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American Dad, Born to Raise Hell, FUBAR, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, Stripperland 

New DVD Releases Tuesday, April 19

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American Dad: Vol. 6

The best season yet of Seth MacFarlane’s funniest creation, featuring the epic Apocalypse-Stan-vs.-the-Antichrist episode “Rapture’s Delight,” as well as the odd encounter with strippers, The Goonies and more. (Fox)

Born to Raise Hell
Steven Seagal stars as a morbidly obese Interpol agent out for vengeance and Twinkies on the mean streets of Bulgaria, and only gypsy drug gangs and adult-onset diabetes stand in his way! Written by Seagal’s meaty paws. (Paramount)

FUBAR: Balls to the Walls
Canadian headbanger burnouts Terry and Dean are back! (Yes, there was a FUBAR I.) This time around, the dudes get real jobs and girlfriends—but there’s still time to drink beer, get high and play with chainsaws! (Screen Media)

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure
Ashley Tisdale reprises her role as Sharpay from High School Musical (remember that?), despite the nose job and being 25. Sharpay heads to NYC to make it on Broadway, but can she play the Black Swan? Wait … (Disney)

Lloyd Kaufman is back! With a blatant rip-off of Zombieland and Zombie Strippers, featuring a rapping Daniel Baldwin, lovely Portland scenery and the tagline “First they strip, then they kill!” Well, don’t they all? (IMDFilms)

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