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Ad-Libbing Syndrome 

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Reading John Rasmuson’s commentary [“Warning Signs,” July 5, City Weekly] brought to mind a time when syndromes collided in the streets rather than street cafes and car dealerships.

There were marches for the civil-rights movement and desegregation of public schools, and we had anti-war demonstrations. Inductions came via the draft.

Times sure have changed. Take the “Liberal Syndrome”—it’s barely recognizable nowadays. I read recently it’s due to a newly discovered syndrome. See, back in the day, people stood up for inclusive changes in society and law. And changes didn’t come easily—a point apparently not lost on the less-enthusiastic succeeding generations, as today’s supposed liberals have come upon on something much easier: ad-libbing.

Ad-Lib Syndrome: to liberally abide exemptions, exclusions and inconsistencies while encouraging selective non-enforcement of inconvenient law; liberally cultivate a pious disregard for the obvious principle/ethical conflicts in reasoning and logic; liberally bat a blind eye at double-standards when espousing the pretentious premise du jour (an infirmity not unlike the syndrome that afflicts conservative cousins).

Unfortunately, ad-libbing lacks the courage of conviction, as evidenced in the unwillingness to stand up for the professed belief across the board. If ad-libs had been at the helm back in the day, civil rights would have been won for only some black Americans, desegregation for only some public schools and only some 18-year-olds would have been allowed to vote.

Seems today’s supposed liberals are every bit as pretentious and duplicitous as their conservative cousins, the Republicans. But that’s another syndrome for another day …

Ross McCollin
South Salt Lake

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