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Airwolf, The Client List, Hatchet II, Let Me In, Ronald Reagan 

New DVD releases Tuesday, Feb. 1

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Airwolf: Season 1

The final season of the cheesetastic 1984-87 series about a military super-copter that sneaks up on bad guys and the random pilots who “fly” the thing. If you won this DVD set in our giveaway, come and get it already. (Universal)

The Client List
A small-town housewife (Jennifer Love Hewitt) takes a job in a massage parlor and eventually becomes a call girl. Based on the true story of every housewife who’s ever taken a job in a massage parlor; that’s just what happens. (Sony)

Hatchet II
Don’t worry if you missed Hatchet I —you’ll be able to follow along: A crazed bayou killer (Kane Hodder) who chops up victims with, of course, a hatchet, is now stalked by a Louisiana vigilante mob. It doesn’t go well. (MPI)

Let Me In
Get over it, purists: The American remake of the Swedish boy-meets-vampire cult favorite is every bit as scary and sweet as the original, with a few good (no subtitles) and not-so-good (needless CGI effects) differences. U! S! A! (Overture)

Ronald Reagan: An American Journey
Keep it going: U! S! A! U! S! A! The story of ’Merica’s greatest leader, who wasn’t at all a doddering, Alzheimer’s-ridden zombie who probably had no recollection of his final years in office. Inspirational. (Image)

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