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"¡Fuera Trump!", Shootings at the shelter and more comments 

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Cover Story, Aug. 11, "¡Fuera Trump!"
Wow. Excellent cover.
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That is perfect, great work!
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I love [cover illustrator] Lalo's political insight. Not to mention his show @BORDERTOWNonFOX was hilarious!
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I can appreciate that.

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"Mexico represents the big brother for the majority of countries[?]" Not a single Latin American country sees Mexico as a big brother.
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Would you care to explain [why] Killary is the better choice?
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From a proud Trump supporter
I read with derisive chuckling when I came across the next-to-last copy of this newsweekly with the clever artwork, by the L.A.-based Latino comic strip-cum-agitator, cover story "¡Fuera Trump!" that caught my attention. Inside the issue is the collage of laughably amusing complaints said by people with connection to Mexico and its culture and customs, within Mexico as reported by an unabashed white-guilt "fellow traveler" with the plethora of apprehension and paranoia about what Mr. Trump, if elected president, would do to Mexico and within USA (the latter said by SLC-based Hispanic activists correctly re-labeled "agitators").

Like it matters to them how America's destiny is decided with Mexico and other backwater third-world countries playing the referee that is didactic and obnoxious. Stay where you are, and for the residing agitators in SLC, go back whence you came from. You're not welcome here anymore when Trump wins to assume the office to proceed with mass deportation that recalls the justifiably named "Operation Wetback" in the 1950s.

To prove my support for Donald Trump with my strident opposition to illegal immigration (otherwise called "undocumented immigration," as cover story writer Bert phrased it so not to harm the delicate feelings), despite his certain flaws that are relatively minor to focus on his message as the big picture, my provocative decals on the rear window of my car that proclaims "Build A Wall [brick wall icon] Deport Them All" and "Press 1 for English; Press 2 for Deportation" with "Trump 2016" proudly displayed in-between, with the yard sign "Trump: Make America Great Again" prominently displayed on the front dash.

I have been given the middle fingers and furrowed facial expressions and angry scowls by the drivers and pedestrians, and I could not have cared less over the last year.

As a die-hard Trump supporter since Day 1, I say "cry me the river" to the hypocritical Mexicans and their treacherous enablers of foreign origins whose draconian immigration and assimilation laws pale in comparison to our pathetically lax laws.

And I say with vigor and zest, "Build that big, beautiful wall 20 feet higher!"

Tweet, Aug. 13, "Which version of #Trump from our cover by @laloalcaraz do you like best?"
Impossible to pick one. Each speaks to the essence of who this terrifying man/candidate is.
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Gotta go with the crying baby LOL.
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"Like" may be the incorrect word.
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Blog, Aug. 8, "DA rules shooting of 17-year-old at shelter 'justified'"
Of course, the first comment was he "should not have been there." It's a public street, across from a big mall, with movie theatres and plenty of restaurants and cafés. Should we all stay out of downtown SLC, so we aren't "asking for trouble"? No wonder the Gateway Mall is dying.
Kandee Storrs
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No, it was the side where the homeless congregate. Where drugs are sold and traded. Go hang out there, take your kids, you [know] how safe it is.
Lisa Thornton Case
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Of course they did.
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@stephenpdark Your reporting in @CityWeekly is truly amazing. Thank you.
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Blog, Aug. 12, "King of Fire"
Keep investigating! This is great for the public to hear!
Tammy Armijo Warnken
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How nice that he gets to keep his pension.
Dave Snorenson
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Why don't you look into West Jordan spending. Hopefully an audit takes place there, too.
JayLynn Kitchen Thomas
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Holy cow, everyone! As cliché as it may sound, we are a brotherhood. And in these rough waters, we need to band together. It increases survivability and helps us to work through things better as a whole. Now don't get me wrong—each and every person is warranted to express how they feel and has every right to be frustrated. But we also need to remember that once we mourn, we need to move on, and move on in a positive way. All of us are going to be here for a long career, at least 20 years. I would like to serve those years in a job I have loved since Day 1 and will continue to love until I'm dead and gone. The best thing we can do right now as an organization, an employee and individual is show up to that fire station door ready to serve the public by responding as the consummate professional. We do that by keeping our apparatus and stations clean. Train and be good at your craft. Smile and enjoy this job and realize how blessed you are to be in this profession, and plain and simple, run the 911 calls. Now is the time to move forward, not step backward and assume that things will remain stagnant. The only way this works is if we all do our part at our level. We are a curious animal the firefighter, we are used to and want immediate results. We hate change but are good at just making it work no matter what. Now is the time for patience and most definitely being better than we were yesterday. Some of us may feel like all is lost, but I know one thing: When 911 is called and the tones go off, someone needs us and we need to be there to answer that call. It's perfectly understandable and OK to be frustrated, but we need each and every one of you. You are what makes this a great place to work and what makes the public believe in our profession. You are the organization's greatest asset, and I commend you all for doing the job you do. Please keep up the good work and stay the course. Things will get better.
Dustan Dinkel
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We're going to get through this. I've believed since first rumor of all this that the end-result will be a better and stronger UFA. This is our opportunity to purge dead weight and corruption. Let's all remind ourselves why we got into this business in the first place. Our leadership needs to reflect that. The guys on the street are still committed to the others we took, and will continue to provide the service we swore to. The best thing we can do from here is get a new chief and adjust our command staff to be accountable for the positions they hold. Change isn't always bad, and I consider it an honor to be a UFA firefighter.
Ben Eyring
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As always, the guys on the street are doing a fantastic job under less-than-desirable circumstances. Everyone on the street at UFA should be proud of the job they do.
Doug Rice
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Opinion, Aug. 11, "Big 12 Bitter"
Well put and spot-on.
Robert Jensen
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Better ban the extracts then. How stupid! Reminds me of the time my first husband was freaking out that I was using Jim Beam-brand maple syrup on my kids and our pancakes. It's a flavoring! There's alcohol in your cold syrup, probably equivalent to that or a non-alcoholic brew.
Donna K. BradshawVia Facebook
"Red Wine Vinegar Children's Crusade of 2016 Act." [insert laughing emojis here if possible]
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Staff Box, Aug. 11, "What is Utah's most divisive issue?"
Liquor laws.
Robert Jensen
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