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Artys Suggestions 

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It’s always fun to see the Artys roll around and see the great community you folks at City Weekly are showcasing [Artys 2013, Sept. 12]. As one loving the social/community scene in Salt Lake City, I’d recommend the following organizations for the next installment of Artys:

Utah Chamber Artists,
The best choral music in Utah, without doubt. It’s unfortunate if you missed their annual collage concert at The Cathedral of the Madeleine; you won’t hear better music anywhere in the country—my word on that. They have three more scheduled performances this year. I recommend checking them out.

Beehive Braintree,
A grass-roots community organization that sources local experts on everything and then holds small classes on them.

Blazing Needles,
Great classes on knitting and such.

Love what you do, CW!

Salt Lake City

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