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Apathetic Carjacker 

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05/29/06, 07:28, Strong Arm Robbery, near 1300 S. Major St.

“The victim was washing his work vehicle when he was approached by the [18-year-old male suspect. The suspect] demanded the keys to the vehicle and attempted to assault the victim when he would not comply. The victim pulled out his pepper spray and the [suspect] fled on foot. The [suspect] was stopped at 380 W. 1300 South and was booked into jail on a robbery charge.

Unruly House Guest

05/27/06, 14:10, Aggravated Assault, near 800 E. Westminster Ave.

“The victims were sleeping when the suspect began to hit them with a metal object. Both victims received several lacerations to their heads. The victims had allowed the suspect to stay at their home the prior night of the assault. The suspect is described as a male black adult, approximately 35 yr., 6’, heavy build, with a shaved head. The suspect was wearing shorts and a lime green shirt. The suspect was last seen running southbound on 800 East from Westminster. Both victims were transported to the hospital in fair condition.”

Inopportune Indigestion

05/26/06, 16:28 Possession of Narcotics, near 2100 S. 200 East

The 27-year-old male suspect “gagged and coughed up several balloons of narcotics while the subject of a traffic stop. Officers responded to a ‘Suspicious Activity’ call which resulted in this felony arrest.

That Ain’t Mine!

05/26/06, 14:59, Aggravated Assault, near 1100 S. 400 East

“The victim answered a knock on the door and the suspect (male white adult, red hair, 6’2”, stocky build, white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, black dress pants, black dress shoes) kicked the door completely open and entered the apartment. The suspect demanded money and when the victim said he had [none], the suspect said something to the effect that his answer was not good enough, and struck the victim behind the ear with a gun. The victim was found to be in possession of narcotics and paraphernalia and ceased any interviews upon officers’ discovery of the illegal items.”

Battered Pride

05/25/06, 08:45, Stabbing/Domestic Violence, near 800 N. Riverside Dr.

“A 19-year-old male reported he had been jumped by a gang in Riverside Park and stabbed several times. Investigating officers found that the victim had actually been involved in a fight with his 16-year-old girlfriend, who was booked into [Juvenile] Detention for aggravated assault. The victim was taken to the hospital in good condition, but with several serious lacerations.

So much for the old cliché about a cowed woman who’s too afraid, or too head-over-heels, to drop the dime on an abusive spouse or boyfriend. In this case it was the battered beau who, not wanting to admit his teenage sweetie got the drop on him, tried to throw the cops with a harrowing account of facing down armed goons in the park. At any rate, nobody wins with domestic violence.

What Happens in Wendover Stays in Wendover

05/22/06, 22:13, Possible Robbery/Kidnap, near 1700 W. 400 North

“The female victim at this address answered a knock at her door. Allegedly, a male entered with a knife and a gun. The victim stated she was forced to drive the suspect to just west of Wendover, Nevada, and park off the side of the freeway. After waiting for 4 or 5 hours, a red Porsche arrived. The suspect took the victim’s money and fled in the red Porsche. The suspect was described as a male Hispanic, 38 years old, 6’0”, 140 lbs, wearing jeans and a blue T-shirt.

Reading like the opening scene to a film noir, one instantly wonders if the bandit in this misadventure was of the one-armed variety. Note the author’s unsure verbiage: “possible” robbery/kidnap, and the man “allegedly” entered with a knife and a gun.

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