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Last week, I asked readers to submit any questions they had for U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens, so we can print them for him. The reason, ostensibly, is because Owens hasn't been forthcoming when it comes to issues that Utahns want to know. He instead enters into regular diatribes against liberals, Democrats, Christians who don't attend his particular church (and thus by default, non-Christians)—all while balancing that with a steady stream of QAnon conspiracies, Fox News talking points and yearnings to return America to the hands of Donald Trump.

The plan was to publish just one question per week and to award the author of that question $25 to spend in the City Weekly Store. All entrants also become eligible for a Grand Prize to be determined at a later date, perhaps a year's vacation away from Burgess Owens.

But due to the many responses, and with some readers submitting multiple questions, the decision for this week was just to print as many questions as possible and to carry forward other questions.

If you see your name in this feature and responded to me by email, you will receive a return email from City Weekly explaining how to collect your $25 prize. If you responded on social media, please send your email info to

More responses coming next week.

Q: Hey Rep. Owens, or "Burgey"—you got any leads on where I can buy a good carpetbag these days?
—Aaron Woods

Q: How do you sleep at night after creeping into this state for a pension?
—Alan Clark

Q: In the run up to Jan. 6, you were fully supportive of the idea the election was stolen. You said you were going to "leave it all on the fields" in terms of efforts to stop certification. Following the riots, you and Rep. Chris Stewart voted only to throw out the Pennsylvania electors. Why did you wimp out? Since then, you have largely shut up about the steal. What happened? Why did you change your mind? Or did you?
—Tom Lietko

Q: What specific steps do you propose to get deficit spending under control? In other words, what programs do you want to cut?
—Tom Wharton via Twitter

Q; Why did you vote to overturn the last election—the same one where you won by a very small margin—breaking your oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution?
—Richard Write via Twitter

Q: Can you show us any youths in Utah that were helped by your charity?
—Nathan Geving via Twitter

Q: When are you going to pay off your back taxes?!?!
—MM @Meeko19711 via Twitter

Q: I have a lot of questions. No. 1: How dare you?
—Eric @qinsthenn via Twitter

Q: Do you plan on writing any bills by copying the text from Wikipedia?
—Un801Original @thejazzyute via Twitter

Q: Who is Burgess Owens?
—Alison Ecks via Facebook

I want to know about all your bankruptcies.
—Jeffery Hales via Facebook

Q: What is second chance for youth accomplishments to date?
—Beaver Mark via Facebook

Q: (For John): Are you going to screen the questions and put them in a format he will understand?
—Deanne Curtis via Facebook

Q: You know who else calls people demons? Hint: Large Marge Greene and Lori Daybell.
—ivonna.tinkle via Instagram

Q: Burgess, when are you leaving, please?
—eirevoted46 via Instagram

Q: Please describe your idea of a perfect date.
—Sylvia Lewis

Do you have a question for the elusive Burgess Owens?
Yep? Then send to:

Our weekly pick will win $25 in the City Weekly Store.

All entrants become eligible for our yet-to-be announced grand prize
(and probably some Utah Beer Festival Tickets). Send away!

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