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Ben Folds with the Utah Symphony at the Deer Valley Music Festival 

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Ben Folds performed with the Utah Symphony for the opening night of the Deer Valley Music Festival on July 17. Marty Foy and Nathan Vranes co-tweeted the show from start to finish. The festival runs through Aug. 14; visit for a complete schedule and more information.

7:34 MartyFoy: Haha the MC just told the audience to turn off all electronic devices. How will I tweet?

7:34 MartyFoy: Ben Folds is off to a rocking start. I wish all these dickheads would sit down so I could see.

7:55 MartyFoy: Folds said, “I’ve never played so high.” It must have something to do with the elevation.

8:27 NathanVranes: Things just picked up a notch. The orchestra is in full swing now. Folks, it is time to break out the caliente tampenade from Whole Foods.

8:22 MartyFoy: 3, 2, 1 blast off! Folds is singing a beautiful ballad about a murderous diaper-wearing astronaut backed up by the Utah Symphony. Rad!

8:36 NathanVranes: Thank god. Intermission. Marty is tracking down beer (he’s REALLY good at this).

8:55 MartyFoy: I spent $16 on four 12 oz. Budweiser beers. Damn you Deer Valley. I should have robbed a yuppie for another bottle of wine.

9:07 MartyFoy: (lyrics) “hope is a bastard”. What a pretty song.

9:07 MartyFoy: Folds has the whole audience singing “ahhhhh.” Fitting.

9:09 NathanVranes: and everyone is amazingly on key, in harmony.

9:26 NathanVranes: Oh cool, the Levi Johnston/Bristol Palin song. “So I say, mother-in-law no we ain’t gettin’ married, she said soon you will boy ...”

9:27 NathanVranes: Awesome. I smell the first pot smoke of tonight! Some CEO just decided to cut loose.

9:32 MartyFoy: Let’s see if that stoned CEO will share @Nathanvranes?

9:33 MartyFoy: The show is over.

9:36 MartyFoy: It was everything I expected from a Deer Valley season opener: White people getting loose enjoying the privilege of listening ...

9:37 MartyFoy: … to one of America’s best singer/songwriters.

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