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Barnaby Jones, Black Dynamite, Head Case, Small Wonder, Women in Trouble 

New DVD releases Tuesday, Feb. 16

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Barnaby Jones: Season 1

Finally! After 30 years, Buddy Ebsen’s starmaking role (forget The Beverly Hillbillies) as an oldster detective is on DVD! Watch Barnaby Jones hit thugs with a cane and drink milk! Hmm, maybe there was a reason for no DVD. (

Black Dynamite

An ex-CIA agent (Michael Jai White) avenges his dead brother against kung-fu goons and drug-dealing pimps—when not bedding fine ladies. Also: A conspiracy of poisoned malt liquor! It’s the brother man against the other Man! (

Head Case: The Complete Series

Starz’s first (and funniest) original series, starring Alexandra Wentworth as a Hollywood therapist-to-the-stars who’s even worse than a regular therapist. Best guest-star patients: Andy Dick, Ione Skye and (!) Joel Madden. (

Small Wonder: Season 1

A “genius” engineer invents a “Voice Input Child Identicant,” names it Vicki and adopts “her” into his family, despite her atomic battery, superhuman killing strength and utter lack of emotion. Thus, the Cylons were born. (

Women in Trouble

A drama-filled day in the life of 10 effdup Los Angeles women, starring Connie Britton, Marley Shelton, Sarah Chalke, Elizabeth Berkley, Carla Gugino and more. Yes, “effdup Los Angeles women” is redundant. (

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