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Best of Utah 2002 

First Things: Why City Weekly’s Best of Utah is an exercise of discovery.

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Writers are supposed to chronicle events, people, and places. Right? They’re like scientists in the lab, taking notes.

We make the Wasatch Front—and most surrounding areas—our lab. We take notes. We assemble the notes. Then we report to you.

In every sense, our Best of Utah is a hunt in pursuit of rare creatures. Because, truth be told, we can’t always rely on our readers for the most interesting choices. Living in a world where Olive Garden gets votes for “Best Italian,” The Eagle Forum gets votes for “Best Local Activist,” McDonald’s gets votes for “Best French Fries,” and CNN gets votes for “Best Local Station” (!?), presents some pretty conspicuous challenges. We’re glad to oblige in the form of our own staff picks. Then we let our readers have their say. This is a free country, ours is a free weekly newspaper, and votes count.

In our post-Olympic afterglow, there’s no shortage of after-effects. Just ask those with pin collections now stashed in the back of their closets. But as we found in our annual troll for all that’s eccentric, fun, holy, and blasphemous, our state holds more than its share. Thumb through these pages, then tell us we’re wrong.

Of course, we learn plenty from our readers. Best Vegetarian? “No such thing as a good vegetarian,” quipped one. Best Tattoos/Piercing? “Prison!” bellowed one ballot entry. Best Specialty Drinks (Alcoholic)? “A 1 ounce drink can’t be the best,” someone informed us. We like a fighting spirit (pun fully intended).

So we search. We learn. And most of all, we wish you a good read.

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