically free and ridiculously adorable. Best Friends Animal Society and Salt Lake County Animal Services teamed up in 2012 to bring pets in need of “forever homes” to Trolley Square, where they can be seen by shoppers who might not have otherwise known they needed a new furry friend. It’s an ingenious idea, and more than 400 pets have found owners in less than a year.
Trolley Square, 505 S. 700 East, Salt Lake City, 801-521-4103

Best Hometown Comics Pride
Black Cat Comics

Greg Gage has established a mecca of comics in Sugar House, adding to the overall tapestry of the Salt Lake City comics scene in an important way. He’s helped local artists get their books out and stocked as many local comics as possible. He’s even willing to join forces with competitors to promote the entire comics medium—a sure sign of a winning store.
2261 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-461-4228,

Best Purses
Hip & Humble

Though it’s easy to become dazzled by the funky seasonal items and bright kitchen accessories, don’t leave Hip & Humble without stopping to check out their amazing array of shoulder bags, clutches, totes and more. Fossil—always a whimsical yet upscale choice—is the big brand here, but Hip & Humble also features names you won’t find at the department store, in trend-setting colors and styles you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to live without. The budget-friendly purses are carefully curated to be only of the highest quality, and quantities are limited—good if you want to be one of a kind, bad if you lollygag and miss out on the beautiful purse of your dreams.
Multiple locations,

Best Dressy Boutique
Wight House

Through the decades, Wight House clothing boutique in Bountiful has withstood the onslaught of big-box retailers, chain stores, Internet shopping and more. The family owned & operated boutique clothing store for women and teens offers brands you just won’t find at the mall and personalized service to help you coordinate a fun, tasteful outfit for the first day of school or Easter Sunday. Want something unique? You need to drop by the Wight House.
85 N. Main, Bountiful, 801-292-2200

Best Way To Pimp Your Ride
TK Customs

Everyone knows that the best way to make something slightly more badass is to add airbrushed flames. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your boring PT Cruiser turn some heads, Todd Kirby of TK Customs is Salt Lake City’s airbrushin’ Bob Ross. If you need some sweet new flames, a skull or a flaming skull, Kirby can do it. After all, he’s been painting since 1985 and is comfortable working with anything, including hockey masks, RC planes and your shiny new whip.
2123 W. 2200 South, West Valley City, 801-908-5580,


Best Mechanic Duo
E P Automotive

E P Automotive stands for Emmett and Paul. It’s simple—how the mechanic team likes it. The two have been in business on Edison Street for more than 20 years, and many before that working together at Emmett’s father’s shop next door. Emmett primarily works the desk and does diagnostic testing, while Paul is in the back getting dirty. It’s hard to find a good mechanic, and even harder to find an honest one, but E P Automotive gets high marks from its customers, who have stuck with them over the years, driving from as far as Ogden and Park City for service.
951 Edison St. (150 East), Salt Lake City, 801-355-4614

Best “Human Kangaroo” Gear
Okkatots Baby Carriers

There are plenty of ways to carry an infant, but most of them are uncomfortable for carrier or carry-ee. These versatile front-carriers are created in Utah by a trained nurse and allow for holding babies in an orthopedically sound position, with the ability to adjust the carrier easily so baby can be facing inward or outward, and be removed when sleeping without being disturbed. And life just got even easier with the carriers’ insulated pockets for your accessories (keys, phone, etc.) or baby’s (sippy cups, pacifiers).

Best Board Game Fix
Game Night Games

For any fan of board games, both social and more competitive, there’s one place in town to get your fix—the prime Sugar House location of Game Night Games. You’ll find games you can bring home to mother, like Apples to Apples, Farkle, Othello and more, plus more unusual games with a science-fiction, mystery or hard-core strategy bent. With as much space dedicated to open play area as retail, you can buy and play all in one trip.
2148 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City,  801-467-2400,

Best Treasures
Two Dancing Cats

Every corner, surface and wall of this whimsical shop is filled with tastefully arranged treasures, so whatever your budget, you can find a fun gift to suit anyone in your life, from babies to the fashion-conscious to foodies. Spend a few bucks on a picture frame and some delightfully packaged bath salts, or invest in an Italian leather Taxi travel wallet printed with scenes from vintage Nancy Drew books. Drinkers will appreciate the classy and quirky wine glasses and liquor decanters, while cooks (and eaters) will love the array of local and unique snacks, spices, condiments and drink mixes—go whole hog and have the shop’s staff pack it all up in a wooden Two Dancing Cats gift box.
1790 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City,  801-485-0554,

Best Musician Turned Barber
Drew Danburry Shop

The thing about being a traveling musician and playing more than 700 concerts in five years is that your audience isn’t always a captive one. And the thing about cutting hair is that a barber always has a captive audience. For singer-songwriter Drew Danburry, it’s all about that personal connection. He still writes music but no longer performs live shows; his main focus is cropping mops and applying aftershave. With his slicked-back hair and oversize, Dad-like glasses, holding a pair of clippers and a comb, this artist not only looks the part of classically trained barber, but actually is one—his trimming skills are legit.
55 N. University Ave., No. 145, Provo, 801-607-1093,

Best Fashion Finds

One of the finest additions to the 9th & 9th area over the past decade has been Fresh, the modern-clothing store, catering to both men’s and women’s styles, that unites Salt Lakers with today’s most innovative styles and independent brands. Everything in the shop has been carefully chosen by the owners. Explore the shelves and you’re sure to find something—a svelte jacket, a killer pair of jeans or daring leather boots—that seems to have been made with you in mind.
870 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City,  801-532-3458,

Best Park City Gift Shop
Olive & Tweed

It’s unthinkable to visit this mountain town without picking up a classy gift that you can give to someone and say, “Oh, just a little something I picked up in Park City.” The perfect middle ground between the moose-adorned T-shirt shops and the pricey galleries is Olive & Tweed. Step down into the fashion boutique for a gift that’ll please any woman, or visit the loft for unique home items, fun games and toys for kids and classy gifts for discerning guys.
608 Main, Park City, 435-649-9392

Best Travel Concierge
Susie Amoss

Forget Kayak. When you want a travel plan and a pro to call when you miss your connection to Rome, you want Susie Amoss, travel concierge, on your side. She plans exotic adventures anywhere in the world, or can simply book overnight stops on your Argentine bike tour, or a hotel in San Diego. You’ll get the best deal around, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to use her services.

Best Green thumbs
Joe's Greenhouse

Located at the south end of Layton, Joe’s is a secret weapon of Davis County green thumbs. The family-owned garden store has been in business since 1950, serving customers with an extensive knowledge of what grows in Utah, and offering prices that even Walmart and Home Depot can’t beat. We haven’t found a question yet about growing plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and such that the friendly folks at Joe’s can’t answer.
779 S. Main, Layton, 801-544-3820,

Best Sewing Classes
Cottonwood Fabrics
At the west end of a Sandy strip mall, this treasure trove of colorful fabrics and quilts is a magnet for young people with sewing machines. For an hour and a half, a few children at a time huddle over sewing machines under the guidance of Elizabeth Preston, creating masterpieces ranging from pajamas and dresses to stylish bags. Doting parents should make sure to pick up their children immediately at the end of class, or else they’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on the wide range of fabrics and designs they’ve found while waiting.
8617 Highland Drive, Sandy, 801-733-7397,

Best Made-to-Order Shades
Toaster Shades

In 2008, Tristan Noone was figuring out how to further his creative self-expressive street-style art; he wanted to make it accessible to more people more often. It finally dawned on him during a skateboarding sesh: sunglasses. Toaster Shades offers new and retro designs that are fresh—because, according to the website, your face is out of style. These trendy and affordable ($30-$40) eye protectors are handmade and even customizable—practically any style, pattern or phrase can be put on a pair of Toaster Shades.

Best Zombie Preparation Course

ZAPS stands for Zombie Apocalypse Preparation & Survival, and though co-owners Sean Stephens and Garrett Middaugh don’t actually believe a zombie threat is imminent, they do believe that if you’re ready for a zombie takeover, you’re ready for anything. With a combined background in pharmaceutical development, law enforcement, emergency medical services and pathophysiology, these two teach disaster preparation and survival techniques with a fun and topical twist. They also sell hats, T-shirts and “zombiestrong” wristbands to help ward off the undead, should the time come.


Best Recycled Gear
2nd Tracks Sports

At 2nd Tracks Sports, you’ll find a dizzying array of both new and used sports gear. Ski and snowboard equipment is the main draw here, along with backcountry gear and some bike stuff. It’s all priced to appeal to the stingiest budgets, but plan to spend some time when you visit; there are lots of nifty goodies to peruse.
2927 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-466-9880,

Best Gathering Spot
Pierpont Place

We all keep an eye out for that perfect place to hold a special gathering, whether it’s a wedding, a corporate training or a swanky catered party. The 13,000 square feet in historic Pierpont Place is that “blank canvas” ready to be transformed into the eclectic, mood-enhancing backdrop to your downtown function. The friendly staff can put you in touch with event planners who know how to make the occasion pop for as few as 20 or up to 500 happy campers. Come, mingle and meet right here … for tomorrow you may be home on your couch, surfing Netflix.
163 W. Pierpont Ave. (240 South), Salt Lake City, 801-598-4444,


Best Precious  Jewel Hound
Dana Richardson

Dana Richardson is a Salt Lake City-based certified gemologist who sources spectacular emeralds, rubies, diamonds, pearls and other precious gems from around the world—without the usual hype and overhead. She has designed pieces for generations of families, manned diamond-fraud hotlines for the Federal Trade Commission, and keeps her cool when guys want to start shopping at 5 p.m. on Valentine’s Day eve.
1115 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-581-9900,

Best Clicks for Clucks

At 19 years old, Joe Lookinland is hard at work building an empire of colorful, handmade chicken coops. Built to withstand Utah’s harsh winters, Lookinland’s plywood coops are built on stilts and come with pre-installed heat lamps, durable roosting dowels, egg boxes and hinged, vented roofs. He even designed the ramps and doors to fend off predators. His prices include delivery from his Midvale shop to anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. Click and soon you’ll be crowing about your coop.

Best Cooperative Shopping
Utah Co-op

If you’re starting to feel both cynical and hungry, consider shopping at the Utah Co-op. The nonprofit co-op is open to everyone, without a membership fee. Whenever available, it sells organic and locally produced eggs, milk, poultry and grass-fed beef products as well as 5,000 other items. You can shop at the co-op like a regular grocery store on the days it’s open (Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.), or you can pre-order produce baskets online or in person for about a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables. This is living the cooperative life for the betterment of all.
4892 S. Commerce Drive (300 West), Murray, 801-566-2223,

Best Spirit Protector
Fernando Almanza

Even if you’ve got some pretty good mojo and have been racking up positive karma, that doesn’t mean some jerk won’t put a curse on you. If someone stabs a voodoo doll made in your likeness, you’d better visit Fernando Almanza of Botanica 7 Potencias. He’s been a spiritual reader and protector for more than 15 years and can put the smackdown on any evil demon trying to jam up your day.
1500 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-548-2252

Best Portable Solar Panels
Goal Zero

While technology has advanced in astonishing ways over the past decade, we unfortunately cannot yet plug iPhones into the knots of a pine tree for a battery charge. But Bluffdale-based Goal Zero has figured out a way you can harness the energy of the natural environment while you’re actually in the natural environment. Goal Zero sells three sizes of portable solar-panel packs, which can charge devices from smartphones to flat-screen TVs and mini fridges. The solar kits are rugged and can take a beating, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to Instagram your nature experiences.

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