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All Work and No Play 

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

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How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Paydn Augustine:
I drink coffee instead of Wild Turkey in the morning if I have to work.

Jackie Briggs: I just meld them into one. My friends hate me because I’m always inviting them to “hang out” but I’m the only one getting paid.

Ana Bentz: Work, school and life balance? Seems like an oxymoron in my books lately. But I try to find that one free day where I can just go bananas with whatever relaxation time or activity I’ve been putting off for days/weeks.

Pete Saltas: I live with the boss.

Paula Saltas: I sleep with the boss.

Bryan Bale: My brain is quite adept at forgetting about things not currently visible. That makes it easy for me to avoid focusing on work while at home (except those times when I dream about working, then wake up and realize that I’m late for work).

Rachel Piper: I try not to check my work e-mail on my phone at the same time that I’m walking and chewing gum; only while I’m doing one of those things.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I’m pretty much working constantly. Luckily, though, I love my job and get to meet all kinds of cool, talented people. And being so busy really makes me appreciate my rare down time.

Scott Renshaw: It helps to have work you love doing so that when the balance shifts that way, it feels like it’s worth it. Also, being drunk as much as possible makes it so you hardly notice the difference.

Alex Woodruff:
I only drink during one of those time periods. I’m not saying which.

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