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“Got Guts?” Utah Demos Duck Gore 

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Those nice folks over at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have really gone and done it now—they’ve pissed off New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. In a billboard campaign, PETA had been running big blowups of the insulting Italian iconoclast sporting a milk mustache below a headline blaring, “Got Cancer?”

It’s all part of PETA’s “Milk Sucks” campaign—a takeoff on the popular “Got Milk” promotion that has featured everyone from tennis star Venus Williams to the rock band Kiss wearing white milk mustaches.

Rudy, as everybody knows, dropped out of the race against Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate in New York after announcing he had prostate cancer and a new girlfriend. Not only did Rudy get fired up, but the entire Big Apple—en masse—went nuts. (How could anyone tell? Good question.) It got so bad that PETA apologized to Giuliani and all of New York City.

“We profoundly apologize if our ad hurt Mayor Giuliani in any way,” a PETA statement reads. “While we suspect that our ad gleaned more sympathy for the mayor than any previous event, our organization is all about stopping hurt, not causing it.”

Previously, PETA had caught flack from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for its “Got Beer?” ad campaign, telling college students to wipe off the milk mustaches and replace them with foam. PETA has pulled the ads from campuses, but continues to argue that beer is healthier than milk.

Here’s why beer is better, according to PETA: Beer has zero fat; milk is loaded with fat. Beer has a half-gram of fiber in every cup (which, incidentally, is why we drink beer here at Smartbomb); milk has no fiber. Beer has 3 grams of complex carbohydrates in a 12-ounce glass; milk has no complex carbohydrates. Beer has only 12 milligrams of sodium per cup; milk is sky-high in sodium.

The “Got Milk” ads and the reaction from PETA have apparently piqued the interest of some Utahns. Rumor has it that a group of would-be Democrats, independents and swing voters here will start an ad campaign aimed at the Utah Democratic Party. The slogan will be, “Got Guts?”

The idea apparently received new attention when some of Utah’s Democratic candidates said they don’t want Vice President Al Gore coming anywhere near the Beehive State between now and election day. They seem to believe Gore’s presidential bid isn’t good for Democrats in Utah because of Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, among other things.

In the billboard version of the ads, Bill Orton, the Democrat running for Utah governor, Donald Dunn, whose running on the same ticket for the 3rd District congressional seat, and state Democratic Party Chairwoman Meghan Holbrook would be posed in front of a blue background, all wearing smiles and milk mustaches. The banner headline would read: “Got Guts? When are you people going to start acting like Democrats rather than a wing of the Utah Republican Party?”

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