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Becker Does It Better 

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Becker Does It Better
I always enjoy City Weekly's Hits & Misses column, and this week's version [Dec. 4, City Weekly], was no exception. Unfortunately, the Rocky III segment, while a nice complement to John Saltas' piece ["Mayor Maybe"], is wildly inaccurate.

Some simple research would have revealed that Mayor Becker's work on addressing our air-quality issues, creating programming for Salt Lake City youth/students and expanding the portfolio of city-owned open space/parks properties is significantly more substantial than former Mayor Anderson's work in those areas while in office.

I realize those facts don't dovetail quite as nicely into the thematic bent of the issue, but there it is.
Art Raymond
Spokesman, Salt Lake City

A New Response Is Needed
In Britain, in 2013, two so-called Muslims ran down a British soldier in civilian dress, then butchered him with a cleaver and knives. When police arrived, the still-armed and bloody men rushed at the officers, but the female officer fired six shots to disable, not to kill. The men were sentenced to life and 45 years, respectively.

This is how all law enforcement in the United States should be taught to respond:disable, not kill.

Hopefully, policebodycameras and the presence of citizens withcell phones will begin to turn the tide on this unconscionable behavior.

I am encouraged that the Department ofJustice is still investigating the death of Michael Brown. Hopefully, charges will be brought against his killer. This no-indictment was a travesty of justice, as the released documents prove.

I am a 60-year-oldwhitewoman, but I still wonder if I might be caught up some day in an encounter with a Salt LakeCitypolice officer who feels his right to use deadly force is greater than my right to life.
Elisabeth Carroll
Salt Lake City

Not So Affordable
I am one of the many Utahns with no health insurance. I'm not a bum, I don't beg for money. I earn it, and I work hard for it.

I'm an independent contractor, so I pay cash for medical-office visits. I'm 53 years old, divorced, head of household, and pay high rent to live with my son. That, and all the expenses that go along with it, leaves me very little money to get by on after the monthly bills. I work when I have work, but sometimes in this crazy business there's no work for a while. It's a treadmill run till you hop off; then it starts back up again.

My doctor won't prescribe my meds unless I have a physical once a year. Like I said, money is tight, but that doesn't matter; the meds must go on. My office visit two years ago was upfront out of pocket $93 cash. Then, after the physical and the costs of the lab work, it was $350. Yup: $443 total.

Fast forward to July of this year. The office visit was $145. Still another visit had to be scheduled for my physical. $145, plus my lab work costs.

I have to choose between the grocery list and my medical list. Strange. I didn't think I would end up here at 53, but here I am. I make the same hourly wage I made over 20 years ago.

Does that surprise you? Well, it shouldn't. Good solid wages today for a lot of folks are like insurance: out of reach, and the people that have the money are out of touch.

I voted for President Obama because he is a good man. But affordable for everyone means not so much for me.
Mark Hurst

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