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At Least You’re Not in New Jersey 

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This letter is in response to Erika Stutsman’s letter “Stop Forcing Your Beliefs on Us” [Dec. 15, City Weekly].

I am not a Mormon, ex-Mormon, nor future Mormon. I lived in Utah 15 years and I am a Roman Catholic and a lesbian.

After living in Utah for 15 years, I accepted a position in New Jersey. When you say “no other state makes you drive to the liquor store to purchase alcohol,” you clearly have not been to New Jersey, where most grocery stores are “dry,” most do not have a liquor store attached, and you do have to take the extra 5 to 10 minutes out of your super-important life to drive to the liquor store.

So, kindly do your research before you knock Utah. Also, you want to talk liquor prices? Come to New Jersey; I’ll give you my address. You buy the liquor and you pay the tab. It’ll hurt your pocket book soooo much more than it would in Utah.

And, by the way, have you noticed how clean the roads are and how awesome Salt Lake City’s system of roads is? No GPS required. Rather than going off about taking a 5- to 10-minute drive to one of the many liquor stores that Utah provides, and getting there before 10 p.m., my advice is this: Embrace the differences a different culture has to offer, get into snowboarding, get into the great outdoors or go out for a walk—it is safer than plenty of other places—and enjoy the state. Or, get out. I’ll gladly come home in your place.

Utah has many faults. Especially as a lesbian, I would know. But you have to look at the positive or you are going to implode.

Cassandra Huidobro
Morristown, New Jersey

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