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Audacious Ad Campaign 

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Don’t get me wrong, I love living in my neighborhood, but it’s the ad campaign I have the problem with. The neighborhood I speak of is Fairpark, also mistaken for Rose Park (the residents of Rose Park would be furious to know I have referred to it as “Rose Park”). The area, specifically: North Temple.

The recent Fairpark Community Council Gazette writes, “... North Temple has historically been a magnet for such crimes as prostitution and drug sales.”

Further, “The disbanded Salt Lake City Police Vice Squad has recently been reformed as the Organized Crime Unit. The Unit will still handle vice related crimes. However … the prostitution problem will be approached in a more holistic manner.” Meaning, the “johns” will be arrested but the prostitutes will instead get help from an outreach program.

Great idea and all, but now that the new TRAX line will be in full effect as of April 2013, can you imagine yourself as a tourist coming in for the first time from the airport? You’re transported through the sketchiest part of town (first of all) and the second/third stop is North Temple, where you see men pimping these women, and tweakers all over the place!

And you still have the audacity to promote a campaign that says, “Shop North Temple. I do.”

First, clean up your crap, then promote it. What exactly are we shopping for?

Salt Lake City

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