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Fight for Democracy 

A clean-air initiative, march for democracy and redistricting events.

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Do you know an organization or are you involved in one that's invested in clean air? There are EPA funds available to help Utah because of our non-attainment status. You know, Utah can't seem to get pollution under control. Last year, the state got $5 million, and this year it's applying for two grants—one for vehicle repair and replacement and one for wood-stove change-outs from the Targeted Air Shed Grant Program. The state is asking for early comments to meet EPA's Oct. 18 deadline. Send letters to: Bryce Bird, Director, Utah Division of Air Quality, 195 N. 1950 West, SLC, 84114;

You've probably heard this before: Democracy is not a spectator sport. Now you can take it to that logical conclusion and march with people committed to the true meaning of democracy. Utah will join the rest of the nation in the March for Democracy, acknowledging the serious threats at home and abroad because of this wave of populism and authoritarianism. The nonpartisan National Popular Vote March for 2020 is joining in this effort to send a message to Washington. It's still in the organization stage, but you can help now. West Jordan Public Library and Event Center, 8030 S. 1825 West, West Jordan, Saturday, Oct. 7, noon-3 p.m., free,

There might be five initiative petitions going around, but you should pay attention to this one first. It's about making your vote count. Every 10 years the boundaries of voting districts are redrawn based on the most recent census data. In Utah, the state Legislature does it, pretty much without citizen input. Shouldn't you be choosing your representatives rather than your representatives drawing you in or out of their district? Learn about it during the Redistricting Utah Panel Discussion and later at an It's Your Vote, Make It Count civic engagement event, with various voting groups, jazz and advocacy training. It's Your Vote: Viridian Event Center, 8030 S. 1825 West, West Jordan, Saturday, Oct. 7, noon-3 p.m., free,; Panel: Salt Lake City Public Library Marmalade Branch, 280 W. 500 North, Thursday, Oct. 12, 7-8:30 p.m., free, (see p. 6)

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